BA Tier Points Calculator 2019 & Helsinki 180 TP Run £228 Sale Fare

British Airways Tier Point Calculator 2019

Helsinki 180 TP Run – £228 Sale Fare

In this article today, we attempt to Cut the Jargon on the subject of “Tier Points” on British Airways and provide an easy to follow User Guide on the subject.

We also have provided you a handy Calculator to check how many TP’s you can earn per flight.

For anyone who is not familiar with the terminology “Tier Points“, on BA these are points earnt when you fly on any cash element fare booking or with other OneWorld alliance partners. The amount of points you earn depends on your ticket type and fare class, destination and the amount of miles flown. On these flights you will also earn Avios Points which can be redeemed for flights, seat selection, meals / drinks etc.

BA exec club 2019

Firstly, you will need to become a member of the BA Executive Club membership scheme to collect Tier Points and Avios Points on all bookings. You start your membership off on Blue Membership at 1st Tier,  the 2nd Tier is Bronze, 3rd Tier Is Silver & 4th Top Tier is Gold Membership.

However, Tier Points do expire after a certain amount of time but Avios Points do not.

Without joining the Executive Club you cannot earn Avios or Tier Points.

Join the Executive Club by Clicking this Link – BA Executive Club

BA Tier points chart 2019

As you can see above from the chart provided, each Tier comes with its own rewards and as you progress through the Tiers, you will receive increased rewards for flying on British Airways.

How many BA Tier Points do I get?

The amount of Tier Points you get depends firstly on the booking class of you fare. You earn Tier Points for flying in Economy, Premium Economy, Business & First Class. How many points you earn also depends on the amount of Miles you fly in total on each flight.

Can you buy BA Tier Points?

You cannot buy BA Tier Points directly from the airline like Avios Points. However, you can indirectly purchase Tier Points by flying on British Airways flights, cash paid tickets. 

What are Tier Points with BA?

How many BA Tier points do I get

Tier Points on BA are points earnt when you fly on any cash element bookings. The amount of points you earn depends on your ticket type and fare class, destination and the amount of miles flown.

Do you earn Tier Points on Reward flights BA?

You do not earn Tier Points or Avios Points on Reward Redemption flights. You can however indirectly earn TP’s by using Avios Points to reduce the cash fare cost of any BA flights.

BA Tier Points Table / Chart:

The Table / Chart below sets out how many Tier Points are earnt by sector, fare class and flight distance. It is always important to check what booking class code your flight has been assigned as different codes produce varying amounts of TP’s.

Can I buy BA Tier points

BA Tier Points Calculator

If you need to find out how many Tier Points you will earn by flying a certain Cabin Class by destination on British Airways, simply click below:

BA Tier Points Calculator

Simply input your flight details and dates and the Calculator will present you with the total TP’s per journey.

BA Executive Membership Overview

Blue Level:

BA Blue Executive Club 2019

Blue is the entry level to the Executive Club, everyone who joins the scheme automatically starts on Blue Status. You do not need to earn any TP’s to retain Blue Executive Club Membership and it is free to join and does not expire.

Benefits include members are provided priority over non-members if a flight is busy, you can save your preferences for which seats you prefer also in your online account or Smartphone App.


Blue Membership is the entry level and provides only a limited amount of basic benefits. 

Bronze Level:

BA Bronze Executive Club 2019

The requirements to obtain Bronze Executive Membership from Blue requires the member to have booked using Cash and flown on British Airways or on one of their Alliance Partner airlines a minimum of Two Segments or One Return Flight and earnt 300 x Tier Points, or taken 25 x BA flights.

Extra benefits include 25% more Avios points on bookings, Priority Check-in & Boarding.

When you’re a Bronze Tier Member you can select your Seats for Free 7 x days before departure & gain Priority Check-In & Boarding / Security fast track.


At Bronze level you start to enjoy some decent benefits from the membership scheme. To be able to select your seats at 7 x days before departure is a good benefit but not in comparison to instant seat selection when your Silver level. 25% more Avios Points is good & priority boarding / dedicated check-in zone usage even if your flying Economy is worthwhile having.

Silver Level:

BA Silver executive club 2019

To obtain BA Executive Club Silver status level requires the member to have booked using Cash and flown on British airways or on an Alliance Partner airline a minimum of Four Segments (2 x Returns) and earnt 600 x Tier Points, or taken 50 x BA flights.

Silver Tier Membership provides instant free Seat Selection at the time of Booking. Additional benefits include 50% more Avios on Bookings, Priority Check-In & Boarding, Access to Business Class Lounges & additional Baggage allowances / Security fast track.


Silver level is what most flyers chasing Tier Points aspire to obtain as easy to acquire by completing Tier Point Runs of only 4 x Segmented flights such as the Helsinki route.

The benefits of instant seat selection can save you upwards of £200 per flight. Lounge Access to BA / OneWorld alliance lounges generally cannot be paid for so can save you upwards of £50 per couple per entry incomparison to pay to enter lounges. 50% more Avios, additional baggage allowances can also save upwards of £100 per journey, Security fast track saves £5 -£10 per entry, per person. 

Gold Level:

BA Gold Membership Level 2019

To obtain Gold Status Membership you need to have booked using Cash and flown on British airways or on an Alliance Partner airline a minimum of Four Segments (2 x Returns) and earnt 1500 x Tier Points or more.

Additional benefits include Selecting your Seats for Free at the time of Booking,  includes exit row seats but excludes Hand Baggage Only tickets. Minimum allowance of 2 x checked luggage at 32kg for all passengers on your booking even in economy class.

100% more Avios on bookings, First class Priority check-In & Boarding, access to Business & First Class Lounges & additional Baggage allowances & additional flight availability / Security fast track.

The Use of the BA Elemis Spa facilities before your flight regardless of your cabin of travel. The Use of the BA Arrivals lounges after your flight regardless of your cabin of travel and the ability to Transfer Avios to other members for free capped at 162,000 Avios per year.


The benefits of Gold Status are outstanding and what most frequent flyers aspire to achieve but are a lot harder to earn due to the high level of TP’s required.

The same benefits as Silver level but also 100% extra Avios per flight. Access to First Class Lounges are one of the best benefits. Even when your flying Economy, you can still access BA First Lounges drinking £150 bottles of champagne and eating Restaurant quality food served to you at your table by a Waiter. 

BA Gold guest list 2019

There are also additional higher levels of Gold Status Membership available at 2,500 Tier Points – A Gold Upgrade for Two (GUF2) voucher. Allows you to upgrade a cash ticket to the next cabin for yourself and a companion.

3,500 Tier PointsTwo Gold Upgrades for One voucher, 5,000 Tier Points – A Concorde Room card and Gold Guest List membership. The Concorde Room card allows entry for you + a guest into the Concorde Room lounges at London Heathrow and New York JFK.

Now you understand the BA Executive Membership levels and the benefits of collecting Tier Points, we can move onto how to collect TP’s for the cheapest fares available.

Tier Points – Easiest & Cheapest Way’s to Collect within Europe

Remembering that Bronze level requires atleast 2 x BA Segmented Flights completed and the requirement to earn a minimum of 300 x TP’s, we will now look at the easiest routes to meet the requirements.

To make Bronze level the fastest and the cheapest way, we are looking for BA Segmented Flights or Returns that will make atleast 300 x TP’s.

Unfortunately, you would have to fly a Long Haul Route to earn 300 x TP’s over 2 x Segments which will be more expensive than flying Short haul.

BA Flights Club Europe – 80 TP’s One Way / 160 TP’s Return (Lon Departure)

Algiers / Athens / Bucharest / Catania / Chania / Corfu / Dalaman / Funchal / Gran Canaria / Helsinki / Heraklion / Istanbul / Kalamata / Kefalonia / Kiev / Kos / Lanzarote / Larnaca / Malta / Marrakech / Mykonos / Paphos / Reykjavik / Rhodes / Santorini / Skiathos / Sofia / St Petersburg / Tenerife / Thessaloniki / Tirana / Zakynthos.

By flying Return any of the routes in Club Europe, Business Class above you will have met all the requirements to be awarded BA Bronze Membership after only 2 x Return Flights as 160 TP’s x 2 = 320 Tier Points.

Now you have the data to enable you to gain higher Tier Levels within the British Airways Executive Club, we will look at the costs involved. Today, we will centre our attention on a famous Tier Point earning route London – Helsinki.

BA Tier Points – London- Helsinki Route £228 Return Sale Fare

Usually, London to Helsinki in Club Europe can cost you upwards of £400 Return, Per Person.

When flyers decide to embark on a Tier Point Run (Flying on BA Flights on Purpose to obtain TP’s), they usually wait until a British Airways flight Sale starts to leverage the best value.

Today, the latest BA Luxury Sale launched and featured our favourite TP run route at only £228.

BA Luxury Sale 2019

At £228 Return, Per Person – London to Helsinki, by flying this route twice you can achieve Instantly Bronze & Silver Status.

Helsinki in Finland is the chosen destination for people wanting to grab a glimpse of the “Northern Lights“. Helsinki is the Capital of Finland and is a vibrant seaside city of beautiful islands and great green parks, perfect for a weekend trip away. 

Helsinki tp run

How to Track Down the Helsinki Fare at £228

We use the handy Google Flights search function to Track down all our Route bargains. Go to here – Google Flights UK, plug in your chosen departure airport, your destination and your preferred dates. 

Google Flights uk

Next, click on “Stops” and select “Non Stop Only”, then click on “Airlines” and select “One World” BA’s Alliance, then click “Class” and select “Business“. 

Ensure the selection is “Round Trip” and you have selected the correct amount of Persons flying. Press enter and you will be served a number of results displaying airlines, duration of flights, departure / arrival times & cost.

To Search availability by month, Simply click on “Price Graph” and you will be served a Bar Graph of results per month.

Your looking for the Lowest Point on the Graph results like below.


Helsinki Tier Point Run 2019

Availability on the London to Helsinki route also spans into 2020 as displayed below.

Helsinki ba Tier Point Run 2020

On this Route at these prices you will experience British Airways Short Haul, Business Class others known as Club Europe – Our Review can be found here – BA Club Europe Review 2019

You would be flying on a BA Airbus 320 aircraft or Finnair Airways A350 aircraft on this route. Duration is approximately 3.05 hours.

If you want to complete this route purely as a Tier Point Run, you can book a same day return and not even leave the Helsinki airport. This route does use the same Inbound aircraft to complete the Outbound so you can get back on the same flight back.

This is called a B2B or Back to Back flight when completing a TP Run.

Other Routes Earning 180 TP’s in the BA Luxury Sale

Heathrow to Helsinki TP Run 2019

Helsinki is only one Route at the moment offering incredible value for achieving BA Tier Points cheaply. Below is a list of other destinations offering 180 TP’s in the luxury sale.

Bucharest (£268) / Catania (£262) / Gran Canaria (£304) / Istanbul (£290) / Kalamata (£298) / Kefalonia (£310) / Lanzarote (£308) / Malta (£238) / Marrakech (£279) /Reykjavik (£296) / Sofia (£210) / Tenerife (£306) / Tirana (£244)

So you could have a Weekend Break searching out the “Northern Lights” in Finland and have another City trip away in Sofia in Bulgaria all for £498.00 in total whilst earning 360 TP’s and achieving BA Bronze Status.

Add on some Winter Sun in the Canary Islands – Gran Canaria / Lanzarote or Tenerife or a Back 2 Back Return to Helsinki and you will be awarded Silver Status at 640 TP’s earnt. 

If you want to learn how to leverage the little known BA Price Match Guarantee potentially saving you Hundreds of Pounds off your flights, Click Here – BA Price Match Guarantee

Summary / Conclusions

BA can you buy tier points

Today, we have set out how you can achieve Bronze BA Status by flying 2 x Return Flights and spending less than £500 or the great Silver Status for less than £1000.

The BA Luxury Sales offer immense value in Business Class, some amazing bargains can also be had if you add in a Hotel also, sometimes it can work out cheaper than the flights alone.

One point to remember when achieving BA Executive Club status is that status expires at the end of the following year of your accounts membership start date.

As an example, my Executive Club account states I opened my account in August. In order for me to gain nearly 2 x years of Status, I would need to complete 2 x Flights earning 320 TP’s as quickly as possible, preferably in August.

Each month past your BA Executive Club account opening date that you have not fulfilled the requirements of status will result in that amount of time deducted off your status. 

A lot of Tier Point Runs are completed as soon as possible after the flyers account anniversary date thus maximizing the time Status is held.

Another point to note when thinking of flying purely for the purpose of collecting Tier points is the value your getting for the expenditure. If for instance your only planning one trip using BA a year, it may not be cost worthy conducting a TP Run so it’s worth working out the benefits before you book & fly.

If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment, please do so below.

BA Club World London – Seychelles for £1249.52 Return

BA Club World Sale London – Seychelles for £1249.52 Return Each

British Airways has today launched a luxury sale offering substantial discounts on both Business Class & First Class flights.
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Today, whilst browsing the sale fares in Club World we came across this amazing bargain for a direct flight from London Heathrow to the Seychelles.

What makes it even better is you would be flying in a relatively new aircraft on the British Airways fleet – the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner.

Ba sale fare Seychelles 2020

The Boeing 787-9 is a mid-size, dual aisle, twin engine jet and Boeing’s most fuel efficient aircraft to date – 20% more fuel efficient than the similar sized commercial jets it is designed to replace. Composite materials make up 50% of the primary structure, including the fuselage and wings.

The windows are over 30% larger than those on most similarly sized aircraft and the brightness can be adjusted at the touch of a button. Serrated edges on the engine nacelles reduce the noise levels by up to 60% both in- and outside the cabin. The aircraft also features raked wingtips to further improve fuel efficiency.

The Boeing 787-9 – the latest addition to the fleet – features an evolution of our First cabin, with just 8 seats compared to the usual 14, increased range and is 20 feet longer and four inches taller than the 787-8.

Customer benefits include:

  • Choice of First, Club World, World Traveller Plus and World Traveller
  • Personal audio and video on demand
  • Increased cabin comfort with large windows, higher humidity and lower pressurization

To read our full Review of this aircraft in Business Class to the Seychelles, Click Below:

 BA 787-9 Dreamliner Review 

British airways 787-9 Business Class Club World

We recently flew this route from London Heathrow to the Seychelles, the benefits of flying in Business Class on this route include:

  • Direct Flights – approx flight time 10.5 hours.
  • Business Class Lounge access
  • Dedicated Check In Zones
  • Priority Boarding
  • Club World Lie-Flat Bed Seats
  • Premium 3 Course Dining options
  • Complimentary Drinks including Champagne
  • White Company Amenity Kit
  • Access to the Club Kitchen
  • Priority Departure

The Luxury Sale rules include that you must book by the 29th October and travel dates vary by destination. You can access the BA Luxury Sale fare page here:

BA Luxury Sale

The Seychelles Sale fare highlighted today includes the price only for two people flying together or otherwise known as a Companion Fare. 

The total fare price for Two People flying Club World Return to the Seychelles is £2499.04 in total.

This fare represents amazing value as you could easily consider this Companion sale fare price at easily 50% off. 

Ba luxury sale fares 2019

To fly to a luxury destination from London direct to Seychelles for £1249.52 each is rare to find so we would recommend you jump in quick and book.

The dates we searched for these flights were Outbound 5th September and inbound 13th September 2020. Various other dates were available at similar costs.

If you have wanted to visit the luxury destination of the Seychelles, this is the time to bag a bargain flight in luxury.

To read our Recent Review on the 5 Star Hilton Northolme Resort & Spa hotel in the Seychelles, click our link below:

Hilton Northolme Resort & Spa Review 

Hilton Seychelles northolme pool

If you have any questions or have discovered British Airways Business Class Club World fares cheaper than above to the Seychelles, please leave a comment below.

Earn up to 1800 Bonus Avios – Rover Pet Services – BA E-Store offers

Earn up to 1800 Bonus Avios – Rover Pet Services – BA E-Store offers

Every now and then a big, bonus Avios point offer emerges on the BA e-store.

The British airways e-store are notoriously bad for advertising the biggest bonus avios point deals but if you know how to sniff out their best offers using their search bar, you can find them easily.

Today, we came across a new offer for up to 1800 bonus avios points for various per services.

Below is an outline of how “Rover” works and how to gain that big bonus point offer.


Existing customers collect 700 Avios.

Stated reward is for your first booking (new dog owners only). Existing dog owners will earn a lower reward.


Rover connects dog owners with their perfect dog sitter. Search from thousands of local, reliable dog sitters across the country, each providing a guilt-free alternative to dog kennels or pestering your family and friends! 

You can find and book your perfect dog sitter in four easy steps: 

1) Enter your postcode to find local sitters offering home dog boarding, doggy day care, walking, house sitting or drop-in visits near you. 

2) Review each sitter’s listing and read reviews from thousands of other dog owners, then arrange a meet and greet. 

3) Schedule, book and pay online – no need for cash! All Rover bookings are covered by the Rover guarantee, a 24/7 support and veterinary consultation. 

4) Send your pooch on a holiday of their own, and stay up to date with photos and videos from the sitter.



Lufthansa Business Class Flights for £496 – Brand New Offers

¶Lufthansa Business Class Flights for £496 – Brand New Offers

Today, we have found some outstanding Lufthansa Business Class flights from £496.00 per person, each way to various long haul destinations from London or Manchester airports.

Lufthansa today have launched a New promotion based on two adults Travelling in Business class on a variety of long haul destinations departing from regional U.K airports.

If you have never traveled on Lufthansa, this airline has one of the best Business Class Seats in the industry. 

Lufthansa Business Class flights

Skytrax rate all airlines on an annual basis and are classed as the airline industries benchmarking standard of quality & Service. Lufthansa was awarded out of the best 100 Airlines in the World in their annual awards an excellent placement of No.7 in the world’s best airlines.

The Lufthansa Business class Travel offers are within these travel periods:

01.06.2019 – 30.03.2020

China  – 10.06.2019 – 14.02.2020

We conducted various “dummy run bookings”and found very good availability at the published prices in the offer.

All flights departing from London or Manchester require to change planes in Frankfurt / Munich.

Prices for 2 adults Return from London & Manchester flights include the destinations below:

Lufthansa Business Class seats

Bangalore  –  £ 1,999
Mumbai  –  £ 1,999
Riyadh  – £ 1,999
Delhi  –  £ 1,999
Dubai – £ 1,999
Sao Paolo – £ 2,999
Hong Kong – £ 1,988
Johannesburg – £ 2,999
Kuwait – £ 1,999
Jeddah – £ 1,999 
Buenos Aires – £ 2,999
Beirut – £ 999
Amman – £ 999
Addis Ababa – £ 1,999
Tehran – £ 1,499
Abuja – £ 1,999
Rio de Janeiro – £ 2,499
Bogotá – £ 2,499 
Lagos – £ 1,999 
Seoul – £ 2,499
Almaty – £ 1,999
Port Hartcourt – £ 1,999
Baku – £ 1,499 
Astana – £ 1,999
Chennai – £ 1,999
Beijing – £ 2,999

Lufthansa Business Class Review

Lufthansa Business Class 747 seats

Lufthansa Business Class Seats are one of the best out there at present. 

You will reach your destination feeling well-rested and Relaxed. Lufthansa Business Lounges class fares include complimentary access to lounges before you fly at all airports. On-board you will receive one of the best cabin service available.

Lufthansa Business Class seats can be converted to fully flat beds enabling all passengers on longer flights to relax and sleep. The Business class seats have been designed to provide open-plan seating and spacious, modern looking cabins and interiors.

Lufthansa Business Class Lounges

Lufthansa Business Class lounges

Relax at one of the many Lufthansa Business Lounges prior to your departure. Enjoy a relaxing, comfortable and modern environment away from the terminal’s hustle and bustle of the main concourse. Whilst inside treat yourself to a meal or snacks, premium drinks, wines, champagne whilst keeping entertained by the free Wi-Fi available in all business class lounges. 

All Lufthansa Business Class passengers receive complimentary access to all business class Lounges.

Lufthansa Miles & More Loyalty Points

Lufthansa Miles & More points

Lufthansa’s frequent flyer loyalty program is called Miles & More, by flying on one of the latest deal offers you will be collecting Lufthansa Miles for Free.

Lufthansa airlines are part of the Star Alliance programme so collecting Lufthansa Miles can be a lucrative way to fly on other Star Alliance airline partners or to redeem on other Lufthansa flights.

Unfortunately, Lufthansa Miles have a hard expiry policy so any earnt miles are only valid for redemption for 3 years from the date they were earnt.

There are three different status levels for Frequent flyers (lowest elite level), Senators (mid-tier elite level), HON Circle Members.

How to find the £499 Lufthansa Business Class Deals

We found in our opinion one of the best Lufthansa Business Class deals departing from London to Hong Kong for 2 people, Return. 

Total price came out at £1988.28 including all taxes etc. This is amazing value for Lufthansa Business Class flights.

We started our flights search by clicking this link which takes you directly to the Lufthansa offer page – 

One of the benefits of using the Lufthansa main booking website are the ability to search with flexible dates, this flexibility allows the site to display the best prices within the month of choice.

Lufthansa deal offer


Lufthansa Business Class price

Verdict / Recommendations

All we can say is when Lufthansa Business Class fares come along from departure airports such as London which usually attract high Air Passenger Duty charges, at such low costs you should Jump on these offer prices ASAP.

Usually you will not even find these type of fares if you depart from Germany which incurs the added costs and hassle of repositioning yourself from the U.K. to Europe first to catch your departure flight.

You will benefit from the great Lufthansa Business Class Lounges at London, earn a stack of Miles & More Lufthansa mile points which can be used to redeem against future Star Alliance airline flights or use back on Lufthansa flights. Just remember Lufthansa Miles & More points expire after 36 months so earn & burn them quickly before they are gone.

To get this amazing Lufthansa flight offer price even lower, we can save you over £30.00 off the fare price we searched making the total cost of 2 people flying return from London to Hong Kong – £1958.00 

Lufthansa topcashback

To save over £30.00 off the Lufthansa deal price, Click the link below to sign up to the U.K’s largest Cashback company called Topcashback here  TopCashback

If you have any questions about this amazing Lufthansa Business Class offer, please leave a comment below.

Marriott Bonvoy Hotels Offer – Free 10,000 Points Paris 2 Night Stay

Marriott Bonvoy Hotels Offer – Free 10,000 Points Paris 2 Night Stay

Today, we explore a Brand New offer we received from the Marriott Bonvoy Hotels loyalty scheme offering all customers a bonus 10,000 Marriott Reward Points.

All for just for staying at a participating Marriott 5 Star hotel in Paris for a 2 night stay.

The Bonus 10,000 Mariott Bonvoy points is enough to book a One Night Stay at another Marriott Group hotel for Free.

If your not already aware, in early 2019 the “Marriott Group” hotel chain rebranded their loyalty scheme which came under a big fanfare in the hotel industry.

Marriott Bonvoy Hotels offerMarriott Bonvoy incorporating a merger of three of the worlds leading hotel brands loyalty schemes all under One New brand Name – Marriott Bonvoy.

The New Hotel Loyalty Scheme incorporates now hotel chains such as Marriott Rewards, The Ritz-Carlton Rewards, and Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG). This merger of all three hotel loyalty membership schemes makes Marriott Bonvoy one of the worlds largest customer hotel membership schemes on the planet.

With over 120 million loyalty members, 30 different brands and more than 6,700 hotels incorporating the old Marriott Rewards Moments and SPG Moments. Marriott Bonvoy includes over 120,000 experiences in 1,000 destinations worldwide.

Marriott Bonvoy Hotels New 10,000 Bonus Point Offer


Marriott Bonvoy hotels Paris offer













The New Marriott Bonvoy hotels offer includes a very generous 10,000 Points if you stay at one of a handful of selected 5 Star hotels in Paris.

The bonus point offer requires customers to have booked & stayed in one of the hotels detailed below between April 23 to July 2019 for a 2 Night Stay. The offer is not limited to only one stay so can be used multiple times collecting the 10,000 bonus points multiple times using Code M41 at the Booking confirmation page.

To utilise this bonus point offer to its full potential, if you wanted to stay in Paris in one of the participating hotels for more than 2 nights, you could book one stay in your name using your Marriott Bonvoy account. Then book another two night stay in your name to start on your check-out day.

Or alternatively, you could book another 2 Night Stay in your partners name still collecting another 10,000 points for you both.

Marriott Bonvoy Hotels paris




Participating Marriott Bonvoy hotels in the 10,000 point offer include:

Paris Marriott® Champs Elysees Hotel

Renaissance® Paris Arc de Triomphe Hotel

Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero Hotel

Renaissance Paris Republique Hotel

Renaissance Paris Vendome Hotel

All these hotels in Paris are all 5 Star offering luxurious, Chic & Boutique style hotels accommodation, Perfect for a Romantic get away in style…

How to Find the Best Value Participating Hotel

Marriott bonus point offer













We took a look for you at all the participating hotels in the bonus point offer to try to find the best value hotel still attracting the bonus 10,000 points per stay.

Before we go any further, we may need to remind you that Paris 5 Star Hotels Hotels do not generally come cheap. Hotels in Paris can range from £100 to £1000 a night and at the cheaper end of the scale, it will be usually a 3 Star accommodation.

Marriott Bonvoy bonus points








After a fair bit of investigation, we discovered the lowest price for a 2 Night Stay, still attracting the bonus 10,000 Marriot Bonvoy Points was Hotel – Renaissance Paris Le Parc Trocadero. 

Marriott Bonvoy Paris hotels













The cheapest price based within the date restrictions of the offer – April 23 to July 2019 we could find, came out at a Total of €508.00 for a 2 Night Stay based on a Two Person occupancy. So, €254.00 a night or £219.00 a night.

£219.00 a night for a 5 Star Paris Hotel is actually quite good value. We would recommend booking rates this low as soon as possible as these prices will probably not be around for long.

To reduce the cost of this room, you could always use a Cashback Site such as Topcashback which currently are offering up to 5% Cashback on this booking. This 5% Cashback equates to approximately £21.00 back making the total cost in GBP – £417.00 for 2 people / 2 Nights stay.

If you would like to sign up to Topcashback & save yourself £21.00 on this Booking,

Click on the link we have Provided Here > Topcashback Sign Up <

Top cash back sign up bonus

10,000 Points – Free Marriott Hotel Stay Night

Bonvoy use points cat 1 hotels

The Bonus Points you would earn on one of the 2 Night Stays in a Participating hotel from Marriott in Paris is actually enough Points to redeem for a Free Night Stay in another Marriott hotel Worldwide.

A Category 1 Marriott hotel only charges 7500 Marriott Bonvoy points per night, this includes 2 people staying. 

You could stay in a Luxury 5 Star Paris Hotel and then book another stay in a different Marriott hotel and still have 2500 Marriott Bonvoy point left over which can be used towards another Free Night.

Below we have attached a Link to all Marriott Worldwide Hotels within Category 1 for you to choose your next free night.

Another Marriott Bonvoy Hotel offer

Hôtel de Berri, the new Luxury Collection® address in Paris welcomes you to celebrate the art of living in Paris for a weekend.

Enjoy 20% off best available rates when you stay 2+ nights Thursday to Sunday (*with a mandatory night on Saturday) and get a free room upgrade.

Book now and discover one of the finest hotels in the city.

Visit us online use promotional code M11

Verdict / Recommendations

Hotel offers come and go, but few offers provide such a generous bonus point offer for staying in affordable luxury in Paris

By following our advise in this article, you can bag yourself 10,000 Marriott Bonvoy points which can be used to stay in another Marriott hotel completely free.

If you would like to earn 5% Cashback on your Paris Hotel stay, click the link below: Topcashback Sign Up

For another way to earn enough Marriott Bonvoy Points so you could stay at luxury 5 Star Hotels within the Marriott group for Free by simply taking out an American Express Credit Card, either use our link in the CONTACT US section at the top of the page or CLICK HERE

Spg starwood Amex referral bonus









The SPG American Express card in the U.K is the best earning Marriott Points card available at present.

SPG Starwood being part of the Marriott Group which allows points earnt via this Amex Credit Card to transfer over to Marriott at a rate of 3:1.

This means if you earn 11,000 SPG Starwood Points via our Referral link, if you Contact Us, Normal sign up bonus is 10,000 SPG Points. 

You will earn 33,000 Marriott Points which will get you 4 Nights for Free in a Marriott Category 1 Hotel.

Please feel free to leave a Comment Below if you want to ask any questions. 

Bonus 1000 Avios Points – Mindful Chef Food Delivery Box

Bonus 1000 Avios Points – Mindful Chef Food Delivery Box

Fancy an easy 1000 Avios bonus points for trying out a new Meal Food delivery service?

Today, we bring you a new company called “Mindful Chef” who specialise in delivery food to your door to make healthy meals everyday of the week.

Mindful Chef are not like most other food delivery subscription online services. The ethos of Mindful Chef is to deliver health-focused food boxes whilst sourcing the very best ingredients from small farms / suppliers in the UK.

Mindful Chef was set up school friends Giles, Miles & Rob. Launched In 2015, the company are proud to have delivered over 10,000,000 ingredients originating from their small suppliers set up across the UK.

Their “ethos” is a health-focused food box company set up by school friends Giles, Myles and Rob. Since their launch in 2015, they have shipped over 10,000,000 ingredients sourcing ingredients from small farms & suppliers across the UK.

All of their meat is 100% grass-fed, the chicken is free-range, their fish was caught fresh in the UK and our vegetables are cultivated in the most natural way possible.

All our suppliers adhere to the highest ethical codes, and we regularly visit every one of them.

The Mindful Chefs approach is very simple, yet incredibly effective in helping you lead a healthier life.

We believe in reducing your intake of sugar and refined carbs. As a result, we never deliver pasta, bread or white rice – instead all our recipes are based on innovative uses of fresh vegetables. Leaving you feeling great!

For every meal they sell, they donate a school meal to a child living in poverty.

They are the only recipe delivery box company to operate this one for one charity model. Mindful Chef customers have donated 1,000,623 meals to date, which makes their small team incredibly proud.

Using recyclable products and to reduce their environmental footprint, we ask that customers return insulation and ice-packs to us for reuse.

How to Collect 1000 Avios Points at Mindful Chef

Mindful chef 1000 avios

You can collect 1000 Bonus avios points by simply making an order from the Mindful Chef via the British airways Executive Club eStore online.

You will need to have set up a British airways executive club first by clicking in the link below:

Once you have set up your BA Executive account, you now can start collecting avios points. Once in your account, Navigate to the British airways Executive Club eStore by clicking on the link named “Collecting Avios”  

Click on the Collecting Avios link which takes you to a page with a section at the top named “Our Shopping Partners

By clicking on the Blue Link – Shop Nowyou will be directed to the sign up page to the British airways Executive Club eStore. 

Simply sign up using your email address and BA account number and your ready to go!

Mindful Chef Bonus Point Offer

Bonus 1000 Avios points

You can either search for the offer by clicking on the section “Food & Drink” or simply click on the link we have provided here –

There are some Conditions on the 1000 Bonus avios point offer that you may need to be aware of to ensure you receive the bonus.

  • The offer is only applicable for New Customers of Mindful Chef 
  • You can only use the Money off Codes attached to the offer page within the British airways Executive Club eStore.

This bonus offer has been increased recently from 700 to 1000 avios points so now would be a good time to take up this very generous offer.

How much does Mindful Chef Cost?

Mindful Chef is a Food for everyday meals subscription service which deliver food directly to your door. 

Avios mindful chef offer

You choose from a variety of main ingredients or meal ideas to make healthy meals from £4.00 each.

Then select how many people the selected meals are to cater for and sign in details as below.

You then will be directed to the next page where you select which date you prefer your meal box to be delivered on.

Simply follow the instructions on the next pages as below.

You will then be taken to the dedicated page for selecting recipes based on your selected food preferences. Select your meals, how many meals and click Next.

Once you have selected your recipes, and clicked Next to continue you will be served the page with the costs. 

The charges will vary by the amount of meals you order and meal preferences. 

The cheapest meal food box delivery we could find was by selecting meals for “One Person” using the minimum amount of days your meals are for which are three days.

This total cost came out at £33.50 including an automatic discount applied of £11.17.

If you select Vegetarian meal options only, you can get it as low as £24.00

Our Verdict / Recommendations

The Bonus Point offers from the British airways Executive Club eStore can be very generous. 

If you take into consideration that British airways sell Avios Points at a rate of 1000 points for £33.00, this makes the Mindful Chef meal delivery box to cost you only 50p if you select the minimum amount of meals per week. 

If you select Vegetarian meal options only, you can get it as low as £24.00, If you were to select this option you would be in profit by £9.00 and get 3 Meals for Free.

Three healthy balanced meals using the freshest and sustainably sourced UK Meat ingredients for only 50p is a bargain.

As with all meal delivery box subscriptions like this offer, always remember to cancel your subscription within your account as soon as your meals have been dispatched unless of course if you wish to continue with your meal delivery service.

This offer expires 31/07/2019 but with all generous point offers, this could be pulled quickly so best to join up as soon as possible.

If this type of offer is of interest to you, sign up to our regular Newsletters to ensure you receive to your inbox all the latest Avios Bonus Point offers.

Please feel free to leave a comment below, we will always reply to any questions or comments.

How to Fly the Brand New BA Club Suite for only £1398 Return

Fly the New BA Club Suite for only £1398 Return

British airways Long Haul Business Class otherwise known as Club World has certainly come in for a lot of bad publicity recently. The more customer reviews you read, the more complaints you see, “outdated product”, “falling far behind its competition” to name but a few…

Then out of almost nowhere, BA Pulls a “Rabbit out of the Hat” & silence the crowds with two small words, “Club Suite“.

On the 18th March 2019, British airways released to the public pictures on social media of the new BA Club Suite and boy, oh boy were we impressed!

a350 ba club suite

The new BA Club Suite seats are configured in a 1-2-1 layout with at last, direct aisle access.

The lack of direct aisle access has long been one of the major gripes of Club World passengers. The current Club World layout is configured so if your seated in the window seat, you will be stepping over the passengers feet located behind you, not good on the sleeper service.

The reason why the new Business Class product was named Club Suite is down to the fact that it’s actually got a sliding door which maximise’s privacy for the traveller. In fact, the Club Suite door is locked open for take off and landing with the flight attendants releasing the locking mechanism. The passenger will then have the choice of either leaving them open or closed during the flight. 

British airways take delivery of the A350 aircraft featuring the new Business Class Club Suite in July 2019

BA a350 club suites

The new BA A350 aircraft will feature 56 Club Suites in its Business class cabins. Offering 40% more storage than the current Club World product including storage drawers allowing the ease of storing larger items such as laptops or other larger personal items within arms reach.

British airways a350 cs

Also a new for BA, overhead lockers for both the window seats and centre seats.

Within the Club Suite you will find compartmental storage including a vanity unit, mirror and power outlets including USB / PC. With two more storage compartments with lids for ease of storing smaller, personal items on board and another storing your In-Flight entertainment controls.

The design of the new Club Suite features an Otterman seat which has allowed BA to gain permission for passengers to store items underneath during take-off and landing.

The new In-Flight Entertainment system installed features an 18.5 inch HD flat screen to display all the latest films, documentaries etc during flight time. The IFE screen will be fixed in position at all times so no need to keep storing away & will include a secondary hand-held screen & a display on the IFE controls.

The new Club Suite Seats all face forward to the relief of most passengers. It can be a strange feeling facing backwards into the cabin for most flyers. All the centre seats will be installed as standard with privacy screens which are easily movable.

The new BA A350 aircraft have been designed to deliver the optimal air pressure for all passengers. With noise reducing functionality and superior cabin lighting throughout the plane, technology has vastly improved the passengers experience and helps alleviate jet lag.

The Club Suite compartment walls are now 46 inches in height which enables the eye line of the passenger to always see the interior of the suite rather than outside. 

Club Suite seat

When the lie-flat seat is fully flat, this measures 79 inches with a pitch of 44 inches which equates to exactly 7 inches longer than the current Club World lie-flat seat. Instead of the standard seat belt configuration adopted by most airlines, the new suite comes with a double belt configuration similar to a car seat belt design which will only be required to fasten during take-off and landing.

With comfort, privacy and new technology installed, the new Club Suite has quickly become one of the most desirable seats to fly in the world at the moment.

With desirability, usually comes a high price tag attached with new products. However to our amazement, the new Club Suite on the A350 has been included in the latest British airways Sale. We have found a route that the new A350 will fly on for as little as £1398.00 Return.

How to Find that amazing New Club Suite for £1398.00

The route we discovered in the latest British airways sale featuring the new Club Suite on the A350 is from London to Toronto.

The dates include January 2020, see the screenshot below we have attached for the one way A350 Club Suite one way pricing at £794.00.


The below screenshot displays the Airbus A350 aircraft on Flight No: BA0093.



And now for the Return fare, Toronto to London with Club Suites on the Airbus A350 at only £605.00 one way.



Proof of flight No: BA0093 is the Airbus A350 aircraft featuring the new Club Suites.


Total costs for LHR – YYZ Return fare – £1398.00 in the New British airways Club Suites on the A350. 

Our Verdict / Recommendations

What can we say – Brand New Club Suite Seats on the Airbus A350 for only £1398.00 Return, No Brainer…

As a comparison you can usually fly on the current Club World product for upwards of £1000 each way, I know which product I would want to fly given the choice!

With all British airways Sale fares, you need to move quick and jump on these outstanding fares now. Once this information is all over the web, these flights will be gone – Guaranteed.

The new BA Club Suite is in high demand as you can imagine. To find this amazing suite at such a low-cost means it won’t be around for long.

The “Icing on the Cake” with this deal, you will also earn 10,660 British airways avios miles and 280 x Tier Points.

britishairways a350 1000


Any questions about this fare or the new British airways Club Suite on the Airbus A350, please leave a comment below.