British Airways BA Best Price Match Guarantee 2019 Review

British Airways BA Best Price Match Guarantee 2019 Review

Most flyers do not know that BA will Price Match an exact flight if found cheaper elsewhere. We put the that British Airways Best Price Match Guarantee to the test…

“If you book with us, but find a qualifying British Airways flight for less elsewhere and let us know on the same day as you book, we’ll give you a voucher for the difference. Even better: if you’re a member of our Executive Club, we’ll give you double the difference”.

To access the Best Price Guarantee official Page, Click Here –  Best Price Match Guarantee

Best Price Match Guarantee – How to work the Guarantee Correctly

British airways best price match guarantee


  • Make your flight only booking on
  • Take a screenshot of the page with competing fare. Hold onto this until BA contact you.
  • Read through our helpful FAQ’s, to ensure you capture all the necessary information, before submitting your claim.
  • Fill out the form below on the same day you make your booking.

How to make a Successful Claim Guarantee 

  1. Preparation is the “Key” to ensure your claim is not refused. Firstly look up and document the BA Price for your chosen flight. 
  2. Now you have the official British Airways flight cost in front of you, head over to one of the many Online Flight Booking agencies out there. We use companies such as Skyscanner, Expedia & TravelUp ensuring you document you cheaper fare price. It’s best practice to take a screenshot as evidence of your findings.
  3. Ensure your screenshot of the cheaper fare price includes details such as Date and time the screenshot was taken;
    • Full itinerary (including all flight numbers);
    • A full breakdown of the individual fare for each passenger including credit/debit card charges and booking fees; and
    • Website name/logo.
  4. If your Making a claim for a child & or adult, show a full breakdown of the fare, with all passengers included.
  5. Ensure the date & time are clearly displayed on your screenshot evidence submitted.
  6. You may need to expand into further information / details on the competitors fare breakdown to display all booking classes. 
  7. Submit your claim by Clicking Here – Make a Claim

Limitations to the Guarantee Price Match

Price Match best price guarantee ba

You do not receive a refund in cash, only in the form of an E-Voucher which can be applied to your next BA Flight booked directly on British Airways. 

Where as it appears the best Value refund is applicable if your BA Executive Club Member, if you look closer at the Terms & Conditions you will notice limitations to the refund amounts. 

British Airways Executive Club members can only claim up to a maximum of £100 in the Double statement. In reality this means that your maximum price difference equates to £200 refunded in the forms of an e-voucher. Anything over £100 will not be doubled up as a Refund.

You can only make your claim online and not over the phone.

 The price guarantee is only valid on BA operated flights, including CityFlyer and Comair in South Africa, and not on any flights operated by partner airlines.

We Put the BA Best Price Guarantee to the Test…

We decided to put the Price Match Guarantee to the test today, find our results we found below.

We picked a Flight from London Gatwick to Malaga (Spain) on British Airways in Business Class, Club Europe departing LGW – 06/11/19 at 13.55 arriving AGP – 17.45.

Returning to Gatwick from Malaga – 10/11/19 – 12.05 arriving 14.00.

First the BA Flight Fare Screenshot we found Below:

BA best price match 2019

So take a note of the BA Price for this Fare – £820.12.

Now we headed over to an Online Flight Agency called TravelUp, we use this site as routinely they always serve up more competitive fare prices. Look what price we found below for exactly the Same fare, booking class & dates.

British airways price match 2019

Comparing the two different fare prices for exactly the same flight, by the same carrier and the exact Same booking class.

You can see a price fare difference of £15.08 between British Airways direct and

To a flyer not a member of the BA Executive Club, you would receive an e-Voucher for £15.08, the exact price difference between the two fares.

However, if you were to become a member of the Executive Club by Clicking Here – BA Executive Club Sign-Up

You would receive an e-Voucher to the total of £30.16 to be used off your next BA Flight booked directly through your account logged into your executive club account.

BA Best Price Match Verdict / Conclusions

As you can see from the above examples, BA can charge higher fares direct to their customers.

What most people are not aware that there are routinely cheaper fares out there to be grabbed outside of booking directly with British Airways for the exact Same fare.

It seems crazy that the flight provider would charge more for exactly the same flight but online booking agencies are provided fares at cheaper prices by the supplier.

To save money on your flights, all you need to do is a bit of initial research before pushing the button and paying. It’s a s easy as that…

We recommend you follow our guidelines above, if you follow all the instructions and submit your evidence, you will receive the fare difference back quickly.

To maximise your return, ensure you Sign up to the BA Executive Club to claim double the difference back.

We hope you have learned something new by reading our article today, if you have any questions please leave a comment below.