How to Fly British Airways First Class – 40,000 Avios Points + £27.50

Fly British airways First Class – 40,000 Avios Points + £27.50

British Airways First Class is up there on most people’s “Bucket List” of flights to take atleast once in their lifetime!

The problem with flying British airways First Class are the eyewatering charges.

Desirable flights usually come with undesirable costs these days…

Fear not, you can actually fly British airways First Class for as little as only 40,000 Avios Points + £27.50 taxes from London Heathrow. This flight would usually cost you one way, per person £3249.00.

Before you think 40,000 Avios + £27.50 for BA First Class , yeah right.. This must be an upgrade charge from paying for a full fare in Club world.

Your wrong, this is no Upgrade charge. This is a full British Airways First Class fare from outbound to final destination.

What do I get when Booking British Airways First Class?

Instant Seat Selection

BA First Class 777

At the Point of Booking your First Class tickets, all passengers automatically receive accessibility within their British airways executive club account to select which seat they prefer to be seated in within the First cabin. 

Now, this may not sound much of a Perk to many but on British Airways, First Class fares are the only flights that you can select your seat at the time of booking or after for Free.

The only other way passengers flying on BA can select seats at the time of booking will be either paying to select your seat, using avios points or if you are British airways Silver / Gold Status Member.

To be able select your own seats at the time of booking is a definite perk, its no fun sitting next to a stranger for the duration of your flight.

This for me is one of the best Perks of flying BA First Class.

First Class Baggage allowance

BA World Traveller plus baggage allowance




First Class passengers receive a very generous baggage allowance. This includes per passenger:


3 bags (max. 32kg / 70lb per bag)

Children (2-11)

3 bags (max. 32kg / 70lb per bag) + Up to two items selected from the following:

Fully collapsible pushchair (stroller)Car seat Travel cot Carry harness

Infants (under 2)

1 bag (max. 23kg / 51lb) + Up to two items selected from the following:

Fully collapsible pushchair (stroller)Car seat Travel cot Carry harness

Hand luggage

1 handbag/laptop bag (max. 23kg / 51lb and up to 45 x 36 x 20cm / 18 x 14 x 8in) plus 1 additional cabin bag (max. 23kg / 51lb and up to 56 x 45 x 25cm / 22 x 18 x 10in)Infants (under 2)1 cabin bag for items required during the flight (max. 23kg / 51lb and up to 56 x 45 x 25cm / 22 x 18 x 10in)

British airways First dedicated Check-In (First Wing)

British airways First Class check-in












With British airways First Class flights from Heathrow, all passengers get to use the new dedicated First Wing.

The First Wing at Heathrow airport starts every first class passenger off on their journey experience in comfort, style & luxury.

You are greeted at the entrance by British airways hosts of the first wing which are always available to provide the upper most levels of standards of service. Flying first class on BA, you are the most valued customer.

The first wing has been designed to offer all customers optimum levels of privacy, comfort and luxury. With curved, fluted designed walls as you enter with premium finishes throughout. The new first wing was redesigned to be 250% larger than the original dedicated zone including a more spacious seating area, armchairs, marble- topped side tables and refreshments on hand. 

The First Wing always provides dedicated, open check-in areas fully staffed at all times to ensure the customers check-in experience is seamless and fast and efficient as possible.

First Wing Dedicated Security Lane

BA First Class security Heathrow zone

Once booked through the dedicated check-in zones within the First Wing, customers are guided to a new, spacious security channel. This security lane is designed with passengers in mind to ensure a speedy journey in privacy.

Once through the security zone, you simply scan your boarding passes and enter a corridor leading to one of the very best airport lounges in the world.

These include the Galleries First Lounge and the amazing Concorde Room.

Heathrow British airways First Class Lounges

BA galleries first heathrow

British airways Galleries First lounge

The British airways Galleries First lounge at Heathrow is an elegant, luxurious sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the main terminal. The entire lounge is filled with luxury upholstered furniture, armchairs, sofas, tables you will never not find a quiet, relaxing area to unwind in before your departure.

The Galleries First lounge also included work areas to catch up on business or meetings in quiet and comfort. All the necessary equipment is on hand within the work zones including internet access via Wi-Fi, copiers & printers, all complimentary to passengers.

Enjoy table waiter service with full dining options which also included pre-Flight dining options available after 8pm and some selected U.S flights after 6pm.

Concorde lounge sign.

The Concorde Room

The Concorde Room at Heathrow is Iconic and known worldwide for its elegance and timeless style.

With Private dining booths including waiter table service including a-la-carte dining menus.

If you need to catch up on work before your flight, enjoy the privacy of the business rooms whilst sitting in a real Concorde seat.

Heathrow First Elemis Spa treatments

BA first class Elemis spa












All Passengers flying from Heathrow airport on British Airways First Class receive a complimentary 15-minute Elemis spa treatment. For First Class passengers the treatments can be booked in advance up to 28 days or 48 hours before departure.

Complimentary treatments are available at London Heathrow Terminal 5 (5A South, 5B and Arrivals lounges).

Appointments can be made on the day when you arrive in the lounge by asking at the Spa reception desk for availability.

First Class Priority Boarding

BA first class boarding














All passengers flying British airways First Class along with BAEC Gold, OneWorld Emerald members receive priority boarding under a class called Group 1 found on your boarding passes.

This results in First Class passengers being called up at the departure gates to board the aircraft first before or all other classes of travel including Business, Premium Economy & Economy passengers.

BA First Class Cabins













All First Class Cabins received a refresh and refurbishment a few years ago. The window seats now have electronic adjusted window blinds which span across two Windows. 

Newly installed in-Flight entertainment screens and systems and some with new upholstery inc new First Dining menu’s.

First Class Dining

British airways First Class dining












All First Class passengers of British airways receive Breakfast, mid morning meals, lunch, afternoon tea & Dinner servings. 

Main meals are accompanied by delicious starters, whilst the cabin crew prepare your selected main course. Followed by tempting desserts and or the finest cheese platters, accompanied by seasonal fresh fruit and the finest chocolate.

All passengers can also choose their preferred meals in advance by logging into their British airways executive club account and selecting which meals they would prefer on their flights.

First Class Service

BA first class service








All British airways First class flights have dedicated cabin crew to look after all first class passengers requirements throughout their flight.

BA First Class Afternoon Tea

BA first class food








If your lucky enough to be flying in the afternoon you will be receiving afternoon tea on board.

This consist of finger sandwiches served on bone China plates, cream tea including scones, jam and clotted cream.

Champagne is served at afternoon tea to compliment a pot of tea served alongside.

BA First Class Drinks

British airways First Class champagne








British airways First Class serve some of the finest drinks available on flights in the world today.

Champagnes & sparkling English wines include:

Canard-Duchêne Charles VII Champagne and Champagne Jeeper Brut Grand Rosé in British Airways First Lounges

Gusbourne, English Sparkling Wine and Lanson Rosé Champagne in British Airways First Class.

An extensive list of premium spirits and beers, soft drinks are all available on board.

Fly British airways First Class for 40,000 Avios + £27.50

BA First class seat 777

Hopefully the above sections have “Wet your appetite” to really want to experience British airways First Class now.

Now as per the screenshot we have supplied below, you can see that flying British airways First Class can cost as much as £3284.00 one way, per person on this special route in Europe.

BA First Class Heathrow to Moscow first class












Now, you have now seen the eyewatering prices that BA charge to fly in First and that is just one way, per person you can appreciate what an outstanding deal this really is.

To only have to use 40,000 avios points plus £27.50 in taxes works out amazing value and you wont find better out there. 

Later in this post we can teach you how to earn that amount of avios points for under £20 with a few tips and tricks utilising a credit card introduction bonus point offer which will also allow you to earn a 2-4-1 voucher so you could take someone with you on this First class flight.

The proof below for you!

BA First Heathrow to moscow












London Heathrow to Moscow

Now, Moscow may not be on everyone’s Top 10 List of places to visit in the world but to be able to experience BA First for such low amounts of avios points and taxes cheaper than a take-away, its certainly worth a trip to Moscow atleast once in your lifetime.

How to collect 40,000 avios points for less than £20.00

British airways American Express card vs BA Amex Premium Plus card



If your not already aware, American Express in the UK offer some extremely generous sign up bonuses when you take out one of their point earning cards.

To be able to collect 40,000 avios points, and as an extra bonus of a 2-4-1 Companion voucher which is enough to to fly you and a partner on BA First Class to Moscow, you will need to take out the British airways American Express Premium Plus card.

The British airways american express premium plus card offers new customers as a sign up bonus of 25,000 avios avios when you spend £3000 in the first three months of taking the card out.

But you still need 15,000 more avios points to fly this British airways First class route..

British airways Amex companion voucher

To collect the 2-4-1 BA Amex Companion Voucher the requirements are you need to spend £10,000 within 12 Months.

If you spend £10,000 within 12 Months of taking out the BAPP Card , you will receive the benefits detailed below:

  • 25,000 avios points when you spend your first £3000. (26,000 click our Links)
  • Spend another £7000 and receive a free 2-4-1 Companion Voucher
  • Every £1.00 spent on the card earns 1.5 Avios points – £10,000 spent = 15,000 avios points
  • 15,000 + 25,000 avios = enough Avios to fly One Way in First Class.

You said for less than £20.00…

The British airways American Express Premium Plus card costs £195.00 in annual fee’s.

However, this card comes with refundable pro-rate fee’s so if you have large purchases to make which could total £10,000 in your first month,  you will only be charged the pro-rate fees approximately £16.00 for the month.

You can then wait to receive the confirmation of your 2-4-1 Companion Voucher which can take approximately one week then cancel the BAPP card.

This will result in a refund of 11 months of your annual fees back to you to your account.

However, there is catch!

The catch is not connected with receiving the avios points, but paying the tax element when using your 2-4-1 Companion Voucher.

American express have a rule that to pay for any taxes applicable when using the voucher, the taxes have to be paid using an American Express card. It does not have to be card you received the voucher on but any Amex card. 

The solution we have found to this small issue would be to downgrade the BA Amex Premium Plus card down to fee free British airways American Express card & keep this card forever like we do.

We have written an in-depth review on both the BA Amex cards, click here to read our full review > BA AMEX CARD REVIEW <

The Verdict / Recommendations 

Most people who are very lucky only get to fly British Airways First Class maybe once in their lifetime.

Now almost anyone can experience BA First using our Tips & Tricks!

The Heathrow to Moscow route is the only one flying a long haul aircraft with a First cabin installed providing customers the full experience from Concorde lounges to fine dining.

Just to remind you how to get the avios points & take your partner on this journey for free.

BA PREMIUM PLUS AMEX CARDIf you click this Link Here > British airways American Express Sign Up Bonus < and navigate to the British airways Premium Plus Black AMEX CARD, you will earn the additional Bonus Avios offer of 26,000 avios or alternatively CONTACT US.

As an additional Bonus, once your signed up, you can add a Supplementary Card holder to your account earning an additional 3,000 Bonus Avios Points = 29,000 Avios Points in total.

Instructions – How to get the extra additional Bonus Avios Promotion

Once you click through the link above or click > Here <, search towards the bottom of the page displayed until you see a list of all Amex Cards.

Your looking for the Black American Express British Airways Premium Plus as per the image below.

Ba amex premium plus card
Click on the Button “Learn More” which will take you to the application page for receiving the additional avios sign up bonus of 26,000 Avios.








American Express have recently updated the Terms & Conditions relating to Customer Sign up Bonuses.

If you have held an Amex Point earning card in the last 24 months, Amex will no longer credit to your account the generous sign up bonuses unfortunately.

Using the lucrative BA Amex Card sign up bonuses, you too could be flying soon in British airways first Class!

If you have any questions or would like to leave us your comments, please leave a comment below.