American Express Gold Card review

Amex Gold Card – 3000 Bonus MR Points for Free

Amex Gold Card – 3000 Bonus MR Points for Free

A little known perk of the American Express Gold Credit Card is that you can add up to one supplementary card holder to your account for Free. This supplementary free card comes with a great perk, you receive a bonus of 3000 MR Points.

American express has been providing all Gold card account holders a bonus of 3000 bonus Membership Rewards Points when they add a supplementary cardholder to their account for free for years now. However, this bonus point offer is not widely advertised and the relevant information is usually buried somewhere within your terms & conditions so do not wait to see the invitation offer arrive in your account or by email, simply follow our instructions below.

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The Bonus 3000 MR Points can be transferred to any one of the American Express partners such as Airline & Hotel brands resulting in you being able to fly or stay in Luxury for Free.

All supplementary card holders spend receive the same spend ratio as the main account cardholder such as 1 x MR point per £1.00 spent, 2 x MR Points per £1.00 spent on Travel related purchases.

You can also add up to an additional 4 x other people on top of the first complimentary gold card. For any Gold supplementary cards after the first complimentary card from your account, these additional cards will cost you £45.00 per card, per year. The additional supplementary cards also do not qualify from the American express travel insurance benefits as per the main account card holder.

Amex Gold Supplementary Card Holder Process

supplementary card application

You can complete an application for a Supplementary Card online in a few, short minutes within your account by clicking the link below.

Before applying, please ask the Supplementary Cardmember to review the Amex Privacy Statement which sets out how American express will use their personal information.

After you reach the American Express Gold Credit Card supplementary card application page by clicking the link above, simply fill in all the required information and submit your application.

Supplementary cards usually take between 3 – 5 days to arrive at the address stipulated on the application form. You will need to activate any supplementary cards online before they can be used for any purchases.

Do not be surprised not to see any email confirmation or communication from Amex about your application for a supplementary card, they best way to find out if your card is on its way will be the credit of 3000 MR Points in the primary account. 

This process will require any additional card holders to set up their own account by submitting a contact email  address and chosen Username & Passwords to gain access to their card details 24/7.


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Remember that any charges for spending on the supplementary cards will appear on your gold card account statement and as the main account you will be legally responsible any payments made on your account.

All Supplementary Cardmembers must be aged 18 or over to qualify for the card are subject to approval.

The supplementary cardholder does not need to be earning an income at all, and no credit check is required. This is due all their purchases on the additional card/s are the responsibility of the primary account cardholder.


All spend on supplementary cards earn, as well as your own count towards your 10,000 Membership Reward points Anniversary Bonus when you spend £15,000 per account year. This applies each and every account year.

By adding supplementary card holders to your main account enables you quickly to achieve spend targets for any bonus point offers such as the introductory 20,000 MR points or 22,000 MR points if we refer you (CONTACT US) for more details.

By adding extra card holders to your account enables all card holders to take advantage of and maximise any offers received. As an example, you may provide a family member a supplementary gold credit card who does not live with you or a friend. These additional card holders can spend at anytime at any of the retailers within the offers sent to your or their account/s. 

American Express Preferred Rewards Card Overview

Amex Gold referral

If you have arrived at this page and do not already have an American Express Gold Credit Card, we have outlined the benefits below for you.

When you apply for the American Express Gold Credit Card and spend £2000 in the first three months, you will be rewarded to your account 20,000 Membership Reward Points within a few days of reaching your bonus target.

You can increase that bonus by 10% extra by “Contacting Us” to earn 22,000 MR Points instead of 20,000.

We will send you details by email how to earn an extra 10% points on your Bonus, this can only be done by someone who has already an account set up with Amex.

Please note, that if you have already had an Amex Gold Card in the last 24 x months then Amex no longer apply any introductory referral bonuses.

The 20,000 MR points can be used in many ways, if you transfer that amount to Avios, you will have enough points to redeem for a free flight to various places in Europe from London. You can also transfer your Membership  points to various other airline / Hotel Partners including Virgin Atlantic, Etihad Guest, Emirates, Hilton Honors, Radisson or Marriott.

You can either choose to use your bonus introductory points to use on a free economy flight with British Airways to somewhere within Europe or enough points to redeem for One Free Night in a hotel, that’s the benefit of the points, they are flexible and can be used to pay towards or in full of your chosen travel arrangements.

As part of your cards benefits, you will also receive once a year, two Free Lounge Passes. Generally to purchase lounge access will cost you around £25 each so you receive for Free approx £50 worth of lounge passes per year.

Amex Gold lounge club card

Two Free Lounge Passes are applicable at all lounges in the world if eligible by the company called Lounge Club. Lounge Club provides customers lounge access at various airports around the world for a fee, either per entry or you can buy separately yearly membership. Lounge Club offer you free access to over 700 x airport lounges around the world.

You can use your American express Preferred Rewards express gold card Lounge Passes not just for yourself, but also on a guest so you’re not restricted if not travelling together. You are also able to purchase after you have used up your two free passes additional lounge passes at a discounted rate.

Each and every year you’re a Gold Card member, you will receive through the post two new free Lounge passes automatically.

Amex Gold Card Transfer Partners

Below we have attached a comprehensive list of all the Amex Gold Transfer Partners available.

Click on the images below to expand to view all details.

Our Verdict / Recommendations 

If you have taken out the American Express preferred Rewards credit card and have not added a supplementary card holder to your account, your missing out on a stack load of free reward points.

Just adding one complimentary card holder to your account you can be rewarded 3000 MR Points for Free, it’s as simple as yet.

Unfortunately, Amex do not publicise this regular perk contained within your account so take advantage as soon as you can.

For our full Review on the American Express Gold Credit Card, click > American Express Gold Review

If you would like to earn 22,000 MR Points instead of 20,000 points, simply drop us a line via our “Contact Us” section on our home page.

Amex Gold Card - 3000 Bonus MR Points for Free
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Amex Gold Card - 3000 Bonus MR Points for Free
A little known perk of the American Express Gold Credit Card is that you can add up to one supplementary card holder to your account for Free. This supplementary free card comes with a great perk, you receive a bonus of 3000 MR Points.
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