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How to Fly BA Club World Business Class Seats for only £148.00

How to Fly British airways Club World Seats for only £148.00

Have you ever wanted to fly on British Airways or Iberia in Business Class Long Haul seats or but just cannot afford to pay Thousands of Pounds?

To experience BA / IB Business Class or Club World Seats for just £148.00 or £325.24 Return is achievable if you know where to look.

The facts are that British airways & Iberia fly regularly from London to Madrid Return using Long Haul aircraft such as the Boeing 777 / Airbus A340 which consist of Business Class or Club World Cabins & some with First Class Cabins.

These Long Haul Boeing 777 / A340 aircraft are used on these routes regularly to transport Cargo which is a major result for anyone flying in Business. 

If you buy a fare in BA Club Europe or on Iberia Business Class on the correct flights, you will be sitting in Long-haul Club World Seats or Iberia Long haul Business class seats for as little as £148.00 or £325.24 Return.

On the London Heathrow to Madrid route, most of the time you will be flying on the Airbus A320 / A321 aircraft as below.

Ba airbus 320 / 321

But, if you select the correct departure times on the same route, you will be flying on the Boeing 777 / Airbus A340 Long-Haul aircraft below.

Ba 777 club world Heathrow to Madrid club world

Iberia a340 business class

Now lets take a look at the difference in the Business Class seats on the A320/321 & the Boeing 777 / Airbus A340 aircraft.

BA Club Europe Seats A320
BA Club Europe Seats A320/321
BA Club World Seats 777
BA Club World Seats 777

a340 business class seat

British airways Club Europe Seats

Club Europe seats a321 / a320The Club Europe cabin is situated at the front of the plane on all the A320/321 aircraft. The difference between Club Europe Business Class Seats & an Economy seat on the A320/321 are the middle seat is kept free with a tray table. This enables the passengers in Club Europe Seats to enjoy a guaranteed window or aisle seat and more privacy if flying solo or more room to work or relax. 

The seats in Club Europe come with 76.2cm or 30 inch seat pitch with fully movable headrests but are basically the same size as an economy seat on the same flight.

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British airways Club World Seats 777


British airways Club World Seats are all Lie-flat. This enables passengers to lie down flat and sleep in their seat if you wanted, something the Club Europe Seats do not provide.

The Club World Seats come with their own In Flight Entertainment screens and controls fitted, however we believe that these are not operational as Club Europe flights do not provide any IFE on its flights.

You do however get the entire Club World Seat and all its functions as if you were flying Long Haul. This includes power sockets, moveable tray tables, footrest, movable separation panels for privacy, adjustable seat angle pitch by controls set next to your seat.

Due to configuration of Club World, the outer pair seats provide almost complete privacy if seated next to the Window.

All Club World seats when lied flat measure 183cm or 6ft long. With a 20 inch width and 72 inch pitch towards Club Europe Seats at 30 inch seat pitch & 17 inch width.

You can see why if you have the choice between Club Europe & Club World seats on your route, you should definitely opt for the flights with Club World Cabins fitted.

The in-Flight dining options are the same as the Club Europe product on the A320/321.

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Iberia fly on the LHR – MAD route daily the Airbus A340 long haul aircraft featuring the Iberia long haul business class seat. This Business class seat is one of the best out there at present and relatively new to the market.

The flight departure time from London Heathrow to Madrid to select the Airbus A340 is 18.45 – 22.05 on flight No: BA7059 and can be found one way for £178.00.


A340-600 Iberia business class



How to Find those Cheap Business Class / Club World Seats

Everyday from London Heathrow (LHR) to Madrid (MAD), British airways / Iberia fly up to 13 Times a day. All of these flights offer Club Europe or Business Class as standard.

However, only two of these flights per day use the Boeing 777 / Airbus A340 Long-haul aircraft instead of the smaller Airbus A320/321 aircraft used regularly on this route daily.

If you want to fly in Club World Seats on the Boeing 777 on the LHR  – MAD route, you need to select the 13.20 LHR – 16.45 MAD flight (BA0640) as detailed below. 

World Seats on Club Europe

BA Club World on Club europe

The cheapest outbound flight from London Heathrow to Madrid one way on flight No: BA0640 containing the Club World seats we could find was £178.00.

We did find if you book a return flight 7 days later, you will only pay £148.00 for the inbound flight in the same cabin with Club World Seats, total price – £325.24 Return.

When booking your inbound flight from Madrid to London Heathrow, you need to select the flight departing at 18.15 – 19.40 (BA0641).

The cheapest we could find this flight soon was £148.00 in Business Class on the 777. 

To bag these Club World Seats on the Boeing 777 even cheaper, we found you can use up to 38,000 avios points in your account to reduce the return fare down to £125.24. 

You will also earn 2358 avios points for the return flights which you could use to offset the amount of Avios Points needed to reduce the fare price by £200 down to 35,642 points.

Verdict / Recommendations

With a little bit of knowledge, you can sit in Business Class seats on Long Haul aircraft within europe for as little as £148.00 one way or £325.24 Return.

British airways or Iberia long haul Business Class seats can cost you upwards of £1000 each way, per person. If your on a Skint Budget but still would like to experience the luxury of long haul business class seats, the LHR – MAD route could be the answer.

There are very few opportunities out there at present to experience expensive long haul seats within europe.

Follow the details set out in this article, consider using Goggle flights to search availability further out and you may find these flights even cheaper or sign up to our regular Newsletter to receive notifications first of any British airways flight sales as this could also result in cheaper flights on this route.

In our next article, we will explore how to book British Airways First Class Seats for as little as 40,000 avios within Europe. Click Here >BA First Class for 40,000 Avios<

If you have any questions or want to leave your comments on this article, please leave your comment below. 

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