1200 Bonus Avios Points – £24.95 McAfee Virus Protection

1200 Bonus Avios Points – £24.95 McAfee Virus Protection

And again, we bring you another cracking deal from the British airways e-store via their regular bonus avios point offers, just remember you saw it here first!

Todays bonus offer includes 1200 points for purchasing McAfee Virus Protection for your PC / Laptop or Tablet / Smartphones.

You earn with this offer 50 x Avios Points per £1.00 spent on any McAfee products. The original McAfee offer Was 25 Avios per £1.00 spent and the bonus point offers expires 22/04/2019.

The BA Avios e-Store – How it works

The British airways Avios e-Store is a shopping site platform provided by British airways which can be found by signing into your BA executive account under more ways to earn points.

You will need to have signed up to a  British airways executive club before you can join and access the BA Avios eStore site. 

The British airways e-Store provides customers a way to Shop online and collect Avios points instead of cash back for every £1.00 you spend on a wide selection of brands at over 800 retailers.

It works the same way as a Cashback site does like Topcashback or Quidco, but instead of earning cash back from your purchases you earn Avios Points instead.

Earning avios points via the BA Avios e-Store, especially when retailers offer generous bonus avios point offers can be very lucrative for your avios balance.

If you consider the fact that British airways sell avios points on their website to account holders at a rate of 1000 x avios points for £31.00 currently, you can now see the benefit in making purchases via the BA e-Store for everyday items you probably would have bought elsewhere earning nothing in return.

McAfee Virus Protection

The McAfee virus protection packages are Compatible with Windows / MacOS / iOS / Android, provides PC protection Keeping your files secure and your PC safe online. 

All packages also come with a Product key card and includes Full versions of protection. 

Product Overview: 

Comprehensive protection for up to five PC’s, Mac, smartphone or tablet devices 
Special services for each device type 
Easy to manage your devices with True Key Identity Manager 
Protect your home and family networks 
Security console and support included for peace of mind 

Comprehensive protection

McAfee Internet Security protects up to five of your devices, such as a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet for a whole year. It’s a great way to ensure you avoid viruses, malware, spyware, and other online hazards. Protect your data and make browsing the internet safer for you and your family.

Special services

For Windows devices, this McAfee software blocks viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, unwanted programs, and more. Enjoy the protection of a firewall with web safety, anti-spam, and parental controls.

PC optimisation tools ensure your system runs at its best at all times.

The Best Value Package – £24.95 McAfee Anti-Virus Plus

The cheapest Package we could find on the McAfee website was for purchasing the McAfee Anti virus plus avios offerMcAfee Anti-Virus Plus package priced at £24.95. This package alongside other packages are all currently 50% off normal retail price so in itself is a bargain.

The cheapest package includes a full year of protection including:

  • PC award winning anti-virus protection
  • Home network protection
  • McAfee WebAdvisor
  • PC optimisation tools
  • Apple iMac protection
  • iOS phone and tablet
  • Android phone tablet
  • Social media guard

This package is digitally delivered via email and you will not receive any physical products delivered to your door.


Other McAfee products are also available under the same offer such as Total Protection & Internet Package protection with 50% off at the moment.

There is also the best protection package called Live Safe but this product does not fall within the 50% off promotion, this is £89.99. 

What is 1200 x Avios Points Worth?

Avios offerThe whole “what is an avios point worth” discussion topic in the Airline / Hotel loyalty point arena is very subjective. One person may value 1 x avios point higher than another person depending on what they are using their avios points.

As a general rule, most people place a value of 1p per 1 x avios point. If you use the average value most people place on one point, the bonus offer points would be worth £12.00 making the McAfee anti-virus plus package costing you only £12.95.

Remember that the only regular way to purchase avios points is through British airways in your executive account at a cost of £31.00 per 1000 x avios points, you can now see the value in these bonus point offers when you do the calculations.

One advantage using points over cash for purchasing flights can be in Peak seasons like School holidays. Typically, like all flights and resorts on School holiday times the prices are usually hiked up.

However, if you use Avios Points against a “Peak Time” flight you will require only a small amount more points against a massive cash hike for a paid ticket. You may also find availability using avios against a sold out fare route. 

Opinion / Recommendations 

As explained above, avios points certainly do have their benefits against cash paid tickets in certain circumstances.

The tricky part can be finding enough bonus point deals to redeem against a Business or First Class flight.

To pay £24.95 for a market leading anti-virus protection on a 50% off promotion and receive a stack load of free points, what’s to complain about?

When a decent bonus offer comes along we would recommend to jump on them as soon as possible as some offers are pulled before the original expiry date if popular. 

Please remember to always check prices elsewhere of any products or services you may see on bonus offers first as you may find them cheaper elsewhere reducing their value. It has been known for the price of items whilst on bonus offers to be hiked up in general.

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