1000 Free Virgin Atlantic Miles – Tesco Clubcard Auto Convert is back!

1000 Free Virgin Atlantic Miles – Tesco Clubcard Auto Converting Vouchers is back!

It’s back on again..1000 Free Virgin Atlantic Miles just for auto converting your next Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

This offer is run fairly regularly by Tesco Clubcard & Virgin Atlantic but did not happen in the last Quarter.

Great news, this Quarter its back on officially!

Today, we received an email from Tesco Clubcard stating the details below:

“We don’t need to tell you how fantastically easy it is to collect Flying Club miles with Tesco Clubcard. It’s a piece of cake – or a loaf of bread. Or a pint of milk. It’s a little treat or a big shop that can help take you to New York*, or one of our other tasty destinations”.

“When you sign up to automatically turn your Clubcard Points into Flying Club miles, collecting gets even easier. You can just sit back and watch your balance grow. And even better, when you sign up for auto conversion before 16 June 2019, you’ll receive a bonus 1,000 Flying Club miles to take you even further”.

Atlantic miles tesco conversion

Tesco Clubcard members can earn 1,000 Virgin Atlantic miles for signing up for Automatic Opt-In option. This is when you automatically convert your vouchers into miles this quarter.

Setting up Automatic Opt-In option in your Tesco Clubcard account is very easy to do.

Simply log-in to your Tesco Clubcard account, Navigate to the “Voucher Schemes” section in your “Account Management” section.

Select “Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles” then proceed to enter your Virgin atlantic Flying Club membership number. 

Usually about 1-2 weeks before the next Tesco Clubcard Quarter end – 16/06/19, you will be automatically credited 1000 Free Virgin Atlantic miles into your Virgin account.

The trick with this auto conversion bonus is that anyone signing up to auto convert their points to Virgin Atlantic miles in their Clubcard account can simply cancel the auto convert option as soon as they see the 1000 Virgin miles credit to their account.

No member of the Tesco Clubcard scheme if selecting auto conversion has to keep auto convert on, you can cancel at anytime. 

If you do not want any of your Tesco Clubcard vouchers earnt this quarter to automatically convert into Virgin Atlantic miles, you will need to ensure you turn off auto conversion within your account.

You can do this easily by accessing your account management section exactly as how you set up auto convert and turning off the auto conversion by selecting “Vouchers“.

We strongly recommend that you do not convert all your Tesco Clubcard Vouchers into Virgin atlantic miles automatically. 

Why? – Tesco Clubcard do run regular bonuses on converting Tesco Clubcard Vouchers into Virgin atlantic miles so best to hold off converting all your vouchers as you may miss out on a bonus of 10%-20% extra miles.

The only condition is that you need to have collected atleast 150 Clubcard Points in this Quarter as this is the minimum amount of points required to convert to Tesco Clubcard Vouchers.

Free Miles / Points are becoming rare these days so you should take every opportunity no matter how small to take advantage of any Free bonus point offers.

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1200 Bonus Avios Points – £24.95 McAfee Virus Protection

1200 Bonus Avios Points – £24.95 McAfee Virus Protection

And again, we bring you another cracking deal from the British airways e-store via their regular bonus avios point offers, just remember you saw it here first!

Todays bonus offer includes 1200 points for purchasing McAfee Virus Protection for your PC / Laptop or Tablet / Smartphones.

You earn with this offer 50 x Avios Points per £1.00 spent on any McAfee products. The original McAfee offer Was 25 Avios per £1.00 spent and the bonus point offers expires 22/04/2019.

The BA Avios e-Store – How it works

The British airways Avios e-Store is a shopping site platform provided by British airways which can be found by signing into your BA executive account under more ways to earn points.

You will need to have signed up to a  British airways executive club before you can join and access the BA Avios eStore site. 

The British airways e-Store provides customers a way to Shop online and collect Avios points instead of cash back for every £1.00 you spend on a wide selection of brands at over 800 retailers.

It works the same way as a Cashback site does like Topcashback or Quidco, but instead of earning cash back from your purchases you earn Avios Points instead.

Earning avios points via the BA Avios e-Store, especially when retailers offer generous bonus avios point offers can be very lucrative for your avios balance.

If you consider the fact that British airways sell avios points on their website to account holders at a rate of 1000 x avios points for £31.00 currently, you can now see the benefit in making purchases via the BA e-Store for everyday items you probably would have bought elsewhere earning nothing in return.

McAfee Virus Protection

The McAfee virus protection packages are Compatible with Windows / MacOS / iOS / Android, provides PC protection Keeping your files secure and your PC safe online. 

All packages also come with a Product key card and includes Full versions of protection. 

Product Overview: 

Comprehensive protection for up to five PC’s, Mac, smartphone or tablet devices 
Special services for each device type 
Easy to manage your devices with True Key Identity Manager 
Protect your home and family networks 
Security console and support included for peace of mind 

Comprehensive protection

McAfee Internet Security protects up to five of your devices, such as a PC, Mac, smartphone, or tablet for a whole year. It’s a great way to ensure you avoid viruses, malware, spyware, and other online hazards. Protect your data and make browsing the internet safer for you and your family.

Special services

For Windows devices, this McAfee software blocks viruses, malware, ransomware, spyware, unwanted programs, and more. Enjoy the protection of a firewall with web safety, anti-spam, and parental controls.

PC optimisation tools ensure your system runs at its best at all times.

The Best Value Package – £24.95 McAfee Anti-Virus Plus

The cheapest Package we could find on the McAfee website was for purchasing the McAfee Anti virus plus avios offerMcAfee Anti-Virus Plus package priced at £24.95. This package alongside other packages are all currently 50% off normal retail price so in itself is a bargain.

The cheapest package includes a full year of protection including:

  • PC award winning anti-virus protection
  • Home network protection
  • McAfee WebAdvisor
  • PC optimisation tools
  • Apple iMac protection
  • iOS phone and tablet
  • Android phone tablet
  • Social media guard

This package is digitally delivered via email and you will not receive any physical products delivered to your door.


Other McAfee products are also available under the same offer such as Total Protection & Internet Package protection with 50% off at the moment.

There is also the best protection package called Live Safe but this product does not fall within the 50% off promotion, this is £89.99. 

What is 1200 x Avios Points Worth?

Avios offerThe whole “what is an avios point worth” discussion topic in the Airline / Hotel loyalty point arena is very subjective. One person may value 1 x avios point higher than another person depending on what they are using their avios points.

As a general rule, most people place a value of 1p per 1 x avios point. If you use the average value most people place on one point, the bonus offer points would be worth £12.00 making the McAfee anti-virus plus package costing you only £12.95.

Remember that the only regular way to purchase avios points is through British airways in your executive account at a cost of £31.00 per 1000 x avios points, you can now see the value in these bonus point offers when you do the calculations.

One advantage using points over cash for purchasing flights can be in Peak seasons like School holidays. Typically, like all flights and resorts on School holiday times the prices are usually hiked up.

However, if you use Avios Points against a “Peak Time” flight you will require only a small amount more points against a massive cash hike for a paid ticket. You may also find availability using avios against a sold out fare route. 

Opinion / Recommendations 

As explained above, avios points certainly do have their benefits against cash paid tickets in certain circumstances.

The tricky part can be finding enough bonus point deals to redeem against a Business or First Class flight.

To pay £24.95 for a market leading anti-virus protection on a 50% off promotion and receive a stack load of free points, what’s to complain about?

When a decent bonus offer comes along we would recommend to jump on them as soon as possible as some offers are pulled before the original expiry date if popular. 

Please remember to always check prices elsewhere of any products or services you may see on bonus offers first as you may find them cheaper elsewhere reducing their value. It has been known for the price of items whilst on bonus offers to be hiked up in general.

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800 x Bonus Avios Points – Gousto Recipe Food Box

800 x Bonus Avios Points – Gousto Recipe Food Box

Once again, we have discovered another great Avios Bonus Point offer from inside the British airways Avios e-store.

This latest offer is from the Food Recipe Box company called Gousto & involves purchasing for the cheapest rate, a 2 x Person Weekly Food Recipe Box on a subscription basis but can easily be cancelled within the click of a button within your account.

British airways Avios eStore

If you’re not already aware the British airways Avios eStore is a shopping portal provided by British airways located on their main website.

You will need to be a British airways executive member before you can join and access the BA Avios eStore site. 

The eStore allows customers to Shop online and collect Avios points for every £1 you spend on your favourite brands at over 800 retailers.

It works on the same principle as Cashback sites but instead of earning money back on your online selected purchases, you earn Avios Points instead of cash back. 

Earning avios points instead of money back can work out as extremely good value. British airways sell avios points to customers at a rate of 1000 x avios points for £31.00. Buying products through the eStore with bonus point offers attached can be very lucrative at collecting large amounts of points almost for free.

The Gousto Recipe Box

Gousto is one of the many Food Recipe Subscription boxes available to purchase online.

Gousto avios offer

These type of food recipe companies offer a service where online you choose from a wide selection of recipes available, you choose how many recipe ideas you prefer  and you can select the frequency in which you receive them.

In these times when for a lot of people they have little time to shop and cook lengthy meals in the evening, companies like Gousto are a great solution.

The convenience factor of being able to select your weekly meal recipes in advance and have those delivered to your door or whilst at work fits in with a hectic lifestyle.

All recipes are designed by expert chef’s to minimise time and hassle in the kitchen. All recipe boxes arrive delivered with virtually all the required ingredients to make great tasting meals in under 30 x minutes.

Recipes and ingredients also cater for Vegetarians, Gluten-Free & Dairy-Free choices and use only the freshest, high quality ingredients available.

Choose between a range of 40 different receives per week and you can choose from either meals for 3 people or 4 people.

800 x Avios Bonus Points – The Gousto Deal

Gousto ba e Store offer


To be able to collect 800 x avios points by purchasing a product for the same price you would normally have to pay elsewhere is an absolute No Brainer…

To comply with the conditions of this offer all you need to do is click-through the offer displayed on the British airways Avios eStore retailers page, remember if you do not click-through the e Store then you will not receive the bonus points. Direct ink provided below:


Simply sign up for the minimum requirements which would be a weekly subscription box, the cheapest deal we found was based on a Gousto Recipe Food Box for two people, for a week’s worth of recipes priced at £24.99.

Remember also that this price will get you a week’s worth of meals including recipe cards and most of the ingredients required to complete each recipe in full, delivered for Free to your door.

When we analysed the Gousto box towards their competitors, Gousto came out as great value especially as you receive 800 avios points in with the deal.

All you have to keep in mind is to cancel after you receive your first weekly meal recipe box or otherwise you will be billed for the next week unless of course you decide to carry on with the subscription plan. Cancellation is easy to do, you just look for the cancellation button within your account. You are not tied into any contract and you can cancel at anytime.

This avios bonus point offer expires 31/12/2019 but could be pulled at anytime so if your interested it’s probably best to go ahead and sign up atleast for a week’s subscription package.

Usually such bonus point deals are only for First Time users of the subscription package. However, the terms do state that existing customers will receive bonus points but at a reduced rate. Unfortunately, we do not have any idea how much this reduced rate would be but even if it was 50%, your still getting 400 x avios points for something you were going to purchase anyway.

What does 800 x avios points get me?

800 x Avios Points on its own does not get you very far, that’s being honest.

However, if you keep collecting points via different offers highlighted here you could soon have enough points to fly Economy Class on British airways somewhere in europe quite easily as this only requires 15k avios points return.

Collecting enough points to fly in Business or First Class cabins Long haul require a lot of points. However, a smaller amount of points would get you in BA Club Europe Business Class or enable you to upgrade from Premium Economy to Club World Business Class. Read our article on how to use a small amount of avios points to upgrade from Premium Economy to Club World by clicking here > Upgrade BA Premium Economy to Club World

If you have tried the Gousto Recipe Food Box in the past and are not interested in this deal, a similar offer is also on at present by taking out a subscription weekly food box from Hello Fresh. We wrote a review found here > 1000 x Avios Points – Hello Fresh Food Box

Our Verdict / Recommendations

This is one of the very few generous bonus points offers available from the British airways Avios eStore at present. 

When you consider that your paying exactly the same price as you would if you went direct to Gousto for any of their Food Recipe Boxes, 800 x avios points is worth in comparison to buying points direct from BA worth approximately £24.00. Its like someone giving you £24.00 worth of points for nothing. 

If you stack this offer with the Hello Fresh offer and purchased Norton Virus Protection via the BA eStore currently with 50% off, you would already have collected over 3000 x avios points just by taking out three different bonus point offers at present. 

Our recommendations would be to jump in now as offers like this usually reduce in points after a certain amount of customers sign up through the link or they close the offer early.

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Hilton honors 100% Bonus Buy Points – 7 Reasons to Buy Now

Hilton honors 100% Bonus Points Promotion

Its back again… Hilton honors 100% Bonus Buy Points promotion and the Reasons to Buy Now Hilton points on the latest Bonus Promotion.

honor points bonus promotion100%

Buying Hilton honor points on bonus point promotions can work out as amazing value.

How about the new Waldorf Astoria in the Maldives for £450 a night instead of full price at £1665 a night.

We explore the Tips & Tricks to bag Luxury Maldives at a third of the price..

Hilton honors 100% Bonus Point Promotion 

Hilton honors has just launched today, its Brand new Buy Points 100% Bonus promotional offer.

The offer runs from today, 9th April and will through until 28th May, 2019

  • Registered members of the Hilton honours loyalty scheme will earn 100% Bonus Points on all purchases of points starting at 5000 points.
  • An additional 100% Bonus Points will be awarded for every purchase of points up to a maximum of 80,000 points per member, per calendar year.
  • Points will be credited to members accounts within 24 hours from purchase.
  • Hilton reserve the right to withdraw the promotion at any time.

Points are subject to Honors Terms & Conditions.

Buying Hilton honor Points





Hilton Honors use a company called Points.com to sell points on the their behalf. Points.com is a company who specialise in selling points on behalf of major organisations worldwide and are a trusted provider of e-commerce solutions in the world. 

To purchase the bonus Hilton points, click this link provided here: https://secure3.hilton.com/en/hh/customer/account/purchase.htm

You will be taken directly to the Hilton’s bonus point page.

Select the amount of points you require, remember the best value applies on any purchases above 5000 Hilton honor points. 

Is this a Bonus Point deal any good?

Hilton Honors offer only a few times a year a similar deal like today’s offer, but with all generous offers you may see this being the last time as previous buy points deals have offered lower amounts.

You will, in most cases make a major saving especially on the higher end Hilton properties such as the Conrad Maldives or the new Waldorf Astoria in the Maldives both within the Hilton portfolio.

The best examples are when included with the below:

  • A few very expensive high Category hotels, like the Conrad Maldives
  • ‘5th night free’ redemptions for Silver, Gold and Diamond member

Keep in mind that Hilton redemptions using Points are flexible and there are No additional taxes to pay unlike Cash purchased rooms.

As an example, the new Hilton Waldorf Astoria Ithaafushi King Beach Villa with Pool would cost you in Taxes per night if using cash an eye watering 23.2% on top of your room cash price. That is approximately £352 just in Taxes levied per night.

The Bonus Points Ratio

Hilton points.com bonus




The best bonus point “Sweet Point” for me is the maximum amount of points you can purchase in one go.

So $800 gets you 160,000 Hilton points, in comparison one night at the new Waldorf Astoria in the Maldives costs on average $2117 per night.

You only need 120,000 Hilton points per night to stay at the new Waldorf Astoria in the Maldives so in theory you could purchase enough points for $800 for one night at the Waldorf Astoria saving you over $1200 a night. You would also receive a third more points left towards another night in the Maldives.

honor points bonus promotion






The trick here would be to purchase another 80,000 Hilton points using your partners Hilton Honors account to purchase another 80,000 points = 160,000 points each.

The result would be 320,000 Hilton points for $1600 which would get you enough points to stay at the Waldorf Astoria for two nights and leave you 80,000 points left over or two and three quarter nights in total.

The total value for 2.63 nights at the Waldorf Astoria in the Maldives would be approximately $4934 for a $1600 outlay via buy points today, a steal…

Waldorf Astoria Maldives Ithaafushi

Wardorf Astoria in the Maldives s











Just a few pictures to see what you could get buying Hilton points today!

Wardorf Astoria ithaafushii


The amazing Grand Beach Villa with its own pool for 120,000 points per night below.

Wardorf Astoria ithaafushii










The King Beach Villa with pool above is 234sq.m of pure luxury, a spacious villa, pool, beach access, pavilion.

Retreat to a delightful villa. Floor-to-ceiling windows and sliding doors from both the spacious bedroom and magnificent bathroom present views across the expansive wooden deck, garden and the ocean.

The bedroom boasts a king-sized signature Waldorf Astoria bed, seating area, 65-inch TV and sound system, while his and hers closets lead through to the bathroom with indoor and outdoor showers, vanities and an oversized bathtub. Enjoy the terrace with pool, hammock, dining pavilion and sun loungers.

Breakfast at this resort would be free for Hilton Gold or Diamond members.

122 beach, reef and over water villas with private pool
• 11 specialty dining venues and bars including Terra, an elevated treetop restaurant
• World-class lifestyle spa and wellness sanctuary
• A myriad of adventure and watersports activities
• Waldorf Astoria Young Discovery Park – water recreation area and enriching activities for kids
• Romantic wedding pavilion for a special occasion

Food & Drink prices are not confirmed as yet due to the Resort opening 1st July 2019.

To get to the Waldorf Astoria Ithaafushi in the Maldives, the resort offers a luxury yacht transfer for $370 per person from Male airport, each way.

Expensive but this is a Luxury 5 Star Maldives resort…

Hilton honors


1440 x Bonus Avios Points for £24.99 – Norton Security Protection

1440 x Bonus Avios Points for £24.99 – Norton Security Protection

Earn a bonus 1440 x avios points for taking out a Norton Security Protection package for your PC, Mac & Smartphone. Today, we bring you another amazing bonus avios deal via the British Airways e-store bonus point offers section. Earn 60 x avios points per £1 spent on selected Norton virus protection.

Norton avios offerNorton by Symantec is a world leading company specialising in anti-virus protection for consumer and businesses. They offer the world leading products designed to protect personal computers, Mac computers & Mobile device’s.

Norton products are designed by Security experts in the anti-virus industry designed to protect user’s from security threats via the web.

With over 25 x years of Industry leadership, products range from subscription packages covering multiple devices to Premium products covering up to 10 x individual devices.

Earn 60 x bonus avios points per £1.00 – Various Norton Products

To earn the additional bonus avios point offer, simply click-through this link below:


Ensure you complete any purchase through the link above to get your 60 x avios per £1.00 spent.

The cheapest package we found is the Norton Security Standard package priced at £24.99 for an annual subscription. This package at present is also on a special 50% off deal so works out great value which earns you a bonus 1440 x avios points.

Other annual packages on offer include the Deluxe offer at present at 57% discount from normal RRP and covers up to 5 x devices priced at £29.99 earning you a bonus of 1770 x avios points.

Deluxe plus free Norton Secure VPN package priced at £29.99 at 66% off normal RRP earning you a bonus of 1770 x avios points.

Premium package which covers up to 10 x devices at 50% discount from normal RRP priced at £39.99 earning you a bonus of 2330 x avios points.

You need to be quick as this amazing bonus point offer expires 10/04/19.

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Bonus Avios point offers are rare these days so we would recommend to act fast before the offer expires as this is the biggest bonus avios point offer currently available via the BA e-store platform.

To put this in comparison, 1440 x avios points for spending £24.99 on a world leading anti-virus security annual package would be worth if you were to purchase the avios points directly from British Airways at an approximate cost of £44.50.

This £44.50 is just for purchasing 1440 x avios points directly from BA who sell customers 1000 x avios points currently for £31.00. You would not receive an anti-virus security annual package included with the bonus avios points so this makes this deal fantastic value.

Continue reading 1440 x Bonus Avios Points for £24.99 – Norton Security Protection

500 Bonus Avios points for £3.00 + Free Meal Trial Kit

500 Bonus Avios points for £3.00 + Free Meal Trial Kit

Earn 500 x Bonus avios points for just £3.00 and receive a free meal starter kit. As part of our daily deal alerts, we discovered a very good avios bonus point offer today earning 500 x avios points for just £3 spend and you will receive a meal trial kit as part of the offer.

Simply cook avios bonus offerThe avios bonus point offer is for only a limited time so you better be quick, the offer expires 30/06/19 . 

This offer is still great considering your only paying £3.00 and you receive 500 x avios points whilst also receiving a tasty meal trial kit delivered to your door.

Remember that bonus avios point offers are rare these days. If you were to purchase this amount of avios points from British Airways direct, you would have to pay over £15.00 for 500 x avios points.

Simply Cook – Trial Meal Kit £3.00 offer – 500 Avios Points

Simply Cook are one of the many new, meal kit companies online who for a monthly subscription fee who will send you a meal box kit every week or whatever frequency you select.

  • Cook with authentic flavour ingredients and cooking boxes created by our expert chefs
  • Expand your repertoire with easy to follow 15-20 min recipes
  • Discover global cuisine – over 50 chef-inspired cooking box

With this bonus avios point offer you select four different daily meals as part of the trial offer, your selected meal kits will be packaged up in a box and sent by Royal mail delivered through your letter box.

How to select the Bonus Avios Point offer

British airways e-store

Firstly, you need to go to the dedicated British Airways e-store site by clicking below:


Click on the Orange button which will take you directly to the Simply Cook site and the specific trial meal kit offer for £3.00.

Sign up, but always makes sure you continue via this link or otherwise you will not receive the bonus avios points.

Select your four chosen meals kits and submit your details and pay.

Your first meal kit trial box is just £3.00 and will contain 12 chef-blended flavour pots, making it easy for you to cook four restaurant quality meals in the comfort of your own kitchen.

My Simply Cook confirmation email came through in a matter of minutes and estimated my trial meal kit would be with me within 3-4 days.

You will be required to select the frequency of your regular subscription at this point. I just selected once a month as this gave me enough time before the first payment is taken to try the meal kit out and cancel the monthly subscription in my account, just in case I forgot and suddenly remembered.

You must remember to go into your Simply Cook account and select to cancel your monthly subscription or otherwise you will be charged the weekly / monthly subscription rate you selected. I tried this today but it states to wait 5 x days before cancelling to make sure you have received your trial meal kit first through the post.

My recommendation would be to take out the trial offer, await to receive the bonus avios confirmation from the British Airways e-store via email then cancel your subscription membership after 5 x days after receiving your meal trial kit through your door.

Bonus Avios Points usually take between 3-4 weeks to credit to your British airways executive club account.







If you prefer to just try out a weekly or monthly full subscription with Simply Cook to try out more of their daily meal kits, you can now earn 1000 x avios points through the BA e-store. You could try out just a week’s worth of meal kits if you want.

1000 x avios points if purchased directly from British Airways would cost you £31.00 so this in itself is a good deal also.

BA e store simply cook offer 1000 x avios





British Airways First Class Flight cheaper than Business Class?

British Airways First Class cheaper than Business Class?

Today we stumbled upon this unbelievable deal on British Airways.

Fancy flying to the Seychelles on British Airways in First Class? Now you can fly in First Class cheaper than in Club World.

BA First Class LHR – SEZ

The Screenshot from my British Airways app shows £2535 for One Way, Per Person from London Heathrow (LHR) to the Seychelles (SEZ) in Club World.

The Second Price on the Right displaying £2531 is for First Class tickets. Yes, we couldn’t believe it also, BA First Class cheaper than flying in Business Class..

At the time of Posting this deal it was correct and fully bookable, but be quick as fares like this do not hang around for long.

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