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How to Fly the Brand New BA Club Suite for only £1398 Return

Fly the New BA Club Suite for only £1398 Return

British airways Long Haul Business Class otherwise known as Club World has certainly come in for a lot of bad publicity recently. The more customer reviews you read, the more complaints you see, “outdated product”, “falling far behind its competition” to name but a few…

Then out of almost nowhere, BA Pulls a “Rabbit out of the Hat” & silence the crowds with two small words, “Club Suite“.

On the 18th March 2019, British airways released to the public pictures on social media of the new BA Club Suite and boy, oh boy were we impressed!

a350 ba club suite

The new BA Club Suite seats are configured in a 1-2-1 layout with at last, direct aisle access.

The lack of direct aisle access has long been one of the major gripes of Club World passengers. The current Club World layout is configured so if your seated in the window seat, you will be stepping over the passengers feet located behind you, not good on the sleeper service.

The reason why the new Business Class product was named Club Suite is down to the fact that it’s actually got a sliding door which maximise’s privacy for the traveller. In fact, the Club Suite door is locked open for take off and landing with the flight attendants releasing the locking mechanism. The passenger will then have the choice of either leaving them open or closed during the flight. 

British airways take delivery of the A350 aircraft featuring the new Business Class Club Suite in July 2019

BA a350 club suites

The new BA A350 aircraft will feature 56 Club Suites in its Business class cabins. Offering 40% more storage than the current Club World product including storage drawers allowing the ease of storing larger items such as laptops or other larger personal items within arms reach.

British airways a350 cs

Also a new for BA, overhead lockers for both the window seats and centre seats.

Within the Club Suite you will find compartmental storage including a vanity unit, mirror and power outlets including USB / PC. With two more storage compartments with lids for ease of storing smaller, personal items on board and another storing your In-Flight entertainment controls.

The design of the new Club Suite features an Otterman seat which has allowed BA to gain permission for passengers to store items underneath during take-off and landing.

The new In-Flight Entertainment system installed features an 18.5 inch HD flat screen to display all the latest films, documentaries etc during flight time. The IFE screen will be fixed in position at all times so no need to keep storing away & will include a secondary hand-held screen & a display on the IFE controls.

The new Club Suite Seats all face forward to the relief of most passengers. It can be a strange feeling facing backwards into the cabin for most flyers. All the centre seats will be installed as standard with privacy screens which are easily movable.

The new BA A350 aircraft have been designed to deliver the optimal air pressure for all passengers. With noise reducing functionality and superior cabin lighting throughout the plane, technology has vastly improved the passengers experience and helps alleviate jet lag.

The Club Suite compartment walls are now 46 inches in height which enables the eye line of the passenger to always see the interior of the suite rather than outside. 

Club Suite seat

When the lie-flat seat is fully flat, this measures 79 inches with a pitch of 44 inches which equates to exactly 7 inches longer than the current Club World lie-flat seat. Instead of the standard seat belt configuration adopted by most airlines, the new suite comes with a double belt configuration similar to a car seat belt design which will only be required to fasten during take-off and landing.

With comfort, privacy and new technology installed, the new Club Suite has quickly become one of the most desirable seats to fly in the world at the moment.

With desirability, usually comes a high price tag attached with new products. However to our amazement, the new Club Suite on the A350 has been included in the latest British airways Sale. We have found a route that the new A350 will fly on for as little as £1398.00 Return.

How to Find that amazing New Club Suite for £1398.00

The route we discovered in the latest British airways sale featuring the new Club Suite on the A350 is from London to Toronto.

The dates include January 2020, see the screenshot below we have attached for the one way A350 Club Suite one way pricing at £794.00.


The below screenshot displays the Airbus A350 aircraft on Flight No: BA0093.



And now for the Return fare, Toronto to London with Club Suites on the Airbus A350 at only £605.00 one way.



Proof of flight No: BA0093 is the Airbus A350 aircraft featuring the new Club Suites.


Total costs for LHR – YYZ Return fare – £1398.00 in the New British airways Club Suites on the A350. 

Our Verdict / Recommendations

What can we say – Brand New Club Suite Seats on the Airbus A350 for only £1398.00 Return, No Brainer…

As a comparison you can usually fly on the current Club World product for upwards of £1000 each way, I know which product I would want to fly given the choice!

With all British airways Sale fares, you need to move quick and jump on these outstanding fares now. Once this information is all over the web, these flights will be gone – Guaranteed.

The new BA Club Suite is in high demand as you can imagine. To find this amazing suite at such a low-cost means it won’t be around for long.

The “Icing on the Cake” with this deal, you will also earn 10,660 British airways avios miles and 280 x Tier Points.

britishairways a350 1000


Any questions about this fare or the new British airways Club Suite on the Airbus A350, please leave a comment below.

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