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500 Bonus Avios points for £3.00 + Free Meal Trial Kit

500 Bonus Avios points for £3.00 + Free Meal Trial Kit

Earn 500 x Bonus avios points for just £3.00 and receive a free meal starter kit. As part of our daily deal alerts, we discovered a very good avios bonus point offer today earning 500 x avios points for just £3 spend and you will receive a meal trial kit as part of the offer.

Simply cook avios bonus offerThe avios bonus point offer is for only a limited time so you better be quick, the offer expires 30/06/19 . 

This offer is still great considering your only paying £3.00 and you receive 500 x avios points whilst also receiving a tasty meal trial kit delivered to your door.

Remember that bonus avios point offers are rare these days. If you were to purchase this amount of avios points from British Airways direct, you would have to pay over £15.00 for 500 x avios points.

Simply Cook – Trial Meal Kit £3.00 offer – 500 Avios Points

Simply Cook are one of the many new, meal kit companies online who for a monthly subscription fee who will send you a meal box kit every week or whatever frequency you select.

  • Cook with authentic flavour ingredients and cooking boxes created by our expert chefs
  • Expand your repertoire with easy to follow 15-20 min recipes
  • Discover global cuisine – over 50 chef-inspired cooking box

With this bonus avios point offer you select four different daily meals as part of the trial offer, your selected meal kits will be packaged up in a box and sent by Royal mail delivered through your letter box.

How to select the Bonus Avios Point offer

British airways e-store

Firstly, you need to go to the dedicated British Airways e-store site by clicking below:


Click on the Orange button which will take you directly to the Simply Cook site and the specific trial meal kit offer for £3.00.

Sign up, but always makes sure you continue via this link or otherwise you will not receive the bonus avios points.

Select your four chosen meals kits and submit your details and pay.

Your first meal kit trial box is just £3.00 and will contain 12 chef-blended flavour pots, making it easy for you to cook four restaurant quality meals in the comfort of your own kitchen.

My Simply Cook confirmation email came through in a matter of minutes and estimated my trial meal kit would be with me within 3-4 days.

You will be required to select the frequency of your regular subscription at this point. I just selected once a month as this gave me enough time before the first payment is taken to try the meal kit out and cancel the monthly subscription in my account, just in case I forgot and suddenly remembered.

You must remember to go into your Simply Cook account and select to cancel your monthly subscription or otherwise you will be charged the weekly / monthly subscription rate you selected. I tried this today but it states to wait 5 x days before cancelling to make sure you have received your trial meal kit first through the post.

My recommendation would be to take out the trial offer, await to receive the bonus avios confirmation from the British Airways e-store via email then cancel your subscription membership after 5 x days after receiving your meal trial kit through your door.

Bonus Avios Points usually take between 3-4 weeks to credit to your British airways executive club account.







If you prefer to just try out a weekly or monthly full subscription with Simply Cook to try out more of their daily meal kits, you can now earn 1000 x avios points through the BA e-store. You could try out just a week’s worth of meal kits if you want.

1000 x avios points if purchased directly from British Airways would cost you £31.00 so this in itself is a good deal also.

BA e store simply cook offer 1000 x avios





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