Seychelles Mahe Airport Business Lounge 2019 Review

Seychelles Mahe Airport Business Lounge 2019 Review

If your flying out of Mahe airport in the Seychelles on Business / First Class, you will be provided complimentary access to the Salon Vallee De Mai lounge.

The Seychelles Mahe (SEZ) Business Class airport Lounge actually belongs to Air Seychelles but shares accessibility with other many other airlines including British Airways.

Before we get going, I’m not impressed with most of the lounges in Premium locations in the world and the state of their only Business / First Class lounges. If you think of the Maldives & the Seychelles, you immediately think Premium and expensive destinations.

Then why not invest in providing high paying customers a decent lounge experience?

So to this day, it still bewilders me why the only lounges on offer at these airports are basic, lack decent food / drink offerings & lack that certain level of comfort expected of these premium locations. People can pay anything up to £8,000 for British airways First class flights from London & all you receive are a very basic lounge for your inbound experience, this is the same from Male airport in the Maldives which I didn’t even bother writing writing review on, it was that bad.

Locating the Seychelles Mahe airport Business Class Lounge

Seychelles airport business lounge

After checking in your luggage, you take a left and walk towards a double set of doors which lead to a security zone. Once through security you take a set of stairs up to the first floor and take a left again.

Past some small souvenir / duty free shops and at the end of the level you will see rather unique looking entrance to the Air Seychelles Business / First Class Lounge behind a set of obscured glass doors.

The Seychelles (SEZ) Mahe Salon Vallee De Mai lounge Business / First Class lounge provides access to passengers flying on Air Seychelles, British airways, Emirates, Qatar, Sri Lankan, Kenya, Ethiopian, Austral, Turkish, Condor, Austrian & Air France.

As you enter through the automatic, sliding glass doors you check-in at a large wooden reception desk to your right. For some reason they appears to have three uniformed sat at reception for a lounge that probably holds 50 passengers at maximum capacity.

To your left, a self service food & drink area with a centre island containing breads,toaster, jams, a hot food container with bacon / sausages and a bread board with some cake.

Seychelles business ba lounge

Around the perimeter another self serve area with drinks either soft or alcoholic. Under counter refrigerators holding more drinks with above coffee / Tea dispensing machines, cups & saucers, plates, cutlery & glasses.

Various cereals, pastries, milk, fruit & condiments along the countertop. Surrounding the kitchen area there were various chairs, tables for passengers to sit and eat.

Sez Mahe airport lounge

The rest of the Seychelles Business Class Lounge consists of different areas with seating, some with fabric armchairs, leather sofas and wooden chairs & tables.

Towards the rear of the lounge contained an area of armchairs, sofas and a large wall TV screen which sometimes departure / arrival information displayed.

Seychelles airport British airways lounge

The flooring is all wooden throughout the lounge with matching dark wood tones throughout, neutral wall coverings, window blinds & some planters to add to the jungle hut look.

One set of toilets serve the entire lounge, these were kept clean during our visit and smelled of citrus oils.

Seychelles airport business lounge

To the Centre area of the lounge contained two small areas of brightly colored yellow then grey armchairs and wooden tables. Supporting, decorative wooden beams appear to designate certain zones and beams on the ceiling all add to the ever familiar dark wood tones throughout.

To the perimeter of the lounge were Windows overlooking the runway. The most interesting thing i found to look at in this lounge was our plane, the British airways 787-9 Dreamliner parked awaiting loading.

Our review of the journey can be found here ->British Airways 787-9 Club World <-

Seychelles business ba lounge

All the tables & chairs were taken when we arrived in the lounge next to the Windows so we got to sit in the coloured armchairs in the middle.

To be honest, there is not a lot more to say about this lounge. I’ve added a few more pictures below before my round up and conclusions.

Conclusions / Recommendations

The Seychelles Mahe airport Business / First Class lounge in our opinion ticks the Boxes in the basic lounge category just like the lounge at Male Airport in the Maldives.

These types of lounges appear to have minimum amounts of Money invested in them and are almost appear an afterthought for Premium passengers. Why not invest and make the lounges something to remember when you leave your Paradise location rather than leave a negative impression of the beautiful location you’ve just visited?

Back to topic, this lounge provides the basics of food, drink and comfort whilst awaiting your departure flight. It appeared clean and tidy, food was limited but luckily we knew it would not be long until our airline would provide a proper meal.

It is nice to receive complimentary lounge access on our flights wherever we fly. I would not be happy paying for lounge access to this lounge and would not recommend it unless free to access.

This review is the shortest i have ever written, I hope you found something of interest here and found it informative if not a little negative (Sorry). 

Please feel free to leave a comment below of your experiences of the Seychelles lounge.

British Airways Lounge Heathrow 2019 Review

British Airways Lounge Heathrow 2019 Review

If your not already aware, British airways at Terminal 5, Heathrow airport has three BA Business Class lounges in total spanning across two buildings.

What’s most surprising is that many passengers flying Business class out of this Terminal mostly only know of two lounges based in building A, and not the in our opinion the best British airways lounge located in Building B.

Can I pay to use the BA lounge at Heathrow?

The eligibility of entry to any of the British airways lounges at Heathrow airport consists of passengers required to be flying on British Airways in Business class / First Class either in Long Haul Club World or Short Haul Club Europe. Passengers cannot pay cash to access any BA Lounge.

Can I access BA lounge if not flying BA?

Passengers not flying on any British Airways cabin class above will not be allowed entry to any lounge run by BA or other OneWorld alliance at Heathrow. Passengers cannot pay cash to access any BA Lounge.

Eligibility is also granted to these lounges if a passenger is flying on any OneWorld alliance aircraft in Business Class or hold either British airways Silver / Gold executive club status.

Entry to any of BA lounge’s throughout the world cannot be purchased like other lounges that you can either Pre buy your entry online or pay at the door to access.

Our Personal Experience’s of all the BA Business Class Lounges at Heathrow, Terminal 5

We cant stress enough in this game that research, research & more research is so important in order to make your journey as painless as possible and along the way hopefully add a bit of luxury & relaxation before you start your BA flight.

That is what we done before flying out of Terminal 5 and boy are we glad we did our research as we discovered a real Gem in the rough. we are talking an oasis of calm and tranquility with a touch of luxury in an otherwise extremely chaotic terminal 5 in only one BA lounge out of three located at T5.

Our BA Lounge Experience starts here…

BA Business Class Club 787

Ten months ago we our booked British airways, Club World Business Class flights departing from Heathrow Terminal 5 to the Seychelles.

Review Found by Clicking Link Below:

BA 787-9 Business Class Review

We had not flown out of London Heathrow Terminal 5 for many years now and always remembered our last experience of this terminal to be somewhat chaotic and extremely busy with passengers.

That’s is why its known as one of the busiest Terminals in the world.

Also, our last journey departing from T5 on British Airways consisted of us flying BA Premium Economy so we did not experience the pleasure of complementary BA Business class lounge access back then as you do with Club World.

We started our research way back last year on all the lounges we could access at Heathrow ,Terminal 5 with our Business Class eligibility.

Our research discovered that we could gain entry to three lounges spanning across two buildings at T5 (North & South).

Where is the British Airways Lounge in Heathrow?

Heathrow consists of many terminals but to find the British Airways Lounge in Heathrow T5 you need to pass through security then up the escalators in Building A, South. Then to locate the 2nd lounge travel to Building A, North. A third British Airways Lounge in T5 can be located in Building B, South.

With notes on the locations of all three British Airways Business Class lounges in our back pocket we started our lounge experiences in T5 Building A. 

British Airways Business Class Galleries Lounge Terminal 5 Building A, North

BA British airways business class galleries lounge terminal 5 heathrow

This was the first BA lounge on our list to access. After fast track security we arrived in Building A at Heathrow Terminal 5.

To locate the BA Galleries Business Class Lounge in Terminal 5 North, Building A you need to walk past most of the shops towards the lifts or escalators. We used the escalator on this occasion with signage depicting the location of the BA Business class Galleries lounge, North.

Travelling up the escalator to the BA Galleries Business Class lounge we viewed the famous Black Horse statue as a light on the landing level & a large model of a British airways aircraft before entering the Galleries Lounge. 

Arriving at the Check in area to the BA Galleries Business Class lounge, North we noticed two check in desks staffed by British airways personnel.

At this stage we noticed already many passengers queuing to access this lounge which should of acted as a warning sign to us already of what was to come!

Entry was swift with the scan of our boarding passes at check in, we ventured forward past the British airways separation panels obscuring the view of the main lounge entrance behind.

This is when the reality kicked in, this particular lounge is extremely busy probably due to we think it being the “Galleries Lounge” as the “Galleries” name is used for other British airways lounges throughout the world. Maybe people head for the Galleries lounge first out of the two located in Building A.

As you enter you can either turn left to a large seating zone with Windows surrounding the entire area. Immediately facing you as you enter a large magazine / newspaper rack with the toilets located behind.

To the right a self serve food & Drink area with a limited amount of cold & hot foods on offer, tea and coffee machines, refrigerators containing cold drinks and a counter top area containing water / wines on ice.

BA galleries club world T5 Heathrow lounge

We grabbed a glass of water and looked further down to the right from the food & drink area and for as far as the eye could see we viewed lots of seating areas but extremely busy with most Seats already taken.

This is unusual for us to experience such a busy lounge and to be honest it did not appeal to us so for the first time in our lives we decided to leave rather sharpish.

In our personal opinion an airport lounge should be somewhere to relax, grab a bite to eat and maybe enjoy a glass of wine / Champagne before a long flight. Not a place to fight for personal space and have to virtually to sit right on top of other people whilst feeling lucky to find something to eat and drink.

This is the reason why we stayed all of five minutes in this lounge, so onto the next Business Class Lounge in Building A.

Let’s hope the next lounge is much better, read on to find out…

British Airways Business Class Galleries Lounge Terminal 5 Building A, South

BA Business Lounge Terminal 5 south

To locate the British airways Business Class Lounge building A, South you make your way through security and once in the main terminal head up the escalators.

Once at the top of the escalators look to the right handside and you will see the entrance to the BA lounge.

After our previous experience in the BA lounge in Building A, North we were expecting a much improved lounge and facilities from British Airways. With anticipation growing we checked in at reception and with greater expectations we walked through into the main lounge area.

Then suddenly as the main walkway opened up our greatest fears once again grew quickly into reality. This cannot be true, what we viewed before us was even worse than the Galleries Lounge in Building A, North we had just come from. 

BA Business Lounge Terminal 5 south food area

This main self serve food and drink area was busy, dirty with food scraps observed on the floor and rammed with people sitting on bench style seating right next door.

The entire lounge spans across one side of the terminal with Windows to most sides. It is large with numerous areas of seating. All seating areas looked very crowded with hardly any spare seats left. We decided to not bother with queuing for any food or drinks and made our way to the left side of the lounge to more seating areas.

One positive we noticed about this lounge was the facilities to take a shower with an assistant available to provide clean towels. 

BA Business Lounge Terminal 5 south food area

The main seating areas consist of comfortable armchairs, leather tub chairs and sofas. Round tables and side tables some with sidelamps.

There was another area to serve yourself coffee, teas and beverages with a selection of pastries, biscuits etc. One seating area was separated by a wall of wine bottles, very similar In design as the BA Business Class Galleries Lounge at Gatwick airport – Review found here – BA Business Lounge Galleries North Gatwick.

We made our way to the only available seating area consisting of armchairs and sofas next to the windows overlooking the runways. We literally had to walk to the end of the lounge to find seating space on a sofa for two people. That was an indication of how many people were actually in this lounge on a Wednesday afternoon and not during any school term holidays or peak season.

We observed during our visit what looked to be atleast 200 passengers in this lounge at that given time. Once seated with a cup of tea we were greeted by a friendly member of staff handing out free mini tubs of ice cream which was greatly accepted in the hot atmosphere. After our tea and ice cream we decided to make a retreat and find our last lounge located at Building B.

We hoped and prayed the last lounge would be the Saviour of the day and finally allow us some time to sit back and relax before our 10 hour flight. We made our way out of the lounge and asked directions from the Check in staff to the British airways lounge in building B.

British Airways Business Class Galleries Lounge Terminal 5 Building B, South

British airways Business Class Galleries Lounge Terminal 5 Building B

To locate this BA Lounge you have to take the transit one stop from building A to building B or you can walk less than 10 minutes in the underground walkway which spans between both buildings.

We decided to try out the transit on this occasion and once departed we took the elevators up to the first floor where we finally found our last BA Business class lounge of the day. 

As we got to the top of the escalator we immediately noticed how quiet it was here. Where were all the other passengers gone we thought to ourselves?

It was so quiet in this lounge that the reception staff almost looked happy to see us.

Had we finally found our oasis of quiet and calm with a just a hint of luxury? 

The British airways Business Class Lounge located at Building B is what as known as the “Quiet Lounge” to frequent travellers with BA.

As we entered the lounge we could literally count the amount of passengers on two hands. Everything looked clean, orderly with all food items well stocked.

Comfortable seating areas were readily available and the views over parked up planes such as the Iconic British Airways 747 Jumbo made our time extremely interesting here watching 747’s taxing In and out.

We walked up and down the food & drink area, hot & cold foods on offer such as Thai Green curry, meatballs in tomato sauce, potatoes, Indian starters, vegetables, chips and lots more. The cleanliness of the food areas were impeccable and we observed staff constantly cleaning and sweeping & replenishing food trays.

Grabbing a small plate of Thai curry & Indian Starters and a good cup of Union Roast coffee we explored the other seating areas.

Quickly spotting a relaxing space in the corner almost like a booth of two armchairs & side tables overlooking the runway, we finally got to sit down to relax.

Over to our right, we noticed a large separate drinks area with bottles of water / wines & a large selection of spirits on offer. We did notice that no Champagne was out on display unlike the Galleries lounge at Gatwick.

I asked a member of staff and was served two glasses of champagne, delivered to our seating area with a smile.

BA Club World lounge champagne

We really cannot say enough how pleasant this particular lounge is towards the other BA lounges in Building A.

We counted approximately 30 x passengers during our two hour stay here, it really is a secret lounge in our opinion.

Maybe BA passengers cannot be bothered to travel to a separate building to experience another lounge or simply at not aware of the quiet lounge. That’s fine by us as this is our No.1 lounge of choice now out of Heathrow T5 and would prefer it to stay almost the secret lounge.

BA Club World lounge Terminal 5 Building B

I headed out to explore other areas of the Building B, lounge and discovered a Business area consisting of PC’s, printers and a large TV displaying World news.

Adjacent to the Business area another large seating area of sofas, armchairs and a very well stocked drinks area with a large stock of wines. 

BA business lounge Terminal 5 Building B

Even a separate area for kids to entertain themselves with game consoles, Televisions etc called the “Kids Zone”. Designed to give parents and other passengers some peace & quiet.

BA business lounge kids zone Terminal 5 Building B

A few more pictures of the BA Business lounge in Building B..

Our Conclusions / Recommendations on the British Airways Lounge at Heathrow.

After enduring the pain of two overcrowded, dirty and unpleasant British airways Business Class lounges at Heathrow, Terminal 5 we finally found one lounge which served all our requirements. 

All we ask for in a lounge is somewhere to sit in relative comfort and quiet. To relax and enjoy some nice Food and Drinks whilst awaiting our flight departure gate announcement.

Is this too much to ask of BA?

With Heathrow airport being BA’s home hub we expected more from them to be honest. Maybe more staff and facilities in the other two lounges would make the experience better.

Maybe it’s just the sheer amount of Business Class passengers flying out of Heathrow, T5 and two lounges being located in the same building leads to the oassenger overcrowding.

Building B, BA’s Business Lounge in our opinion winds hands down of all the three lounges on offer in T5.

In this lounge you can relax and take in all the wonderful views of the runway, grab a bite to eat and enjoy a good spirit or glass of Champagne or two before your flight.

Yes, Building B is not easy to find on foot, having to take the transit one stop maybe too much hassle for most passengers. But If you can be bothered to spend 5 minutes of your time to find a lounge which offers all you should receive before your flight we strongly recommend seeking out the British airways Business Lounge, Heathrow Terminal 5 located in Building B.

We hope you have found our Review interesting & informative.

We would love to hear your views and opinions on the BA Lounges at T5, please leave your opinions and comments below.


Tenerife South Lounge – Sala Montana Roja 2019 Review

Tenerife South Lounge Sala Montana Roja 2019 Review

Our Tenerife South Lounge Review – Sala Montana Roja VIP lounge based at the Tenerife South airport terminal. We cover in this article how to locate the lounge, the opening / Closing times, food & drink, access, Smoking Terrace, Quiet area, Runway views, Facilities & Prices. Only Business Class or Lounge Club / Payment passengers are permitted.

How to find the Lounge

Tfs lounge south location

To find the lounge at the Tenerife South airport terminal you make your way through security on the 1st floor, then turn left and travel through the Duty Free & shopping area.

Proceed through the main concourse passing the escalators / stairwells to the main boarding gates.

You then arrive at the lounge entrance.

TFS Lounge Opening & Closing Times

The lounge opening / closing times are:

Mon – 07:00 – 22.00

Tues & Sat – 07:00 – 23.00

Wed & Thurs – 07:00 – 21.00

Sun – 07:00 – 22.30 

Access Requirements / Restrictions / Eligibility 

Access requirements to the lounge includes eligibility by passengers flying by Business Class via one of the lounge partners such as British airways or any OneWorld alliance airline.

Passengers can also gain access by purchasing entry via one of the many Lounge Club membership schemes either as a one time entry or via a subscription.

Entry can also be purchased at the lounge reception for a price of €29.85 per adult, Children between the ages of 6-10 years old at a charge of €13.75 each. All children under 5 years old are free of charge to enter aslong as accompanied by a fee paying adult. 

Certain restrictions apply to all payment / business class customers, these include a restriction of permitted access for only 4 x hours limit per entry. If the customers airline departure is delayed for whatever reason, lounge access will be extended. 

Tenerife South Lounge Sala Montana Roja Review

TFS Lounge Tenerife south

The Sala Montana VIP Roja lounge is located in the South Terminal on the 1st floor at Santa Cruz de Tenerife airport and is the only lounge within this terminal.

The lounge consists of a total of 696 square meters of floor space with facilities / services on-site including a self-serve food & drink area, Smoking Terrace, Quiet areas, two separate seating areas, toilets, reception, computers, fax & telephones, Newspapers & Magazines, Air traffic information, Televisions & Free Wi-Fi access.

Reception area

Tenerife south Cruz lounge receptionTo locate reception you enter through a set of sliding glass doors and follow the curved walkway through to the reception desk.

The reception area was manned by one member of staff when we arrived. Our lounge access tickets were requested and checked to ensure eligibility to access the lounge. The staff on reception were professional, courteous and quick at processing our tickets.

On the reception desk we observed various information and literature about the lounge, the company that runs the facility and how to access the free Wi-Fi.

Food & Drink Self-Serve area

The food & drinks self-serve area is found at the rear, off reception and through an entrance off the main seating zone.

The area is fairly small with a large, serving table located in the centre. Around the perimeter of the room were various workspaces contain coffee & tea making facilities, toaster, microwave, cups & saucers & glassware. We found the catering size Nespresso Coffee capsule machine to provide good quality tasting coffee even though locating the capsules, a little difficult. A good selection of black & fruit flavoured teas were also on display.

Various refrigerators were located throughout the area containing items such as cellophane wrapped pre-made sandwiches & yogurt. From previous experience in other lounges we decided against the sandwiches as they tend to be dry & tasteless unless freshly made and on display.

We found a good selection of various drinks available, chilled in the refrigerators such as soft drinks, lager and white wine.

Food on display included cheeses, cooked meats, breads, jars full of dried fruits & nuts and various pastries, cakes & biscuits. The food on offer during our visit to this lounge, we found to be below average. I did notice a serving table with hot food trays but all were empty with apology notices placed on each section.

On a separate table as you leave the area we observed various Wines, spirits and soft drinks on display and an ice bucket (empty).

On this occasion we decided just to grab a few pastries and cup of coffee and look for the best seats in the house.

Seating areas

Main tfs lounge seating area

This lounge contains two seating zones, one main seating area next to reception & the toilets. This area consisted of various leather tub chairs & comfy sofas with the table containing newspapers & magazines.

Lots of Natural light floods into this area from the floor to ceiling Windows facing the runway. Marble effect floors and green planters throughout give this main area a relaxed feel.

Whilst the temperatures outside were reaching 75 degrees, the lounge was cool at all times by the air conditioning and a welcome break from the heat and terminal foot traffic outside.

The main seating area was about three-quarters full with passengers on our visit but still did not feel crowded, we found a comfy sofa to relax in and take in some sights. 

But wait, there’s another seating area…

Tenerife south airport British airways lounge

What we did not know at that time that behind the main seating area held another quieter, seating zone containing lots of chairs, sofas & coffee tables. I only discovered this “hidden jem” when I went to grab a magazine and saw a small entrance to another seating area behind a wall.

This other area was like an oasis of calm and quiet from the other side of the wall. We were the only customers within this area and it felt like having your own lounge to yourselves and were sure not many people know about this other area.

This other area consisted of approx 25 x leather armchairs / sofas plus some coffee tables plus an information display board on the wall also kept us up to date of our boarding gate.

Aena Tenerife south seating area

Within this area we also observed a few Personal Computers for customer use and baby chairs etc.

We decided to sit within an area slightly raised from the main seating above which held a few armchairs, tables and sofas facing the runway with some amazing views. The area felt relaxing and slightly surreal as we were the only people within an area which could easily hold up to 50 x passengers.

We certainly made the most of our time here with numerous cups of coffee, pastries and the odd glass of wine. The view from the floor to ceiling Windows from this area were outstanding. You get a 180 degree view of the runway observing parked aircraft and watching planes arrive and take off, all from the comfort of a leather sofa.

We watched our British airways A320 arrive on time from London Gatwick from our view from the lounge window, due to the short turnaround time of short-haul aircraft at TFS it was not long until our boarding gate displayed on the information board. 

TFS lounge view
TFS business class lounge window view of runway

Smoking Terrace area

Adjacent to both seating areas of the Tenerife South Lounge was an amazing looking area called the Smoking Terrace. This smoking area was encased in floor to ceiling glass panels with a few chairs and tables. 

Smoking In Tenerife are more tolerated in public areas than the United Kingdom we found during our trip. This became more apparent by the design of the smoking terrace as this area could easily hold up to 20 x people. We also noticed this area was a “Sun trap” so even non-smokers sat in the terrace taking in the last of sun before their departure.

The Smoking Terrace was only accessible through a glass door via the main seating area.

Tenerife South Lounge

Our Verdict / Recommendations

In our opinion the Tenerife South lounge – Sala Montana Roja VIP is a good benefit for passengers of business class flights as is provided free of charge and part of your business class flight package. We were entitled to free entry due to flying British airways Club Europe Business Class, review found here – BA Club Europe Review.

Yes, we have experienced far better lounges on our recent trips such as the BA Lounge at Gatwick South, review found here – BA Lounge Gatwick South, but just to be provided free entry to a lounge to get away from the crowds in the main terminal is always greatly appreciated.

The food servings could do with some improvements such as actually providing hot food at lunchtime or atleast provide some freshly made sandwiches rather than cellophane wrapped, chilled sandwiches. 

If you’re not a Business Class passenger and want to purchase entry to this lounge, we would recommend shopping around for the best price as going direct is not always the cheapest. Lounge Buddy has prices cheaper than going direct or consider purchasing either a one time entry to this lounge from Lounge Club or maximise your value if you fly frequently not in Business Class by purchasing a yearly lounge access subscription pass. We found a slightly better price by booking through expedia at £26.00 per adult, remember also you can collect expedia loyalty points and cashback from this purchase.

Overall, the lounge has a relaxing atmosphere with comfy leather armchairs & sofas with free alcoholic / soft drinks, food, snacks & unlimited tea / coffee.  The views of the runway through the floor to ceiling glass Windows are amazing and in general we would recommend the lounge to anyone.

If you do access this lounge, make sure you check out the other area behind the wall we discovered, you won’t be disappointed.

Have you ever visited to TFS Lounge, what did you think of this lounge as we would love to hear your thoughts or questions.

BA British Airways Gatwick Lounge 2019 Review

BA British Airways Gatwick Lounge 2019 Review

Our review from our most recent visit to the BA Lounge Gatwick South. Also known as the British airways Gatwick Lounge / Club Europe or BA Galleries Lounge in the South Terminal. We review the opening / closing times, how to find, food and drink, seating, eligibility, opening & closing times, Reception check-in, Mezzanine area, Business area & Bathrooms.

Does Gatwick have a BA lounge?

Gatwick airport does have a BA British Airways lounge based in the South Terminal. All British Airways passengers flying in either First or Business Class gain complimentary access to the BA Gatwick lounge. Also passengers flying on any OneWorld alliance airline in the same classes have access to this lounge.

Is there a BA first class lounge at Gatwick?

There is one BA British Airways First Class lounge based in the South Terminal immediately next door to the BA Business Class Lounge located on the first floor.

Can I use the British Airways lounge?

Passengers not flying on any British Airways cabin class above will not be allowed entry to any lounge run by BA or other OneWorld alliance. Eligibility is also granted to these lounges if a passenger is flying on any OneWorld alliance aircraft in Business Class or hold either British airways Silver / Gold executive club status.

Can you pay to get into British Airways lounge?

The eligibility of entry to any of the British airways lounges consists of passengers required to be flying on British Airways in Business class / First Class either in Long Haul Club World or Short Haul Club Europe. Passengers cannot pay cash to access any BA Lounge.

How to find the BA Lounge Gatwick South

After checking our luggage through the BA dedicated Business / First Class check-in zone, our review found here – BA Club Europe Review.

We made our way to the fast track security area, as usual on a Monday morning the general security zone was busy with long queues. We found the segregated lane for fast track customers on the left hand side. After a few, short minutes found our way through security and making our way to the lounge, well that was nice and easy…

To locate the British airways Gatwick South Lounge, you travel from security by turning left, then make your way through the Duty Free shopping zone to where you find yourselves in the main, ground floor concourse. Turn left and take the escalator to the first floor.

Gatwick south escalator to BA Lounge
Escalators to the First Floor

Once you’re at the top of the escalator, turn immediately left and you will see an entrance next to the JD Sports shop. Large directional signage above the entrance states “Lounges” including British Airways, Clubrooms and the No.1 lounges. 

Gatwick south lounge entrance

Travel down the corridor, either take the stairs or elevator up one floor where you enter an area facing towards the British Airways Lounge Reception desk. On route you will also see the entrance doors to the No.1 lounge which can be accessed by purchasing a ticket either online or at the reception desk to access the No.1 lounge.

At the BA Gatwick Lounge Reception desk, to the left First Class passengers can enter the First Class Lounge. To the right, passengers enter the Business Club Galleries lounge.

BA Gatwick South Club Lounge Reception desk

When we approached the reception desk we were greeted by a very friendly BA staff member who checked our tickets and gave us some helpful advise on our flight times and distance to our boarding gate. 

We entered the Club Lounge through a set of large, floor to ceiling glass doors to our right hand side. 

BA Lounge Gatwick South Opening TImes

The BA Galleries Club Lounge is open everyday of the week, Opening / Closing times are below:

Mon – 05.15 to 20.30  Tue – 05.15 to 19.30  Wed – 05.15 to 19.30

Thurs – 05.15 to 20.30  Fri – 05.15 to 19.30  Sat – 05.00 to 20.30

Sun – 05.00 to 21.00

Eligibility to Access the BA Gatwick South Club Lounge

Can I pay to use the BA lounge at Gatwick?

Unfortunately No. The British airways Lounge at Gatwick is only accessible to passengers flying on a scheduled British Airways flight in either First Class, Business Class long haul Club World or Business Class within Europe otherwise known as Club Europe.

You can also gain access to the lounge if you are a Silver / Gold Member of the British airways executive club or equivalent Status from any of the BA alliance partners on a scheduled flight operated by British Airways or a oneworld  partner.

All passengers must be over the age of 18 years, or if under 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

The BA Galleries Business Class South Lounge

Even though this is our second time in the last twelve months, every time we enter through those Glass doors we are simply taken back by the sheer size of this lounge. It really does have the “Wow” factor and our eyeline are always drawn to the far distance down the main entrance walkway where you can just make out the Panoramic Windows at the end of the lounge.

As you travel down the walkway to your left you view a section of comfy, leather armchairs separated by an impressive large, glass wall of wine. The colours within this section are contemporary with blacks, reds and greys on neutral backgrounds. The lighting is lower in this area and provides a relaxing feel with only side lamps and some ceiling recessed illumination.

In fact, this new BA Lounge has 469 seats in total and is over 40% bigger than the old BA Business Class Lounge it replaced when it was situated in the Gatwick North Terminal.

Gatwick lounge wall of wine

This first area is a very quiet, relaxing zone with many free newspapers & magazines to read and welcome if you need to catch up on some work, meetings or simply relaxing before in quiet before your flight.

To the right hand side of the walkway, they have recessed sections containing a bench style table and chairs. There are many of these sections so always one available if you fancy some privacy.

As you travel further on, you then enter into the main lounge area containing more tables and chairs.

Gatwick South business lounge chairs

Food & Drink Selection

The drink selection at this lounge is quite extensive with a well stocked self-serve area of various Wines & Spirits. There a few under counter refrigerators holding cans of lager, soft drinks and bottles of water, snacks etc.

Within the food & drinks area, there is also a large island which holds a large amount of bottled still & sparkling water, fresh orange juice, ice and a number of bottles of Champagne. 

We enjoyed many a great cup of hand roasted Union coffee with the bean to cup coffee machines and the odd cup of Twining tea.

BA Club Lounge Gatwick South Bar area

The food self-serve area is located at the end of the drinks section. With a selection of hot & cold food depending on the particular time of day, the food area is usually always well stocked from our experience.

Due to our arrival at the lounge in the morning, we observed a selection of pastries such as Croissants, pain au chocolate, pain au raisin etc. Also bread, rolls, cereals, yogurt, fresh fruits. Hot food including egg & bacon mini rolls at breakfast. 

Other selections are brought out by staff from the kitchens such as cold meats, salads, dressings etc.

Gatwick British Airways south lounge food area

The British Airways Garwick Lounge Facilities & Runway Views

The food & drink area sits in the middle of the BA lounge floor space with a mezzanine area above. The walkways travel in either direction around and through the food & drink zone. Turn left and you enter a perimeter seating area running the entire length of the lounge.

Floor to ceiling glass windows encase the perimeter wall providing some amazing views of the runways. From this angle you can sit in a comfy, leather armchair enjoying a glass of Champagne whilst admiring the view of taxiing planes.

Club Europe lounge gatwick

Upstairs Mezzanine area

Galleries Club mezzanine Upstairs on top of the ground floor food & drinks zone we discovered a mezzanine area. Following one of the two staircases up to this level it was like entering a calm oasis in a busy lounge area. 

The facilities upstairs include another refreshments area Including the same bean to cup instant Coffee machines using union roast coffee. Twining tea, fresh fruits, biscuits and hot water dispensers. The area is also well stocked with still and sparking large bottles of water.

The same style comfy leather armchairs, sofas and coffee tables. Scattered throughout was observed many round tables and chairs for two people. Flat screen TV’s displaying live news and flight information keep passengers updated.

We found this area had a calming influence on us, we were not sure if many people knew of this area as we were visiting on a Monday morning whilst the ground floor busy, hardly anybody was seen upstairs.

Upstairs mezzanine area club lounge gatwick

Business Work area

We found a business work area with various facilities to enable anyone to work in quiet. Facilities and equipment supplied included a printer, Computers and worktops.

Families Entertainment Kids Zone

Families can keep their children entertained within an area called the “Kidszone” in the Lounge.This area contains chairs, various children’s entertainment including a table football game and X-boxes with large display screens. 

Showers & Toilets

We only took a quick peek inside the shower area during our stay. It all looked clean, modern and functional. The shower area also supplied a hairdryer, hand and body wash, moisturiser, shampoo, shaver sockets and a toilet.

BA Galleries Gatwick bathroom

The toilet areas were large, with cubicles, urinals for men and long mirrors with marble worktops with wash hand basins. The areas looked and felt clean and well stocked including luxury Elemis hand wash and moisturiser hand creams.

Our Personal Verdict / Opinion on the BA Gatwick Lounge

This is one of our personal favourite lounges in the UK. As soon as we enter, we always get the feeling of space with modern decor, great facilities and extremely comfortable armchairs to sit back and relax in.

The entire space has many areas to escape from the main, ground floor busy zones. With quality Spirits, Wines, Champagne and hand roasted coffee on tap, you never have a glass or cup empty here.

Mornings are busy from our experience so be prepared. Late mornings through to the evening are always pleasurable and less crowded. We found a Sunday afternoon to be very quiet.

The food is good but could be slightly better in our opinion as the selections on display are fairly limited. The staff there always very polite and couldn’t do more for you from our experience.

Remember that this lounge is not accessible unless you’re flying BA Business or equivalent on any Oneworld partner and you cannot pay to access this lounge. You can however access the lounge if you’re a British airways executive Silver or above status member or equivalent oneworld partner.

I will never get bored with the Runway views in here, they are great and you almost get a 180 degree view of the runways through the lounge windows.

I can’t think of any better way to await our departure by sitting in a relaxing lounge in a comfy armchair with a glass of Champagne in hand watching planes arrive & take off. 

BA Club Lounge Runway views
BA Club Lounge Gatwick views

We would love to hear your experience of the British Airways Gatwick South Lounge or if you have any questions please leave a comment below.

Conrad Maldives Seaplane Male Lounge 2019 Review

Conrad Maldives Seaplane Male Lounge 2019 Review

All customers staying at the Conrad Maldives Rangali Island get complimentary access to the amazing Conrad Lounge before departing the Seaplane Port located at Male Airport.

Arriving at the Conrad Maldives Seaplane Lounge

After a long but direct flight to Male airport from London Gatwick on British Airways in Club World – Review found here > British airway club world Review , we finally arrived feeling a little tired but in good spirits as we were in the Maldives. 

After exiting the arrivals hall we were met by a Conrad Host who escorted us to the Transmaldivian reception desk. All Passengers travelling to Rangali island using the Seaplane transfer option need to be checked in first at Reception.

Conrad Maldives lounge
Conrad Male Lounge Transfer Vehicle

After about 5 x minutes we were greeted by our driver and shown the air-conditioned taxi used for transferring passengers to the Male Airport Conrad Lounge. We were driven to the lounge which took approximately 10 x minutes which appeared via roads around the perimeter of Male airport. 

As we arrived at the Conrad Lounge building, it looked very impressive externally. The Lounge building is set amongst lush greenery with flower beds surrounding the pathways. The building is two levels high with the 1st floor used mainly for staff but we be live there is a room with computers for guests to use.

As we arrived, we were warmly greeted by the reception staff on the ground floor. A flurry of activity from the Reception staff suddenly started with our luggage being stored away while we stayed in the Lounge. We were quickly shown where the toilets / shower rooms were located, the food and refreshments on display and the complimentary neck & shoulder massage room. 

Conrad Maldives Lounge Opening / Closing Times

The Conrad lounge is open everyday to guests staying at Rangali Island from 7am to 5pm.

Guests returning to Male airport from the Conrad Rangali island do not now receive complimentary access to the lounge anymore, only complimentary access on arrival and departing to the resort.

Guests arriving fro 5pm to 11pm have to pay $85 per adult, $42.50 per child under 12 with these prices attracting an additional 10% service charge as standard on most Rangali Island charges.

The lounge also allows returning guests from Rangali Island to gain access to the lounge for a charge of $85.00 per adult, $42.50 per child from 7am to 5pm everyday. This access needs to be prebooked with Conrad Maldives reception and added to your final bill before checking out.

The Food & Refreshments Area

Conrad lounge Maldives lounge food and drinks
Conrad lounge Maldives food and drinks

As we entered the main lounge area, to the right was a walkway which led round to an area containing the food and refreshments self-serve zone. There were a few buffet style food containers containing some hot eggs and bacon, cooked tomatoes. The table also contained sandwiches, toast, pancakes and sauces.

Behind this area were a few refrigerators containing a wide selection of soft drinks, water etc. You can also serve yourself to Coffee and Tea at the table. We did see one staff member refilling various containers with fresh food during our stay.

With a few light bites and a cup of coffee, we made our way into the main lounge area to relax.

Conrad lounge male
Conrad Male Lounge main area

The main Conrad Lounge area contained many large, leather-bound chairs with similar glass covered coffee tables located In front. We got the instant impression of luxury with the leather chairs and coffee tables throughout. The Lounge is light and airy with a feeling of Privacy with large proportions, we were among 10 x other travellers in the Lounge but we never felt at any point were on top of anyone else. 

The decor is simple but sophisticated with neutral tones throughout and a few bold colours thrown in with cushions, pictures and greenery. Large flat screen televisions are situated throughout the lounge displaying promotional Conrad videos and the occasional interlude of Mauritian weather forecasts.

Complementary Neck & Shoulder Massage

To the right of the lounge area we observed a room separated off from the main lounge. We observed a masseur providing a customer a complimentary neck & shoulder massage on a large leather massage chair. It appears the massage lasted approximately 15 x minutes and each guest who left looked very happy. I decided to take up the offer myself, to receive a free neck & shoulder massage after a long flight was very much-needed and much appreciated. The experience left me feeling relaxed and reinvigorated, the masseur provided me a voucher to money off a full massage at the Rangali resort.

The entire lounge is served by a free wi-fi service, we sat down with a coffee and logged on to catch up. 

Conrad MLE lounge seaplane views
Conrad Maldives male lounge seaplane view

At the end of the main lounge area we discovered a door which lead out onto a balcony walkway. As soon as we stepped out we were immediately hit by the hot, maldives midday sun. Along the balcony area were the most comfortable, leather Loungers to sit, relax and take in the views.

In the near distance we could view a large expanse of water with wooden jetty and walkways to the Transmaldivian Seaplanes awaiting departure. It was exciting to sit and watch various Seaplanes arrive and depart from the port in our view. At the time of our Conrad Maldives Lounge experience there appeared to be various construction works happening in and around the airport. We believe that Male airport is currently under an expansion programme.

Showers / Toilets 

Conrad Maldives lounge showers
Conrad Maldives Lounge showers

The bathroom areas were very impressive with floor to ceiling tiles, wooden furniture with wash hand basins with luxurious toiletries. Also within this area was a rainfall shower which I would imagine feels fantastic to freshen up after a long flight. We used this area to get change into our T-Shirts, shorts and flip-flops.

Entrance to Conrad Lounge male
Conrad Maldives male airport Lounge entrance

After about 45 x minutes of being in the Lounge, we were advised our Seaplane was now ready for us. A Conrad Member of staff handed us both a tote bag full of water, information on our stay and earplugs for use on the Seaplane. Our luggage was collected and transported to the transfer bus to the Seaplane Port.

The Seaplane Port is literally 3 x minutes on the mini bus, we could see the Port from the balcony area in the lounge and we thought this was a little over the top to make a transfer which is just around the corner. It took longer for everyone to board the bus, than it took in journey time. 

Conrad min bus transfer
Mini bus transfer to seaplane port

Verdict / Tips

The Conrad Maldives Male airport Lounge introduced us to the luxury that Conrad provide all its customers visiting Rangali Island. From the moment we exited the arrivals hall, we were looked after extremely well by the Conrad staff. The air-conditioned Conrad branded Taxi was an impressive start to the journey to how we were greeted by the Conrad staff at the lounge, we really could not fault the service in any way. 

The Lounge itself is impressive with a feeling of space, luxury furniture and facilities. To receive a complimentary neck & shoulder massage was a great bonus after a long trip. We could not fault the lounge and service in any way and we highly recommend the Conrad Lounge to anyone.

We believe that Conrad now charge customers of Rangali Island to access the lounge on your Return to Male airport. The charge is $80 and the lounge does close at 10pm every night so if your on a late departure, you would need to exit the lounge and be transferred back to the main Male airport departure terminal.

Why not read our Review on the Transmaldivian Seaplane Flights to Conrad Maldives Rangali Island by clicking here > Maldives Seaplane Transfer