BA Club World London – Seychelles for £1249.52 Return

BA Club World Sale London – Seychelles for £1249.52 Return Each

British Airways has today launched a luxury sale offering substantial discounts on both Business Class & First Class flights.
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Today, whilst browsing the sale fares in Club World we came across this amazing bargain for a direct flight from London Heathrow to the Seychelles.

What makes it even better is you would be flying in a relatively new aircraft on the British Airways fleet – the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Ba sale fare Seychelles 2020

The Boeing 787-9 is a mid-size, dual aisle, twin engine jet and Boeing’s most fuel efficient aircraft to date – 20% more fuel efficient than the similar sized commercial jets it is designed to replace. Composite materials make up 50% of the primary structure, including the fuselage and wings.

The windows are over 30% larger than those on most similarly sized aircraft and the brightness can be adjusted at the touch of a button. Serrated edges on the engine nacelles reduce the noise levels by up to 60% both in- and outside the cabin. The aircraft also features raked wingtips to further improve fuel efficiency.

The Boeing 787-9 – the latest addition to the fleet – features an evolution of our First cabin, with just 8 seats compared to the usual 14, increased range and is 20 feet longer and four inches taller than the 787-8.

Customer benefits include:

  • Choice of First, Club World, World Traveller Plus and World Traveller
  • Personal audio and video on demand
  • Increased cabin comfort with large windows, higher humidity and lower pressurization

To read our full Review of this aircraft in Business Class to the Seychelles, Click Below:

 BA 787-9 Dreamliner Review 

British airways 787-9 Business Class Club World

We recently flew this route from London Heathrow to the Seychelles, the benefits of flying in Business Class on this route include:

  • Direct Flights – approx flight time 10.5 hours.
  • Business Class Lounge access
  • Dedicated Check In Zones
  • Priority Boarding
  • Club World Lie-Flat Bed Seats
  • Premium 3 Course Dining options
  • Complimentary Drinks including Champagne
  • White Company Amenity Kit
  • Access to the Club Kitchen
  • Priority Departure

The Luxury Sale rules include that you must book by the 29th October and travel dates vary by destination. You can access the BA Luxury Sale fare page here:

BA Luxury Sale

The Seychelles Sale fare highlighted today includes the price only for two people flying together or otherwise known as a Companion Fare. 

The total fare price for Two People flying Club World Return to the Seychelles is £2499.04 in total.

This fare represents amazing value as you could easily consider this Companion sale fare price at easily 50% off. 

Ba luxury sale fares 2019

To fly to a luxury destination from London direct to Seychelles for £1249.52 each is rare to find so we would recommend you jump in quick and book.

The dates we searched for these flights were Outbound 5th September and inbound 13th September 2020. Various other dates were available at similar costs.

If you have wanted to visit the luxury destination of the Seychelles, this is the time to bag a bargain flight in luxury.

To read our Recent Review on the 5 Star Hilton Northolme Resort & Spa hotel in the Seychelles, click our link below:

Hilton Northolme Resort & Spa Review 

Hilton Seychelles northolme pool

If you have any questions or have discovered British Airways Business Class Club World fares cheaper than above to the Seychelles, please leave a comment below.

British Airways Club World vs Premium Economy 2019

British Airways Club World vs Premium Economy 2019 Review

Today, we tackle one of the most commonly asked questions by flyers and attempt to cover all the facts on British Airways Club World Business Class vs BA Premium Economy in our Review in 2019.

Discover the difference’s here between BA Club World Business Class & Premium Economy. We cover in our Review below the difference in Seats, Dining , Lounge Access, Priority Boarding, Drinks, Amenity kits, In-flight Entertainment & Costs in 2019 between the two cabin classes.

British airways club world seat
British airways New Club World Seat A350

British Airways Club World 2019 Review

BA announced to the Media in 2019 that a new Club World Business Class Suite was due to be launched on the brand new A350 aircraft. This was welcome news to frequent flyers as most Business Class cabins had not been updated for many years now.

However, before you get too excited looking at this beautiful new BA Club World offering, bear in mind this seat is currently only installed on the A350 aircraft. Depending on what route your flying, you may be very lucky to have the pleasure of experiencing the new Club Suite.

The downsides are only a few aircraft at present have this new Business Class Suite product installed so your more likely to experience one of the older Club World seats below which are still excellent in our opinion.

BA Club World Seats

BA Club World Seat A380 above & 777 Below.

BA Club World Seats 777 2019 Review

British Airways Club World Business Class Seats

All Business Class Club World seats offer the facility to lie fully-flat making a fully horizontal bed for all passengers.

Seating in CW are positioned in a few different layouts depending on the aircraft. Some are positioned in a 2-4-2 layout where you receive 2 seats on the outside of the aisle next to the windows, then 4 seats in the middle and then a repeat of the 2 outside aisle seats next to the windows on the opposite side.

Business class seats are also positioned so one seat faces backwards whilst the accompanying seat faces forwards. In the middles seats the outside seats can face forwards and the middle pair face backwards.

On the newer 787-9 aircraft Business Class consists of 2 outer seats and 3 middle seats with one facing the opposite direction.

Alongside offering you a fully lie-flat bed seat, you receive a Branded pillow, White Company bedding including a mattress topper and a luxurious super soft blanket. By placing the mattress topper down on the seat when flat, we found this to be comfortable enough to get a decent nights sleep.

We also discovered that the White Company bedding blanket supplied was adequate to keep us warm when the aircraft became cold especially on overnight flights.

British Airways Club World Business Class vs BA Premium Economy

To enable a seamless bed sleep experience, you need to utilise the retractable footstool so when both the seat are fully engaged in the horizontal position and the footstool is horizontal, these both provide a flat bed platform which is long enough for most people even at 6ft or 183cm.

The seat pitch of all British Airways Club World Seats are an average of 52″ long, add the footstool when in the horizontal position to the end of the flat seat adds another 20″ of length for a combined seat length of 72″ in total.

Complimentary Lounge Access

BA Business Lounge Access 2019

All BA Business Class passengers receive complimentary access to BA Lounges or OneWorld alliance lounges throughout the World. From experience we have found the lounges on offer out of London to be a good standard offering free food & Drinks in a relaxing atmosphere.

However, lounges in other countries run by OneWorld alliance partner airlines can be a hit or miss affair. To receive complimentary access to lounges is certainly a great benefit both outbound / Inbound.

Business Class Priority Boarding

Club World priority boarding
Club World Priority Boarding

All Business Class Passengers receive priority boarding. Depending on your ticket class you will be requested to start to board the plane before Premium Economy & Economy passengers but after First Class passengers if that cabin is installed on your flight.

We always find Priority Boarding a nice feature as you enter the plane with a limited number of passengers enabling you enough time to accustom yourselves to your cabin and be seated before the main bulk of passengers enter the aircraft.

Dedicated Business Class Check-In Zones

BA Club World check in 2019

British airways Business Class passengers receive access to dedicated check-in zones at all airports in the world which speed up your journey through the airport to security.

Your luggage will be attached with a Bright Orange luggage label stipulating the luggage is priority and your luggage is sorted and returned to you faster at your destinations.

BA Club World Business Class Checked Baggage allowance

All Adult Passengers of British airways Club World receive a generous baggage allowance of 2 x 32kg checked in luggage per person.

Business Class Hand Baggage allowance

All Club world customers are allowed one piece of hand luggage and one small additional item such as a handbag or laptop on board, both items can weigh up to 23kg each.

Business Class Fast Track Security

After dropping your luggage off at the dedicated check-in zone, you head your way to the fast track security zone which is also part of your package if you fly Club World.

Fast track security at all airports is definitely a benefit in our opinion. Usually you would queue up for between 5 – 10 minutes in long queues at normal security but with Fast Track security you have dedicated areas just for business class passenger speeding up the process.

BA Club World Seat Facilities

Retractable Tray Table 

BA Club World tray

Not only do you receive a very spacious 52″ long seat pitch with a Club World Seat, you also receive the following facilities within your Business Class seating area.

Fully retractable & collapsible tray which stows away sideways when not in use. This retractable tray folds out sideways providing enough space to hold a dining plate, side plate, bread basket and drink comfortably. The retractable tray is also large enough for all Business passengers to catch up on work during the flight with enough space to adequately hold a large laptop and most associated extras.

In-Flight Entertainment System

BA Club World ife

Most British Airways Club World Seats have now been updated to receive the latest In-Flight Entertainment systems on board. The latest updated IFE systems incorporate touch screen controls with a large library of either movies, documentaries, music, audible books, games and episodes from the most popular series. 

The IFE systems can also be controlled from a wired controller which is housed when not in use next to your seat as per the picture below. The controller is beneficial when wanting to play the installed games.

We also experienced recently an upgraded version of your real time flight mapper which displayed in 3D your route, your exact location in the world and views from the rear of the plane.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

BA Club World noise cancelling headphones

Business Class Long Haul cabins also supply good quality noise cancelling headphones to all passengers. These are hard wired at present but passengers will expect Bluetooth connectivity in the near future. 

Noise cancelling headphones on a long haul flights are essential to drown out the background noise from the engines and to emerge yourself in a good movie when on a long flight.

White Company Amenity Kits

BA Club World white company amenity kit

The White Company Amenity kits are upgraded from the old style Elemis shoebag style amenity kits previously offered.

The new amenity kits come in a leather effect small, zipped bag in black containing comfy flight socks, eye make, white company small moisturizers and lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Overall this new amenity kit is better than the previous elemis kit and slightly better quality.

Club World Business Class Dining & Complimentary Drinks

Club World dining options in the past have come in for some heavy criticism from fare paying passengers. From tough, jaw breaking steak offerings to bland chicken dishes.

What is a pleasure to review were the most recent 2019 Do & Co updated dining menus featured on our last flight.

BA have “upped their game”, listening to passenger complaints of the Business Class Dining options and introducing new menus on board.

Firstly, all Club World passengers receive a menu to choose from a varied selection of starters, mains, desserts and drinks. These Menu’s are made from thickened paper and fold open to display all options available. These menus make the experience of dining special as it feels like your ordering food in a restaurant. 

Club World Dining menu
Club World Dining menus

Passengers can experience a full three course dining experience with either Alcohol or non alcoholic drinks to accompany each serving. Complimentary Twinings Tea and Union roast coffee are also served and a bread roll of choice with either Butter or olive oil.

As an example, on our last flight a few months ago we opted for Sea Trout as our mains as below and a delicious Seafood starter.


On this occasion we opted for the delicious Cheese board consisting of various award win in English cheeses, grapes, dried Figs and quality crackers to accompany.

My wife opted for a Chocolate pudding on this occasion which included a sponge centre.

BA Business Class 777 dining

Club Kitchen Facility

BA Club kitchen 2019

Business Class passengers also receive access to the Club Kitchen facility. This Comprises of a dedicated area which holds refrigerators full of soft drinks, water & wines. Above there are also storage areas which hold baskets full of Chocolate, Crisps and sandwiches on occasion. 

We found the Club Kitchen to be a useful addition to the service enabling us to grab a snack I feeling peckish on a long flight.

Club World Cabins

BA 787 9 CW cabin

Most of all the British Airways Business Class cabins have had an update / refresh recently. On the newly refreshed CW cabins you will experience mood lighting which softly illuminates the ceiling lines. Seat panels, trays, Sid panels, window lights and segregation walls have all been replaced with new and classy looking colour schemes and corporate logos. 

This refresh provides customers a feeling of a classic British look with neutral colour palettes  and clean lines.

BA Club World Cabin Crew Service

BA cabin crew

Business Class Cabins all receive a number of dedicated cabin crew on-board. For our most recent flight we noticed atleast four dedicated cabin crew members serving passengers in CW.

In our experiences you can receive either a very good cabin crew experience or not. On some flights an excellent service and other flights not so good. On average we experience a fast and polite service which is above average.

British Airways Club World Q & A’s

What does club world mean on British Airways / What is BA Club World?

BA Club World on British Airways is the official name for its Long Haul Business Class Service. Including an extra passenger experience you will receive extra luggage allowance, dedicated check-in zones, Fast Track security, Lounge access, Priority boarding, Lie-Flat seats, Three Course dining, snacks, Complimentary Tea & Coffee and alcohol.

Is British Airways Club World same as business class?

Club World is British Airways Business Class Service on all long haul routes in the world offered to premium passengers. 

What is a Club World seat on British Airways?

Passengers flying BA Business Class Club World will receive on every flight a fully Lie-Flat seat. This seat measures 183cm long and when used inconjunction with the footstool makes a fully horizontal bed seat.

Does BA give free food?

BA supplies all Premium class passengers such as Club World or Premium Economy ticketed fares free food & refreshments. Economy passengers may find that some food and drinks are payable. Business Class passengers will be offered a three course meal at least twice per flight & additional snacks.

What is the difference between BA Club World and First Class?

First Class passengers on BA receive First Class lounge access, extra luggage allowances of 3 x 32kg. Dedicated First class cabins including a larger seat and personal space. A finer Dining experience than Club World including afternoon tea on some routes.

British Airways Premium Economy 

BA Premium Economy vs Business Class review

To introduce BA Premium Economy to any flyers not familiar with the product, we will start with what you do receive in Premium Economy incomparison to Club World. 

BA Premium Economy Seats

BA Premium Economy seats

The Seats in Premium Economy are slightly wider than in Economy but narrower than in Business Class.

The seat is officially 18.5 inch wide, all seats are Reclinable with a footrest and do offer better comfort than Economy when trying to sleep but not fully lie-flat bed seats as in Business Class and do not offer the same level of comfort.

You do get a Blanket & Cushion, Noise cancelling headphones, In-flight entertainment system & a very basic Amenity bag containing an eye mask, toothbrush, toothpaste, Flight socks and earplugs.

The seating layout consists of two outer pair next to the windows, a set of 4 seats in the middle and the same 2 seat outer pair. One bonus in Premium Economy are that all seats face forwards and not some facing backwards like in Business Class.

Premium Economy Dining & Drinks

BA Premium Economy Dining 2019
BA Premium Economy Dining 2019

You do get as standard two meals and complimentary drinks on board. The in-Flight dining options have been improved In 2019 so you do receive a good standard meal and drink. You may receive atleast on snack also during long haul flights and complimentary drinks.

You do receive complimentary sparkling wine, spirits and soft drinks offered throughout our flight duration.

In-Flight Entertainment

The IFE Flat screens are located in the rear of the seat in front of you or if located at the front of the cabin, a swivel, movable small screen attached to the side of your seat. All Premium Economy IFE holds a similar entertainment package as in Club World but not to the same standard.

Cabin Crew Service

BA Premium cabin crew 2019

As in all cabins, you will receive dedicated cabin crew in Premium Economy but some crew are also distributed to assist in other cabins on the same flight.

Checked Baggage allowance

BA Premium baggage allowance 2019

All adults are allowed up to two checked luggage items each in this Cabin class. The allowance per bag is 23kg each bag, per person. This same allowance also applies to children aged between 2 -12 years old.

Hand Baggage allowance

The smaller hand baggage item must not exceed 30cm in height by 40cm in width and not exceed 25cm in-depth. This hand baggage item must be stored under the seat in front of you.

Priority Boarding

BA Premium Economy priority boarding 2019

BA Premium Economy passengers do receive priority boarding before Economy, however you have to wait until all passengers in Club World / First Class have boarded first before your cabin class is called up and you can begin boarding the plane.

British Airways vs Premium Economy Comparisons

Using all the information above on both cabin classes, we will now set out the real differences as a comparison.

With Premium Economy as a comparison towards Club World Business Class you will not receive the following extras included.

  • No Dedicated Check-In Zones
  • No Fast Track Security access 
  • No Complimentary Lounge access
  • No Lie-Flat Seats
  • No White Company Amenity Kits
  • No additional meal services and additional free Alcohol including Champagne 
  • No Priority departure off the aircraft at your destination.

Dedicated Check-in zones are a nice feature as you queue up in a less busy environment rather than waiting in lines with the hundreds of Economy passengers. Average time saving approx 15 minutes.

(You cannot purchase dedicated check in)

Fast Track Security is another nice to have feature and probably saves on average 10 minutes.

(You can purchase fast track security at most airports, prices start at £5.00 per passenger, each way)

Complimentary Lounge access is a definite plus. To be able to relax in an environment away from the busy crowds in the main terminals whilst enjoying free alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, Tea & Coffee. Receive complimentary food & snacks whilst reading a free newspaper or magazine whilst sitting in a comfy ranch overlooking the runway.

You can purchase lounge access at most airports but you cannot pay to access any British Airways Lounges or Lounges run by any OneWorld alliance airline.

(Pay per entry lounges can start at £25.00 per passenger, each way).

No Lie-Flat Bed Seats & Additional Seat Facilities 

We cannot put a cost associated with the difference in seats. Costs associated with a lie-flat bed seat towards a seat that just reclines is personal to the passenger.

Also in Business Class if your seated next to the window, you almost have your own pod of personal space and extremely private. Club World seats also enjoy a much larger personal area of space towards Premium Economy.

Additional Improved meal services and additional free Alcohol including Champagne 

In Business Class you do receive atleast Two 3 Course Premium Dining options per flight and a snack. All Club World dining is served up on Bone China Crockery using Branded Cutlery, drinks served in glassware & China cups.

Free Champagne, good quality Wines & Spirits & extra premium meals will result in an additional cost associated. 

Priority Departure off the Aircraft at your Destination

Priority departure off the Aircraft at your destination is a nice benefit but once again we cannot put a cost associated with this benefit.

No White Company Amenity Kits

The White Company Amenity kit does include items you generally receive in Premium Economy like an eye mask. A few extras like small mositurisers etc Included in the amenity kit would only incur a small additional cost associated.

British Airways Club World vs Premium Economy Cost Difference

As you can expect, there will always be a substantial difference in costs between Business Class & Premium Economy Cabin class. Below we have attached a copy of a Cost Comparison between the two different Cabin classes.

Premium Economy – £718.00 Per Person, One Way. 

Business Class – £1148.00 Per Person, One Way. 

Difference in Cost – £430.00 or 37% Cost increase to fly Business Class.

Its a personal decision if you feel paying an extra £430.00 per person, each way to upgrade to Club World now you have seen the differences between the two cabins.

As an honest opinion, since flying BA Business Class, we would not want to fly in Premium Economy if we had the choice ever again. 

We agree the cost differences can seem excessive at 37% extra but to us this increase is well worth it for the extra comfort, service, meals, drinks & Lounge access. 

Upgrade from Premium Economy to Business Class Cheaper

By utilising a simple Tip using a Credit card Sign up bonus, we can show you how to earn enough avios points to upgrade to Club World for under £100 in Taxes.

American Express offer all new applicants to their Free Gold Rewards Card a very lucrative 12,000 Avios Points when you spend £3000 In three months.

If you look at the example of the amount of avios required to upgrade from Premium Economy to Business Class long haul below, you will see on this route it only requires 20,000 avios points to upgrade.

BA upgrade 2019

The example above uses a higher category long haul route but upgrades can be bagged for 15,000 avios points, check out the chart below.

Avios redemption chart 2019

If you take out the American Express Gold Rewards Card via this sign up link below:

 Amex Gold Rewards Card Extra Bonus Sign Up 

You will receive an extra 2000 avios points, so 12,000 points instead of 10,000.

Spend the required £3000 in the first 3 Months and you will earn 15,000 avios points enough for that amazing upgrade to Club World.

Amex Gold referral bonus 2019

We hope you have found this article interesting and helpful. If you would like to ask any questions or leave a comment, please do so below.

British Airways BA 787 9 Review 2019

British Airways BA 787 9 Review 2019

The British airways 787 9 “Dreamliner” is one of the newest & most advanced aircraft introduced in 2015 into BA’s long haul aircraft fleet being able to hold up to 216 passengers.

Is Boeing 787 9 The Dreamliner?

The 787 9 Dreamliner aircraft is exclusively made by Boeing and on British Airways they consist of 4 class aircraft covering First Class, Business Class, Premium Economy & Economy cabins.

What type of plane is a 787 9?

The Boeing 787 9 aircraft is a wide body aircraft primarily used for long haul routes. This aircraft can travel at up to 650mph and reduces noise pollution by up to 60%. Latest pressurization technology allows passengers to arrive at their destination feeling less fatigued.

british airways 787-9 seat mapThe First Class cabin seats have been reduced to only 8 seats from 14.

Club world (Business class) consists of 42 seats with two separate cabins.

Premium economy (World Traveller Plus) consists of 39 seats.

Economy ( World Traveller) consists of 127 seats.

The British airways 787-9 Dreamliner is 20% more fuel efficient than other similar sized aircraft.

The 787-9 travels at Mach 0.85, or about 650 miles per hour.

The Windows have been made to be 30% larger than similar sized aircraft.

The 787-9 Dreamliner use’s an advanced pressurisation system onboard resulting in cabin altitude reduced towards other aircraft. This technology enables passengers to land in their destination feeling more refreshed. (Read on to find out our experience of this).

The Business Class (Club World) product features New touch screen In-Flight entertainment systems, White Company mattress toppers & blanket.

Noise reduction headphones, seat USB & 3 Pin plug power sockets, fully lie-flat seats, newly improved dining options, fully dimmable window controls & footrest.

Our British airways 787 9 Business Class Experience

We booked our British Airways, Club World seats on the 787 9 “Dreamliner” almost ten months prior to departure. The cost of our flights from London Heathrow to the Seychelles Return for 2 x people would of cost us, if paying by cash approximately £7000.

To pay for our flights, we used 200k Avios Points (Peak) & a 241 British airways American Express Companion Voucher – Our review can be found by clicking here – >BA Amex Premium Plus Card <, plus £1150.00 in taxes saving us approx £5850.00.

If your not already aware, with British airways Business Class flights you receive complementary lounge access at your departure airports, Dedicated check-in areas, Priority Boarding & Fast track security.

To read our experience of the three different BA Business Class lounges at Heathrow Terminal 5 before our departure – Click here > British airways Business Class Lounge’s Terminal 5 Review <

Heathrow Terminal 5 Boarding Gate Review

After 2 hours of experiencing all three of the BA Lounges accessible to Business Class passengers in Terminal 5, we made our way to our departure boarding gate area C.

As we arrived at departure gate C, we observed one area surrounded by mid height glass walls containing a number of seats. Noticing a number of passengers seated we took a seat awaiting any update to our boarding information.

After a 10 minutes of not hearing any priority boarding announcements for our flight, we decided to seek out assistance. What we discovered was that located behind our waiting area, partially obscured by a lift shaft was our boarding gate zone.

This area was separated into three lanes, sign posted at the start of each lane by small signage depicting First / Business Class passengers, Premium Economy & Economy lanes. What we observed whilst queuing were lots of economy passengers clogging up the priority boarding lanes and being turned away by the BA staff for being in the Priority boarding lane.

After a few minutes waiting, our boarding passes were scanned & Passports checked and we made our way down a tunnel to our awaiting aircraft. 

Boarding the British airways 787 9 Dreamliner Business Class Cabin


BA 787 Business class cabinOur boarding passes were checked once again on entry and a Cabin crew member directed us left into the “Mini” Club World Business Class cabin (Rows 6 & 7).

The “Mini” Club World cabin is situated directly behind the First class cabin and consists of only two rows of business class seats & 14 seats in total. The “Mini” section is separated by a bulk head containing the cabin crews kitchen area, club world snack bar, refrigerators and toilets. Behind the bulkhead consists of another 4 rows of Business Class Seats containing 28 seats.

The BA 787-9 Dreamliner Club World cabins has a layout of two seats on the outer rows next to the windows. These two seats are positioned in a “Ying Yang” style so the window seat faces backwards with the adjoining aisle seat facing forwards.

The middle seats contain 3 Business Class Seats layed out with the outer seats on the aisles facing forwards and the middle seat facing backwards. Due to the middle seat sandwiched between the outer two seats, this has unfortunately been given the nickname “The Coffin Seat” as pictured below.

British airways 787-9 Club World coffin seat

Unfortunately, the layout with seats facing backwards in BA Business Class cabins means that some passengers have to step over other passengers feet when the footrests are in operation.

This is one drawback of the existing Club World layout but newer aircraft such as the A350-1000 being introduced into the BA fleet in 2019 have overcome this problem by completely redesigning BA Business Class and introducing “Suites” with doors.

We choose Row 7, seat J & K as our preferred option. My choice, 7K Window seat was chosen due to being located facing the bulkhead wall resulting in me not having anyone to step over other passengers feet. 


787-9 Club World row 7 seat k

On first impressions entering the 787-9 Business Class cabin we were very impressed. The interiors in Club World look modern with shades of Grey & Beige with silver trims. Blue Mood lighting illuminated the ceiling lines underneath the storage lockers. 

The carpets looked clean and not worn and the general cleanliness of all surfaces were of a high standard. 

The “Mini” cabin has an intimate feel to it and a great view into the First class cabin which did not look much larger than Business.

Already placed on my seat as i arrived was a White Company mattress topper & blanket & a large BA logo pillow with a set of noise cancelling headphones.

One observation we made were that the windows in our cabin were all blacked out as we arrived, it gave a surreal feeling as if you were in a tunnel on a train. After being seated i decided to play around with the touch controls for my Windows and discovered that you had to alter the settings to daylight. These new window touch controls are a vast improvement on the old style shutter system. 

BA 787 window touch controls

Not long after being seated a very friendly BA Cabin Crew member handed out hot towels to us to refresh with and a glass of Champagne & bottles of water. Located under the In-Flight entertainment screen compartment a smart, swivel style retractable tray is also housed.

British airways white company amenity kit

All British airways Business Class Club World passengers now receive an updated White Company amenity kit containing an eye mask, flight socks, toothpaste & toothbrush & various moisturisers on every flight.

The In-Flight entertainment system is an updated version with full touch screen controls or by using the remote control situated next to your seat. The IRE screen folds neatly away when not in use into its housing. I found a new 3D version of the flight path route map installed along with a comprehensive selection of Movies, Documentaries, Music, Games, News & audiable books.

After about 20 minutes we were offered any drinks we selected from the Club World menu handed out. I decided to give alchohol a miss on this occasion and opted for a soft drink mixer called a “Fizzberry” which contains a mixture of Fever Tree tonic water, Cranberry juice, ice & a slice. This was served up in a chunky mixer glass with a bowl of spiced nuts, both were very good.

BA Club World non alcoholic drinks

Not too long into our flight time, approx 40 mins since departure we were handed our Club World Dining menu’s. We had a mixed experience of British airways Business Class Long Haul dining on our last flight from Gatwick to Male (Maldives) Review found by clicking here ->BA Club World Gatwick to Male Review <- so we waited with anticipation of the newly improved CW dining experience. 

We ordered off the Club World dining menu.


Smoked Chicken Terrine with a Pickled Ginger / Samphire


Sea Trout with crushed new potatoes, roasted root vegetables, Lemon cream sauce.


Cheese board with Grapes / Figs.

Wine, soft drinks or Water was offered to accompany our meals.


Wow, what an improvement on our previous Club World Dining experience on the 777-200.

The starter was tasty with unusual accompanying flavours from the pickled ginger / samphire.

The mains in my opinion was very good, especially for Fish served on an airplane. The crushed new potatoes were delicious, root vegetables especially the carrots held a good flavour and the lemon cream sauce was delicious.

Since our last British airways Club Europe short haul Business Class experience earlier this year, Review found by clicking here ->BA Club Europe Review<-, I decided to once again sample the excellent Cheese board. This consists of quality, British cheese’s such as Coastal Cheddar / Somerset Brie, biscuits with Grapes & dried Figs.

As an overall opinion, I would rate this Club World meal at an 8 out of 10.

On our return flight back to London we choose the following Club World Meals:

BA Club World mezze board


Mezze board consisting of roasted Aubergine, peppers tomatoes, hummus, halloumi cheese. This starter was OK, a little bland in places & very cold.


Club World king prawn curry

The King Prawn curry was very light in flavour with the sauce without much punch. The rice was cooked well but due to the lack of sauce be a a little dry. The King Prawns were toast though with roasted peppers.


Chocolate pudding with a sponge base.

BA Club World chocolate dessert

A bit cold once again and lacking flavour.

Overall Meal Rating: 6 out of 10.

The British airways 787-9 Club World Lie-Flat Seat

The BA Business Class seats on all long haul flights have the ability to completely Lie-flat resulting in a bed style seat.

In order to lie flat on the Club World seat, the footstool needs to be positioned horizontal first, this action results in the final section of your lie flat seat bed. The actual seat needs to be operated by controls located in the separation panel to position your seat flat which then meets the footstool to make a connected horizontal platform.

With a horizontal platform to work with, we used the new White Company padded mattress topper, blanket & pillow as our bedding. The padding on this plane’s Club World seat was comfy so adding the new bedding made the experience of sleeping pleasurable.

I managed to catch a few hours of sleep on this flight which is unusual for me as I usually cannot sleep on planes even in Business Class.

Club World 787-9 Storage Trays, IFE Controller, Seat adjustments

The Club World seat comes with useful, additional such as a storage drawer located under your foldaway tray / IFE at floor level. The storage drawer is large enough to hold a laptop, headphones, menus etc and comes in very handy when you want to store your tray away.

BA 787 drawer

The IFE  controller is located me to your seat housed in its own compartment. The ergonomics are slightly weird as you have to twist to take the controller out of its housing. The IFE Controller is duo sided, one side with shortcut buttons and the rear do using with on screen gaming. The controller is attached by wire and retracts back into the housing.

BA 787 IFE controller

The Business Class seat has its own electronic controls situated in the separation wall housing, Containing three separate adjustments, one controls angle, one control controls the back section of the seat and one adjusts height.

The seat also has two power points, one is USB & 3 Pin Socket, handy if you need to recharge your tablet, smart phone or laptop.

BA 787-9 Dreamliner Business Class Observations / Recommendations

In our opinion the British airways 787-9 Dreamliner is a definite improvement on the older generation of aircraft in use such as the Boeing 777.

Just to fly in an aircraft less than four years old is like riding in a newish car, unfortunately though, no new plane smell.

The interiors are crisp with a different colour shades and mood lighting really compliments the cabins. The electronic, adjustable window shades are a nice feature.

Some people appear to think the 787-9 seats in Club World are cramped for some reason, we didn’t find this to be the case especially after flying then previous same seat on the 777. I can seem why people may not like the new middle seat (Coffin) as to me that looked a little claustrophobic sandwiched between two outer seats.

The Catering has certainly improved at BA since a year ago. Overall we would rate our meals fairly highly but always appear to receive a lower standard of meals on our return journeys. This is probably down to the logistics of catering in other countries, we still do not understand why you cannot pre-order your mains for return journeys on BA?

Overall we would highly recommend using the 787-9 in Business Class if you can, keep an eye on the regular British airways world sales as the Seychelles do pop up regularly with good prices for flying the 787-9 in Club World.

To read our Review of our 5 Star Hilton Northolme King Hillside Villa with Pool Review, Click Here -> Hilton Northolme Kind Hillside Villa with Pool Review <-

If you have any questions or would like to leave your comments, please feel free to comment below.

Lufthansa Business Class Flights for £496 – Brand New Offers

¶Lufthansa Business Class Flights for £496 – Brand New Offers

Today, we have found some outstanding Lufthansa Business Class flights from £496.00 per person, each way to various long haul destinations from London or Manchester airports.

Lufthansa today have launched a New promotion based on two adults Travelling in Business class on a variety of long haul destinations departing from regional U.K airports.

If you have never traveled on Lufthansa, this airline has one of the best Business Class Seats in the industry. 

Lufthansa Business Class flights

Skytrax rate all airlines on an annual basis and are classed as the airline industries benchmarking standard of quality & Service. Lufthansa was awarded out of the best 100 Airlines in the World in their annual awards an excellent placement of No.7 in the world’s best airlines.

The Lufthansa Business class Travel offers are within these travel periods:

01.06.2019 – 30.03.2020

China  – 10.06.2019 – 14.02.2020

We conducted various “dummy run bookings”and found very good availability at the published prices in the offer.

All flights departing from London or Manchester require to change planes in Frankfurt / Munich.

Prices for 2 adults Return from London & Manchester flights include the destinations below:

Lufthansa Business Class seats

Bangalore  –  £ 1,999
Mumbai  –  £ 1,999
Riyadh  – £ 1,999
Delhi  –  £ 1,999
Dubai – £ 1,999
Sao Paolo – £ 2,999
Hong Kong – £ 1,988
Johannesburg – £ 2,999
Kuwait – £ 1,999
Jeddah – £ 1,999 
Buenos Aires – £ 2,999
Beirut – £ 999
Amman – £ 999
Addis Ababa – £ 1,999
Tehran – £ 1,499
Abuja – £ 1,999
Rio de Janeiro – £ 2,499
Bogotá – £ 2,499 
Lagos – £ 1,999 
Seoul – £ 2,499
Almaty – £ 1,999
Port Hartcourt – £ 1,999
Baku – £ 1,499 
Astana – £ 1,999
Chennai – £ 1,999
Beijing – £ 2,999

Lufthansa Business Class Review

Lufthansa Business Class 747 seats

Lufthansa Business Class Seats are one of the best out there at present. 

You will reach your destination feeling well-rested and Relaxed. Lufthansa Business Lounges class fares include complimentary access to lounges before you fly at all airports. On-board you will receive one of the best cabin service available.

Lufthansa Business Class seats can be converted to fully flat beds enabling all passengers on longer flights to relax and sleep. The Business class seats have been designed to provide open-plan seating and spacious, modern looking cabins and interiors.

Lufthansa Business Class Lounges

Lufthansa Business Class lounges

Relax at one of the many Lufthansa Business Lounges prior to your departure. Enjoy a relaxing, comfortable and modern environment away from the terminal’s hustle and bustle of the main concourse. Whilst inside treat yourself to a meal or snacks, premium drinks, wines, champagne whilst keeping entertained by the free Wi-Fi available in all business class lounges. 

All Lufthansa Business Class passengers receive complimentary access to all business class Lounges.

Lufthansa Miles & More Loyalty Points

Lufthansa Miles & More points

Lufthansa’s frequent flyer loyalty program is called Miles & More, by flying on one of the latest deal offers you will be collecting Lufthansa Miles for Free.

Lufthansa airlines are part of the Star Alliance programme so collecting Lufthansa Miles can be a lucrative way to fly on other Star Alliance airline partners or to redeem on other Lufthansa flights.

Unfortunately, Lufthansa Miles have a hard expiry policy so any earnt miles are only valid for redemption for 3 years from the date they were earnt.

There are three different status levels for Frequent flyers (lowest elite level), Senators (mid-tier elite level), HON Circle Members.

How to find the £499 Lufthansa Business Class Deals

We found in our opinion one of the best Lufthansa Business Class deals departing from London to Hong Kong for 2 people, Return. 

Total price came out at £1988.28 including all taxes etc. This is amazing value for Lufthansa Business Class flights.

We started our flights search by clicking this link which takes you directly to the Lufthansa offer page – 

One of the benefits of using the Lufthansa main booking website are the ability to search with flexible dates, this flexibility allows the site to display the best prices within the month of choice.

Lufthansa deal offer


Lufthansa Business Class price

Verdict / Recommendations

All we can say is when Lufthansa Business Class fares come along from departure airports such as London which usually attract high Air Passenger Duty charges, at such low costs you should Jump on these offer prices ASAP.

Usually you will not even find these type of fares if you depart from Germany which incurs the added costs and hassle of repositioning yourself from the U.K. to Europe first to catch your departure flight.

You will benefit from the great Lufthansa Business Class Lounges at London, earn a stack of Miles & More Lufthansa mile points which can be used to redeem against future Star Alliance airline flights or use back on Lufthansa flights. Just remember Lufthansa Miles & More points expire after 36 months so earn & burn them quickly before they are gone.

To get this amazing Lufthansa flight offer price even lower, we can save you over £30.00 off the fare price we searched making the total cost of 2 people flying return from London to Hong Kong – £1958.00 

Lufthansa topcashback

To save over £30.00 off the Lufthansa deal price, Click the link below to sign up to the U.K’s largest Cashback company called Topcashback here  TopCashback

If you have any questions about this amazing Lufthansa Business Class offer, please leave a comment below.

How to Fly the Brand New BA Club Suite for only £1398 Return

Fly the New BA Club Suite for only £1398 Return

British airways Long Haul Business Class otherwise known as Club World has certainly come in for a lot of bad publicity recently. The more customer reviews you read, the more complaints you see, “outdated product”, “falling far behind its competition” to name but a few…

Then out of almost nowhere, BA Pulls a “Rabbit out of the Hat” & silence the crowds with two small words, “Club Suite“.

On the 18th March 2019, British airways released to the public pictures on social media of the new BA Club Suite and boy, oh boy were we impressed!

a350 ba club suite

The new BA Club Suite seats are configured in a 1-2-1 layout with at last, direct aisle access.

The lack of direct aisle access has long been one of the major gripes of Club World passengers. The current Club World layout is configured so if your seated in the window seat, you will be stepping over the passengers feet located behind you, not good on the sleeper service.

The reason why the new Business Class product was named Club Suite is down to the fact that it’s actually got a sliding door which maximise’s privacy for the traveller. In fact, the Club Suite door is locked open for take off and landing with the flight attendants releasing the locking mechanism. The passenger will then have the choice of either leaving them open or closed during the flight. 

British airways take delivery of the A350 aircraft featuring the new Business Class Club Suite in July 2019

BA a350 club suites

The new BA A350 aircraft will feature 56 Club Suites in its Business class cabins. Offering 40% more storage than the current Club World product including storage drawers allowing the ease of storing larger items such as laptops or other larger personal items within arms reach.

British airways a350 cs

Also a new for BA, overhead lockers for both the window seats and centre seats.

Within the Club Suite you will find compartmental storage including a vanity unit, mirror and power outlets including USB / PC. With two more storage compartments with lids for ease of storing smaller, personal items on board and another storing your In-Flight entertainment controls.

The design of the new Club Suite features an Otterman seat which has allowed BA to gain permission for passengers to store items underneath during take-off and landing.

The new In-Flight Entertainment system installed features an 18.5 inch HD flat screen to display all the latest films, documentaries etc during flight time. The IFE screen will be fixed in position at all times so no need to keep storing away & will include a secondary hand-held screen & a display on the IFE controls.

The new Club Suite Seats all face forward to the relief of most passengers. It can be a strange feeling facing backwards into the cabin for most flyers. All the centre seats will be installed as standard with privacy screens which are easily movable.

The new BA A350 aircraft have been designed to deliver the optimal air pressure for all passengers. With noise reducing functionality and superior cabin lighting throughout the plane, technology has vastly improved the passengers experience and helps alleviate jet lag.

The Club Suite compartment walls are now 46 inches in height which enables the eye line of the passenger to always see the interior of the suite rather than outside. 

Club Suite seat

When the lie-flat seat is fully flat, this measures 79 inches with a pitch of 44 inches which equates to exactly 7 inches longer than the current Club World lie-flat seat. Instead of the standard seat belt configuration adopted by most airlines, the new suite comes with a double belt configuration similar to a car seat belt design which will only be required to fasten during take-off and landing.

With comfort, privacy and new technology installed, the new Club Suite has quickly become one of the most desirable seats to fly in the world at the moment.

With desirability, usually comes a high price tag attached with new products. However to our amazement, the new Club Suite on the A350 has been included in the latest British airways Sale. We have found a route that the new A350 will fly on for as little as £1398.00 Return.

How to Find that amazing New Club Suite for £1398.00

The route we discovered in the latest British airways sale featuring the new Club Suite on the A350 is from London to Toronto.

The dates include January 2020, see the screenshot below we have attached for the one way A350 Club Suite one way pricing at £794.00.


The below screenshot displays the Airbus A350 aircraft on Flight No: BA0093.



And now for the Return fare, Toronto to London with Club Suites on the Airbus A350 at only £605.00 one way.



Proof of flight No: BA0093 is the Airbus A350 aircraft featuring the new Club Suites.


Total costs for LHR – YYZ Return fare – £1398.00 in the New British airways Club Suites on the A350. 

Our Verdict / Recommendations

What can we say – Brand New Club Suite Seats on the Airbus A350 for only £1398.00 Return, No Brainer…

As a comparison you can usually fly on the current Club World product for upwards of £1000 each way, I know which product I would want to fly given the choice!

With all British airways Sale fares, you need to move quick and jump on these outstanding fares now. Once this information is all over the web, these flights will be gone – Guaranteed.

The new BA Club Suite is in high demand as you can imagine. To find this amazing suite at such a low-cost means it won’t be around for long.

The “Icing on the Cake” with this deal, you will also earn 10,660 British airways avios miles and 280 x Tier Points.

britishairways a350 1000


Any questions about this fare or the new British airways Club Suite on the Airbus A350, please leave a comment below.

How to Fly BA Club World Business Class Seats for only £148.00

How to Fly British airways Club World Seats for only £148.00

Have you ever wanted to fly on British Airways or Iberia in Business Class Long Haul seats or but just cannot afford to pay Thousands of Pounds?

To experience BA / IB Business Class or Club World Seats for just £148.00 or £325.24 Return is achievable if you know where to look.

The facts are that British airways & Iberia fly regularly from London to Madrid Return using Long Haul aircraft such as the Boeing 777 / Airbus A340 which consist of Business Class or Club World Cabins & some with First Class Cabins.

These Long Haul Boeing 777 / A340 aircraft are used on these routes regularly to transport Cargo which is a major result for anyone flying in Business. 

If you buy a fare in BA Club Europe or on Iberia Business Class on the correct flights, you will be sitting in Long-haul Club World Seats or Iberia Long haul Business class seats for as little as £148.00 or £325.24 Return.

On the London Heathrow to Madrid route, most of the time you will be flying on the Airbus A320 / A321 aircraft as below.

Ba airbus 320 / 321

But, if you select the correct departure times on the same route, you will be flying on the Boeing 777 / Airbus A340 Long-Haul aircraft below.

Ba 777 club world Heathrow to Madrid club world

Iberia a340 business class

Now lets take a look at the difference in the Business Class seats on the A320/321 & the Boeing 777 / Airbus A340 aircraft.

BA Club Europe Seats A320
BA Club Europe Seats A320/321
BA Club World Seats 777
BA Club World Seats 777

a340 business class seat

British airways Club Europe Seats

Club Europe seats a321 / a320The Club Europe cabin is situated at the front of the plane on all the A320/321 aircraft. The difference between Club Europe Business Class Seats & an Economy seat on the A320/321 are the middle seat is kept free with a tray table. This enables the passengers in Club Europe Seats to enjoy a guaranteed window or aisle seat and more privacy if flying solo or more room to work or relax. 

The seats in Club Europe come with 76.2cm or 30 inch seat pitch with fully movable headrests but are basically the same size as an economy seat on the same flight.

To read our full Review on our last British airways Club Europe Flight, Click Here to read more >BA Club Europe Review<

British airways Club World Seats 777


British airways Club World Seats are all Lie-flat. This enables passengers to lie down flat and sleep in their seat if you wanted, something the Club Europe Seats do not provide.

The Club World Seats come with their own In Flight Entertainment screens and controls fitted, however we believe that these are not operational as Club Europe flights do not provide any IFE on its flights.

You do however get the entire Club World Seat and all its functions as if you were flying Long Haul. This includes power sockets, moveable tray tables, footrest, movable separation panels for privacy, adjustable seat angle pitch by controls set next to your seat.

Due to configuration of Club World, the outer pair seats provide almost complete privacy if seated next to the Window.

All Club World seats when lied flat measure 183cm or 6ft long. With a 20 inch width and 72 inch pitch towards Club Europe Seats at 30 inch seat pitch & 17 inch width.

You can see why if you have the choice between Club Europe & Club World seats on your route, you should definitely opt for the flights with Club World Cabins fitted.

The in-Flight dining options are the same as the Club Europe product on the A320/321.

To read our Review on the BA Club World 777 Seat, Click Here >British airways Club World 777 Review<

Iberia fly on the LHR – MAD route daily the Airbus A340 long haul aircraft featuring the Iberia long haul business class seat. This Business class seat is one of the best out there at present and relatively new to the market.

The flight departure time from London Heathrow to Madrid to select the Airbus A340 is 18.45 – 22.05 on flight No: BA7059 and can be found one way for £178.00.


A340-600 Iberia business class



How to Find those Cheap Business Class / Club World Seats

Everyday from London Heathrow (LHR) to Madrid (MAD), British airways / Iberia fly up to 13 Times a day. All of these flights offer Club Europe or Business Class as standard.

However, only two of these flights per day use the Boeing 777 / Airbus A340 Long-haul aircraft instead of the smaller Airbus A320/321 aircraft used regularly on this route daily.

If you want to fly in Club World Seats on the Boeing 777 on the LHR  – MAD route, you need to select the 13.20 LHR – 16.45 MAD flight (BA0640) as detailed below. 

World Seats on Club Europe

BA Club World on Club europe

The cheapest outbound flight from London Heathrow to Madrid one way on flight No: BA0640 containing the Club World seats we could find was £178.00.

We did find if you book a return flight 7 days later, you will only pay £148.00 for the inbound flight in the same cabin with Club World Seats, total price – £325.24 Return.

When booking your inbound flight from Madrid to London Heathrow, you need to select the flight departing at 18.15 – 19.40 (BA0641).

The cheapest we could find this flight soon was £148.00 in Business Class on the 777. 

To bag these Club World Seats on the Boeing 777 even cheaper, we found you can use up to 38,000 avios points in your account to reduce the return fare down to £125.24. 

You will also earn 2358 avios points for the return flights which you could use to offset the amount of Avios Points needed to reduce the fare price by £200 down to 35,642 points.

Verdict / Recommendations

With a little bit of knowledge, you can sit in Business Class seats on Long Haul aircraft within europe for as little as £148.00 one way or £325.24 Return.

British airways or Iberia long haul Business Class seats can cost you upwards of £1000 each way, per person. If your on a Skint Budget but still would like to experience the luxury of long haul business class seats, the LHR – MAD route could be the answer.

There are very few opportunities out there at present to experience expensive long haul seats within europe.

Follow the details set out in this article, consider using Goggle flights to search availability further out and you may find these flights even cheaper or sign up to our regular Newsletter to receive notifications first of any British airways flight sales as this could also result in cheaper flights on this route.

In our next article, we will explore how to book British Airways First Class Seats for as little as 40,000 avios within Europe. Click Here >BA First Class for 40,000 Avios<

If you have any questions or want to leave your comments on this article, please leave your comment below. 

How to Use AAdvantage Miles to book Qatar / Etihad Business & First Class 2019

How to Use AAdvantage Miles to Book Qatar / Etihad Business & First Class Flights 2019

Today, we look at How to use American airlines AAdvantage Miles to book Partner airline flights like Qatar / Etihad Business & First Class using the minimal amount of points & taxes. In this article we research in detail the process of booking Premium class routes using AAdvantage miles,  Tips & Tricks and the Pitfalls of the AA Search availability tool. 

airways-A380 business class

Book Qatar & Etihad Business / First Class using AAdvantage Points

Firstly, if you’ve found this page and not started collecting American airlines AAdvantage  miles yet, we have written another post on how to collect large amounts of AAdvantage Miles fast by clicking here – Collect AA Miles 

American airlines AAdvantage frequent flyer miles scheme is open to anyone to join, even if you never fly AA.

American airlines is part of the largest alliance in the world called the OneWorld alliance which includes airlines such as British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Finnair, Iberia, Japan Airlines, LATAM, Malaysia Airlines, Qantas, Qatar Airways, Royal Jordanian, S7 Airlines & SriLankan Airlines. 

Being part of such a large alliance certainly has its benefits, especially when it comes to collecting & spending loyalty miles on other alliance airlines.

Today we will centre our attention on redeeming AA miles on Qatar & Etihad airlines. If your not already aware, Qatar & Etihad have some of the best Business or First Class products out there.

Qatar have recently launched the amazing Q-Suite Business product below.

Qatar Q Suite Business Class
Qatar Q-Suite Business Class

Or the outstanding Etihad First Class apartment below…

Etihad A380 First Class Apartment
Etihad A380 First Class Apartment

Both these amazing products sell for anything between £4000 – £8000 return. However, these same seats can be booked in the business class product for as little as 85k AA points return depending on your departure & destination points or 125k in First Class return per person. 

Below, we have attached the AAdvantage miles redemption chart.

AAdvantage Miles chart

We have just booked Qatar in Business Class from London to the Maldives for 42.5k AA miles each, one way. The cash ticket price for this one way fare was £6228.04 for a total of 85k AA miles plus £452.00 in taxes.

The taxes are higher flying from the U.K due to the APD charges but are compensated by considerably lower taxes on a return journey. 

Unfortunately the Qatar A350 flight with Q-Suites installed from London was not available on our chosen dates so we booked Business Class on the A380 instead, seat pictures below.

Did we forget to mention the bar area with the “help yourself to £100 a bottle of Champagne”….

Qatar a380 bar area

Just a little bit better than British airways Club World…

We managed to accumulate 85k AA miles through the Amex SPG Credit Card bonuses for the both of us and other routes as covered in our previous article.

How to Book Qatar / Etihad using AAdvantage Points

Once you have signed into your AAdvantage account, simply use the search flights facility on the home page making sure you check the Redeem Miles box.

AA home page redeem miles


You will then be served on the following page the option to select which flight class you require, Economy / Business or First Class. 

This page also displays the amount of AAdvantage Miles required in each class of seat. 



As you can see above, one way from London to Doha is 42.5k AA miles per person in Business Class, this is the same amount of miles to fly on two legs from London to the Maldives stopping to change planes in Doha. 

Now you click on Continue to be served on the following page a list of results of flights on your chosen date and class of cabin as below.


AA redemption results


We used this process and successfully booked our flight from London Heathrow to Male airport in the Maldives in Business Class on the A380 / A330.

When you book your flights on partner airlines using your AAdvantage account, you do receive an email confirmation of your booking but it’s not guaranteed at that point.

AA reserve your booking issuing what they call a “Certificate” but have to wait for the partner airline to confirm the booking. This process can take up to 24 hours to be confirmed by the partner airline, your AA account will display your booking as “On request” at this stage.

AA redemption on request

When your flights have been confirmed by the partner airline, the status in your account automatically changes to “Ticketed” and you will receive an updated email confirmation.

Only when you see that your flights are Ticketed is when your flights are booked and confirmed.

After 24 hours our booking was still not “Ticketed” and still stating “On Request” in our account and no confirmation booking email received. If you find yourself in this situation you need to do call AA Customer Services.

In reality anything that goes wrong in connection with your booking can make it not process correctly to Ticketed. In our case, something went wrong with our payment for the taxes by credit card even though no restrictions were placed on our card and all the correct details were entered at the payment screen.

These errors are not common and another IT issue for customers to deal with. In theory this could ultimately result in your flight not being booked. If you have any concerns just simply pick up the phone Customer Services like we did, the payment was taken again over the phone and within 10 minutes our flights were Ticketed and confirmed.

Now for our Return Journey (The Pitfalls of AA Redemptions)

With over 20 x results displayed in front of us for our requested Return Flights from the Maldives Male airport to London Heathrow, we thought this was going to be a Breeze with so many flight results.

What we didn’t know at the time of searching availability using the AA site were that the results displayed, isn’t all it seems…

It appears there maybe an IT issue connected to the displayed results, this is what has been named as the AA award availability “Phantom Listings“. Phantom listings on the AA site are flights displayed as available, when in fact they are not.

Even if you wait until 12.00am on the earliest available date, 330 days out from your preferred dates of flying, seat awards may still not be available as we discovered. When we clicked on the displayed results, each one came back as not available.

Now we were getting a bit nervous, will we be able to get a return flight?

How to find availability on AA using other airline search facilities

There are various ways of checking the real availability of flights using American airlines AAdvantage miles.

British airways Executive Club

These include using the British airways Executive Club account and searching availability through that account instead. The British airways results displayed for your chosen dates are actually available and can be booked.

If you come across availability on the BA account site but not showing as available through your AAdvantage account, you will need to call the AA reservations line quoting the Qatar flight numbers and times. AA Customer Services will be able to book your flights over the phone for you. 

Qantas Site Search Facility

Using exactly the same process as the British airways executive club account search, you can use the Qantas site to search availability as both airlines are in the OneWorld alliance and serve up the same availability.

You will need to be members of both accounts before you can search availability, both airline accounts are free to join.

Unfortunately, even after using the AAdvantage site search, British airways executive club and the Qantas site search facilities, our return flights required were not available on Qatar airlines unless we choose a flight consisting of 30 x hours with a day stop over in Doha.

How did we book our return flights using AAdvantage miles?

This is when other airlines within one alliance like Oneworld can save the day.

Our initial plan included using Qatar for our return flights as it was easy to just click a few buttons in our AAdvantage account and all our flights would be booked.

This wasn’t to be, so now onto “Plan B”…

We searched for our flights again but this time using a generic flight search tool like Google flights. Making a mental note of other alliance partner airlines, we discovered that Etihad also flew from MLE to LHR up to three times per day.

Plugging in our flight requirements into the Etihad Guest site, we were looking for availability using Etihad points. You need to navigate to the main Etihad site but look for the link to Etihad Guest. You do not need to be logged in to view availability of Etihad flights.

We were looking for availability on our chosen dates under “Guest Business“. Guest Business is the terminology for Business award flights availability using Etihad points. Availability was wide open on our preferred date with the first flight of the day being 5 hours less in flight duration.

Unfortunately, you cannot book Etihad award flights within your AAdvantage online account so you need to call the American airlines Reservation line to book using Etihad award availability flights.

I have read many comments online that you need to call the Reservations lines outside of your country to book AA award flights on Etihad airlines. We found just calling the U.K American airlines reservation line, details found here –  to absolutely work fine, our agent knew how to book all partner airline flights.

You need to have all the flight details, dates & times and the Etihad flight numbers to hand when calling the reservations line. After about 5 minutes, our return flights on Etihad were all booked.

One point to note if you book Etihad flights over the phone with AA, ensure you receive the Etihad Reservation reference from the booking agent. You will need this reservation reference to locate your bookings in the Etihad site enabling you to select your seats. 

Just another slight issue we faced..

When we logged into the Etihad site and entered our reservation number, we were only able to select seats for the person who booked the fare. After numerous attempts to select my wife’s seats I decided to call the Etihad Customer services line, they quickly reserved our seats on all flights so we were seated together on both legs.

Etihad a380 business suite seats
Etihad A380 Business Suite Seats


The result was booked flights on the Etihad A388 / A380 in Business Class which would have cost £5492 all for 85k AA miles plus £113.80 in taxes.

Total cash price for all flights for 2 x persons – £11,702.04 

Our Verdict / Recommendations

Update: You can now book Etihad Business & First flights through the AAdvantage website instead of needing to call up an AA agent to book.

Apart from the few issues we experienced along the way, the final result was a series of amazing business class flights on some of the best airlines in the world. 

The total price for our outgoing and incoming flights would have cost us in cash £11,720.04 which in reality cost us only 170k AAdvantage Miles + £565.80 in taxes.

All this for 170k AAdvantage miles which can easily be achieved by taking out two SPG Amex Credit cards and utilising other routes to collect AA miles we have highlighted in our previous article.

If you fancy Business / First class flights on some of the world’s most luxurious flights using minimal amount of points and small amount of taxes, simply follow our step by step guide in this article.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment and we will always reply.