BA Club World seats

BA Premium Economy to Club World on Points – Save up to £2000 Each

Upgrade BA Premium Economy to Club World on Points – Save up to £2000 

Given the choice, would you choose the above Club World Cabin?

British Airways premium economy
BA premium economy

Or the Premium Economy Cabin above?…

Have you ever wanted to fly in the British Airways Club World cabin but just can’t afford it or cannot justify paying the high charges?

If yes, then in this Tips & Tricks article we plan to set out in the simplest terms how to achieve Club World seats on World Traveller Plus prices.


British Airways Club World Seats can cost anything between £700 – £1500 more than BA Premium Economy per person and thats each way. The differences between Club World and World Traveller Plus on British Airways are huge. 

BA Club World lie flat seat

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Tip 1:

To acheive the very best value for your money, we recommend you plan your trips well in advance. Most deal prices on BA Sales can sell out in under a day depending on how popular the destination is and the availability.

From experience, we start to research our destinations of choice almost a year in advance. Once you have drawn up a shortlist of destinations, research what time of the year would be best to visit and potential Hotels / Resorts in your budget. After doing your Homework, you can move on to use our other Tips to bag those dream Club World flights for as little amount of money possible.

Tip 2:

You will need to set up an account/s at the British Airways Executive Club Home Page, click here to sign up – BA Executive Club

British Airways only allow upgrades using Avios points as set out below. In short, BA only allows you to upgrade one class above your purchased fare ticket.

  • World Traveller – World Traveller Plus

  • World Traveller Plus – Club World

  • Club World – First Class

Tip 3:


To fly in Club World as set out above, you first need to purchase World Traveller Plus tickets. Using the British Airways Low Fare Finder tool you can search month by month for the cheapest fare for your chosen destination. To search the BA Low Fare Finder tool click here – BA LOW FARE FINDER

British Airways Low Fare Finder

To find even cheaper World Traveller Plus tickets, you need to keep an eye open for the regular BA Sales. In these BA Sales you can find fares as much as 50% cheaper than the Monthly Low Fare Finder. To be sent email notifications as soon as the BA Sales go live, sign up for our email Newsletter located on our Front Page.

Tip 4:

Before you book your World Traveller Plus tickets, you will need to make sure there is availability in Club World on your chosen dates. To find availability using Avios points in the Club World cabin you need to sign into your British Airways Executive Club, go to the section on the left hand side on the home page and look for “BOOK WITH AVIOS OR MONEY

Make sure you select in the “Payment Type” drop down box “Book with Avios”. Now click on “Flights” underneath then select your departure airport and your Destination, now enter your travel dates.

Next select Business/Club from the drop down menu under the section “Travel Class” followed by how many passengers are flying and to finalise your avios search click “Find Flights”.

You will now be served a screen displaying various cabin availability on your chosen dates. Your looking for anything displaying availability under “Business Class”.

Using the example below – London Heathrow to John F Kennedy airport shows availability Outbound using avios points on the chosen dates.

Now for the Inbound flights, JFK to LHR shows availability using avios points. 

Cash Fare Price difference between World Traveller Plus – Club World

Below I have added two screenshots of the cash fare prices for both BA Premium Economy and BA Club World tickets for Outbound and Inbound from London to JFK as a comparison.

British Airways premium economy vs business

British Airways world traveller plus vs club world

Looking at the two screenshots above you will see:

World Traveller Plus fare tickets cost from LHR – JFK Return – £698.00

Club World fare tickets cost for the same tickets – £2732.00

So, you would save £2034.00 by purchasing British Airways World Traveller Plus fare tickets and upgrading using Avios points to Club World.

How to work out how many Avios needed for the Upgrade:

There are two methods available to work out how many Avios points are required to Upgrade from BA World Traveller Plus to Club World.

Simply whilst logged into your British airways Executive Club account, search for World Traveller Plus availability using the use Avios option, when you find availability make a note of how many Avios points would be required to only use Avios points.

Then find availability in Business (Club World) using Avios points only. Once you have both Avios point amounts, simply deduct the amounts between the two different Cabin classes.

Below is the amount of Avios required for the same journey in Club World Return Per Person

Below displays the Avios required to travel in Premium Economy

You can see by viewing the two screenshots above that the difference between the amount of Avios points required between World Traveller Plus and Club World = 20,000 avios required.

Disregard the Fee charges at present, they would only correct if you used all Avios points to pay for the entire flight & not upgrading. 

The second way of checking the difference in avios points required to uograde flights would be check the chart below. You need to know what zone of the world you destination falls into when using the chart.

Avios upgrade zone chart
Avios upgrade zone chart

Fee charges on Avios Point Upgrades:

The only fee’s required when you Upgrade using avios points are calculated using the fuel surcharges payable between Club World and Premium Economy tickets. Using the example screenshots provided above you can see a difference from Premium Economy fee’s using avios for an upgrade being £348.82, now if you take a look at the same fee’s for the Club Work upgrade using avios at £448.82. 

So, the fee’s required along with 20,000 avios would be £100 per person.

You will also be asked to pay additional fee’s if taxes have gone up between the day you originally booked and the day you do the upgrade, so best to Upgrade using avios points the same day.

One thing to look out for in the award availability search by month facility, that “Peak” fares are actually cheaper in the amount of Avios and fee’s required than “Off Peak”.

Now you know how many Avios points are required to upgrade to Club World and the additional fee’s, book your cash World Traveller Plus tickets, as soon as your flight booking number shows up in your British airways account you need to locate the section “Manage My Booking” & select “Upgrade using Avios”.

The result as you can see using the Tips above to use Avios points to Upgrade from a World Traveller Plus cash ticket to Club World ticket is a saving of £1834.00 per person by using only 20,000 avios points. 

Tip 5: – How to collect / Buy Avios Points:

British Airways sell avios points to all account holders, click here for the BA Page –

Buy British Airways avios points
How to Buy British Airways avios points

British Airways currently will let you buy 20,000 avios points for £335.00, enough points to upgrade to Club World from BA Premium Economy.

Buying the Avios from BA for the example trip above brings the total saving down to £1499.00 Per Person.

We would generally NOT recommend buying avios points at this price unless it was an emergency and you needed to upgrade immediately. 

There are a lot cheaper ways to collect Avios, enough Avios points for one or two people to upgrade for Free so saving you up to £335.00 Per Person.

Tip 6: Collect Avios Points For Free

American Express Gold Card review

The American Express Gold Card is the Best Point earning card currently on the UK Market. 

  • No Annual Fee – in year One of Membership then £140 thereafter each year. But you can cancel at any time during your Membership. 
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  • You receive two free airport lounge passes each membership year with Amex Gold
  • You receive 1 Membership Rewards point per £1 spent on the card.
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If you take out the American Express Gold Card you coukd easily earn enough Avios Points to Upgrade from World Traveller Plus to Club World for Free.

If you Contact Us, you can earn enough for One Free Upgrade and 10% more Points than available to New Customers to Amex.

Tip 7: Buy Avios Points Cheaper than British Airways

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