Mindful chef 1000 avios

Bonus 1000 Avios Points – Mindful Chef Food Delivery Box

Bonus 1000 Avios Points – Mindful Chef Food Delivery Box

Fancy an easy 1000 Avios bonus points for trying out a new Meal Food delivery service?

Today, we bring you a new company called “Mindful Chef” who specialise in delivery food to your door to make healthy meals everyday of the week.

Mindful Chef are not like most other food delivery subscription online services. The ethos of Mindful Chef is to deliver health-focused food boxes whilst sourcing the very best ingredients from small farms / suppliers in the UK.

Mindful Chef was set up school friends Giles, Miles & Rob. Launched In 2015, the company are proud to have delivered over 10,000,000 ingredients originating from their small suppliers set up across the UK.

Their “ethos” is a health-focused food box company set up by school friends Giles, Myles and Rob. Since their launch in 2015, they have shipped over 10,000,000 ingredients sourcing ingredients from small farms & suppliers across the UK.

All of their meat is 100% grass-fed, the chicken is free-range, their fish was caught fresh in the UK and our vegetables are cultivated in the most natural way possible.

All our suppliers adhere to the highest ethical codes, and we regularly visit every one of them.

The Mindful Chefs approach is very simple, yet incredibly effective in helping you lead a healthier life.

We believe in reducing your intake of sugar and refined carbs. As a result, we never deliver pasta, bread or white rice – instead all our recipes are based on innovative uses of fresh vegetables. Leaving you feeling great!

For every meal they sell, they donate a school meal to a child living in poverty.

They are the only recipe delivery box company to operate this one for one charity model. Mindful Chef customers have donated 1,000,623 meals to date, which makes their small team incredibly proud.

Using recyclable products and to reduce their environmental footprint, we ask that customers return insulation and ice-packs to us for reuse.

How to Collect 1000 Avios Points at Mindful Chef

Mindful chef 1000 avios

You can collect 1000 Bonus avios points by simply making an order from the Mindful Chef via the British airways Executive Club eStore online.

You will need to have set up a British airways executive club first by clicking in the link below:


Once you have set up your BA Executive account, you now can start collecting avios points. Once in your account, Navigate to the British airways Executive Club eStore by clicking on the link named “Collecting Avios”  

Click on the Collecting Avios link which takes you to a page with a section at the top named “Our Shopping Partners

By clicking on the Blue Link – Shop Nowyou will be directed to the sign up page to the British airways Executive Club eStore. 

Simply sign up using your email address and BA account number and your ready to go!

Mindful Chef Bonus Point Offer

Bonus 1000 Avios points

You can either search for the offer by clicking on the section “Food & Drink” or simply click on the link we have provided here – https://www.shopping.ba.com/retailers/298325/mindful-chef

There are some Conditions on the 1000 Bonus avios point offer that you may need to be aware of to ensure you receive the bonus.

  • The offer is only applicable for New Customers of Mindful Chef 
  • You can only use the Money off Codes attached to the offer page within the British airways Executive Club eStore.

This bonus offer has been increased recently from 700 to 1000 avios points so now would be a good time to take up this very generous offer.

How much does Mindful Chef Cost?

Mindful Chef is a Food for everyday meals subscription service which deliver food directly to your door. 

Avios mindful chef offer

You choose from a variety of main ingredients or meal ideas to make healthy meals from £4.00 each.

Then select how many people the selected meals are to cater for and sign in details as below.

You then will be directed to the next page where you select which date you prefer your meal box to be delivered on.

Simply follow the instructions on the next pages as below.

You will then be taken to the dedicated page for selecting recipes based on your selected food preferences. Select your meals, how many meals and click Next.

Once you have selected your recipes, and clicked Next to continue you will be served the page with the costs. 

The charges will vary by the amount of meals you order and meal preferences. 

The cheapest meal food box delivery we could find was by selecting meals for “One Person” using the minimum amount of days your meals are for which are three days.

This total cost came out at £33.50 including an automatic discount applied of £11.17.

If you select Vegetarian meal options only, you can get it as low as £24.00

Our Verdict / Recommendations

The Bonus Point offers from the British airways Executive Club eStore can be very generous. 

If you take into consideration that British airways sell Avios Points at a rate of 1000 points for £33.00, this makes the Mindful Chef meal delivery box to cost you only 50p if you select the minimum amount of meals per week. 

If you select Vegetarian meal options only, you can get it as low as £24.00, If you were to select this option you would be in profit by £9.00 and get 3 Meals for Free.

Three healthy balanced meals using the freshest and sustainably sourced UK Meat ingredients for only 50p is a bargain.

As with all meal delivery box subscriptions like this offer, always remember to cancel your subscription within your account as soon as your meals have been dispatched unless of course if you wish to continue with your meal delivery service.

This offer expires 31/07/2019 but with all generous point offers, this could be pulled quickly so best to join up as soon as possible.

If this type of offer is of interest to you, sign up to our regular Newsletters to ensure you receive to your inbox all the latest Avios Bonus Point offers.

Please feel free to leave a comment below, we will always reply to any questions or comments.

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