British Airways Club World vs Premium Economy 2019

British Airways Club World vs Premium Economy 2019 Review

Today, we tackle one of the most commonly asked questions by flyers and attempt to cover all the facts on British Airways Club World Business Class vs BA Premium Economy in our Review in 2019.

Discover the difference’s here between BA Club World Business Class & Premium Economy. We cover in our Review below the difference in Seats, Dining , Lounge Access, Priority Boarding, Drinks, Amenity kits, In-flight Entertainment & Costs in 2019 between the two cabin classes.

British airways club world seat
British airways New Club World Seat A350

British Airways Club World 2019 Review

BA announced to the Media in 2019 that a new Club World Business Class Suite was due to be launched on the brand new A350 aircraft. This was welcome news to frequent flyers as most Business Class cabins had not been updated for many years now.

However, before you get too excited looking at this beautiful new BA Club World offering, bear in mind this seat is currently only installed on the A350 aircraft. Depending on what route your flying, you may be very lucky to have the pleasure of experiencing the new Club Suite.

The downsides are only a few aircraft at present have this new Business Class Suite product installed so your more likely to experience one of the older Club World seats below which are still excellent in our opinion.

BA Club World Seats

BA Club World Seat A380 above & 777 Below.

BA Club World Seats 777 2019 Review

British Airways Club World Business Class Seats

All Business Class Club World seats offer the facility to lie fully-flat making a fully horizontal bed for all passengers.

Seating in CW are positioned in a few different layouts depending on the aircraft. Some are positioned in a 2-4-2 layout where you receive 2 seats on the outside of the aisle next to the windows, then 4 seats in the middle and then a repeat of the 2 outside aisle seats next to the windows on the opposite side.

Business class seats are also positioned so one seat faces backwards whilst the accompanying seat faces forwards. In the middles seats the outside seats can face forwards and the middle pair face backwards.

On the newer 787-9 aircraft Business Class consists of 2 outer seats and 3 middle seats with one facing the opposite direction.

Alongside offering you a fully lie-flat bed seat, you receive a Branded pillow, White Company bedding including a mattress topper and a luxurious super soft blanket. By placing the mattress topper down on the seat when flat, we found this to be comfortable enough to get a decent nights sleep.

We also discovered that the White Company bedding blanket supplied was adequate to keep us warm when the aircraft became cold especially on overnight flights.

British Airways Club World Business Class vs BA Premium Economy

To enable a seamless bed sleep experience, you need to utilise the retractable footstool so when both the seat are fully engaged in the horizontal position and the footstool is horizontal, these both provide a flat bed platform which is long enough for most people even at 6ft or 183cm.

The seat pitch of all British Airways Club World Seats are an average of 52″ long, add the footstool when in the horizontal position to the end of the flat seat adds another 20″ of length for a combined seat length of 72″ in total.

Complimentary Lounge Access

BA Business Lounge Access 2019

All BA Business Class passengers receive complimentary access to BA Lounges or OneWorld alliance lounges throughout the World. From experience we have found the lounges on offer out of London to be a good standard offering free food & Drinks in a relaxing atmosphere.

However, lounges in other countries run by OneWorld alliance partner airlines can be a hit or miss affair. To receive complimentary access to lounges is certainly a great benefit both outbound / Inbound.

Business Class Priority Boarding

Club World priority boarding
Club World Priority Boarding

All Business Class Passengers receive priority boarding. Depending on your ticket class you will be requested to start to board the plane before Premium Economy & Economy passengers but after First Class passengers if that cabin is installed on your flight.

We always find Priority Boarding a nice feature as you enter the plane with a limited number of passengers enabling you enough time to accustom yourselves to your cabin and be seated before the main bulk of passengers enter the aircraft.

Dedicated Business Class Check-In Zones

BA Club World check in 2019

British airways Business Class passengers receive access to dedicated check-in zones at all airports in the world which speed up your journey through the airport to security.

Your luggage will be attached with a Bright Orange luggage label stipulating the luggage is priority and your luggage is sorted and returned to you faster at your destinations.

BA Club World Business Class Checked Baggage allowance

All Adult Passengers of British airways Club World receive a generous baggage allowance of 2 x 32kg checked in luggage per person.

Business Class Hand Baggage allowance

All Club world customers are allowed one piece of hand luggage and one small additional item such as a handbag or laptop on board, both items can weigh up to 23kg each.

Business Class Fast Track Security

After dropping your luggage off at the dedicated check-in zone, you head your way to the fast track security zone which is also part of your package if you fly Club World.

Fast track security at all airports is definitely a benefit in our opinion. Usually you would queue up for between 5 – 10 minutes in long queues at normal security but with Fast Track security you have dedicated areas just for business class passenger speeding up the process.

BA Club World Seat Facilities

Retractable Tray Table 

BA Club World tray

Not only do you receive a very spacious 52″ long seat pitch with a Club World Seat, you also receive the following facilities within your Business Class seating area.

Fully retractable & collapsible tray which stows away sideways when not in use. This retractable tray folds out sideways providing enough space to hold a dining plate, side plate, bread basket and drink comfortably. The retractable tray is also large enough for all Business passengers to catch up on work during the flight with enough space to adequately hold a large laptop and most associated extras.

In-Flight Entertainment System

BA Club World ife

Most British Airways Club World Seats have now been updated to receive the latest In-Flight Entertainment systems on board. The latest updated IFE systems incorporate touch screen controls with a large library of either movies, documentaries, music, audible books, games and episodes from the most popular series. 

The IFE systems can also be controlled from a wired controller which is housed when not in use next to your seat as per the picture below. The controller is beneficial when wanting to play the installed games.

We also experienced recently an upgraded version of your real time flight mapper which displayed in 3D your route, your exact location in the world and views from the rear of the plane.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

BA Club World noise cancelling headphones

Business Class Long Haul cabins also supply good quality noise cancelling headphones to all passengers. These are hard wired at present but passengers will expect Bluetooth connectivity in the near future. 

Noise cancelling headphones on a long haul flights are essential to drown out the background noise from the engines and to emerge yourself in a good movie when on a long flight.

White Company Amenity Kits

BA Club World white company amenity kit

The White Company Amenity kits are upgraded from the old style Elemis shoebag style amenity kits previously offered.

The new amenity kits come in a leather effect small, zipped bag in black containing comfy flight socks, eye make, white company small moisturizers and lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste.

Overall this new amenity kit is better than the previous elemis kit and slightly better quality.

Club World Business Class Dining & Complimentary Drinks

Club World dining options in the past have come in for some heavy criticism from fare paying passengers. From tough, jaw breaking steak offerings to bland chicken dishes.

What is a pleasure to review were the most recent 2019 Do & Co updated dining menus featured on our last flight.

BA have “upped their game”, listening to passenger complaints of the Business Class Dining options and introducing new menus on board.

Firstly, all Club World passengers receive a menu to choose from a varied selection of starters, mains, desserts and drinks. These Menu’s are made from thickened paper and fold open to display all options available. These menus make the experience of dining special as it feels like your ordering food in a restaurant. 

Club World Dining menu
Club World Dining menus

Passengers can experience a full three course dining experience with either Alcohol or non alcoholic drinks to accompany each serving. Complimentary Twinings Tea and Union roast coffee are also served and a bread roll of choice with either Butter or olive oil.

As an example, on our last flight a few months ago we opted for Sea Trout as our mains as below and a delicious Seafood starter.


On this occasion we opted for the delicious Cheese board consisting of various award win in English cheeses, grapes, dried Figs and quality crackers to accompany.

My wife opted for a Chocolate pudding on this occasion which included a sponge centre.

BA Business Class 777 dining

Club Kitchen Facility

BA Club kitchen 2019

Business Class passengers also receive access to the Club Kitchen facility. This Comprises of a dedicated area which holds refrigerators full of soft drinks, water & wines. Above there are also storage areas which hold baskets full of Chocolate, Crisps and sandwiches on occasion. 

We found the Club Kitchen to be a useful addition to the service enabling us to grab a snack I feeling peckish on a long flight.

Club World Cabins

BA 787 9 CW cabin

Most of all the British Airways Business Class cabins have had an update / refresh recently. On the newly refreshed CW cabins you will experience mood lighting which softly illuminates the ceiling lines. Seat panels, trays, Sid panels, window lights and segregation walls have all been replaced with new and classy looking colour schemes and corporate logos. 

This refresh provides customers a feeling of a classic British look with neutral colour palettes  and clean lines.

BA Club World Cabin Crew Service

BA cabin crew

Business Class Cabins all receive a number of dedicated cabin crew on-board. For our most recent flight we noticed atleast four dedicated cabin crew members serving passengers in CW.

In our experiences you can receive either a very good cabin crew experience or not. On some flights an excellent service and other flights not so good. On average we experience a fast and polite service which is above average.

British Airways Club World Q & A’s

What does club world mean on British Airways / What is BA Club World?

BA Club World on British Airways is the official name for its Long Haul Business Class Service. Including an extra passenger experience you will receive extra luggage allowance, dedicated check-in zones, Fast Track security, Lounge access, Priority boarding, Lie-Flat seats, Three Course dining, snacks, Complimentary Tea & Coffee and alcohol.

Is British Airways Club World same as business class?

Club World is British Airways Business Class Service on all long haul routes in the world offered to premium passengers. 

What is a Club World seat on British Airways?

Passengers flying BA Business Class Club World will receive on every flight a fully Lie-Flat seat. This seat measures 183cm long and when used inconjunction with the footstool makes a fully horizontal bed seat.

Does BA give free food?

BA supplies all Premium class passengers such as Club World or Premium Economy ticketed fares free food & refreshments. Economy passengers may find that some food and drinks are payable. Business Class passengers will be offered a three course meal at least twice per flight & additional snacks.

What is the difference between BA Club World and First Class?

First Class passengers on BA receive First Class lounge access, extra luggage allowances of 3 x 32kg. Dedicated First class cabins including a larger seat and personal space. A finer Dining experience than Club World including afternoon tea on some routes.

British Airways Premium Economy 

BA Premium Economy vs Business Class review

To introduce BA Premium Economy to any flyers not familiar with the product, we will start with what you do receive in Premium Economy incomparison to Club World. 

BA Premium Economy Seats

BA Premium Economy seats

The Seats in Premium Economy are slightly wider than in Economy but narrower than in Business Class.

The seat is officially 18.5 inch wide, all seats are Reclinable with a footrest and do offer better comfort than Economy when trying to sleep but not fully lie-flat bed seats as in Business Class and do not offer the same level of comfort.

You do get a Blanket & Cushion, Noise cancelling headphones, In-flight entertainment system & a very basic Amenity bag containing an eye mask, toothbrush, toothpaste, Flight socks and earplugs.

The seating layout consists of two outer pair next to the windows, a set of 4 seats in the middle and the same 2 seat outer pair. One bonus in Premium Economy are that all seats face forwards and not some facing backwards like in Business Class.

Premium Economy Dining & Drinks

BA Premium Economy Dining 2019
BA Premium Economy Dining 2019

You do get as standard two meals and complimentary drinks on board. The in-Flight dining options have been improved In 2019 so you do receive a good standard meal and drink. You may receive atleast on snack also during long haul flights and complimentary drinks.

You do receive complimentary sparkling wine, spirits and soft drinks offered throughout our flight duration.

In-Flight Entertainment

The IFE Flat screens are located in the rear of the seat in front of you or if located at the front of the cabin, a swivel, movable small screen attached to the side of your seat. All Premium Economy IFE holds a similar entertainment package as in Club World but not to the same standard.

Cabin Crew Service

BA Premium cabin crew 2019

As in all cabins, you will receive dedicated cabin crew in Premium Economy but some crew are also distributed to assist in other cabins on the same flight.

Checked Baggage allowance

BA Premium baggage allowance 2019

All adults are allowed up to two checked luggage items each in this Cabin class. The allowance per bag is 23kg each bag, per person. This same allowance also applies to children aged between 2 -12 years old.

Hand Baggage allowance

The smaller hand baggage item must not exceed 30cm in height by 40cm in width and not exceed 25cm in-depth. This hand baggage item must be stored under the seat in front of you.

Priority Boarding

BA Premium Economy priority boarding 2019

BA Premium Economy passengers do receive priority boarding before Economy, however you have to wait until all passengers in Club World / First Class have boarded first before your cabin class is called up and you can begin boarding the plane.

British Airways vs Premium Economy Comparisons

Using all the information above on both cabin classes, we will now set out the real differences as a comparison.

With Premium Economy as a comparison towards Club World Business Class you will not receive the following extras included.

  • No Dedicated Check-In Zones
  • No Fast Track Security access 
  • No Complimentary Lounge access
  • No Lie-Flat Seats
  • No White Company Amenity Kits
  • No additional meal services and additional free Alcohol including Champagne 
  • No Priority departure off the aircraft at your destination.

Dedicated Check-in zones are a nice feature as you queue up in a less busy environment rather than waiting in lines with the hundreds of Economy passengers. Average time saving approx 15 minutes.

(You cannot purchase dedicated check in)

Fast Track Security is another nice to have feature and probably saves on average 10 minutes.

(You can purchase fast track security at most airports, prices start at £5.00 per passenger, each way)

Complimentary Lounge access is a definite plus. To be able to relax in an environment away from the busy crowds in the main terminals whilst enjoying free alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, Tea & Coffee. Receive complimentary food & snacks whilst reading a free newspaper or magazine whilst sitting in a comfy ranch overlooking the runway.

You can purchase lounge access at most airports but you cannot pay to access any British Airways Lounges or Lounges run by any OneWorld alliance airline.

(Pay per entry lounges can start at £25.00 per passenger, each way).

No Lie-Flat Bed Seats & Additional Seat Facilities 

We cannot put a cost associated with the difference in seats. Costs associated with a lie-flat bed seat towards a seat that just reclines is personal to the passenger.

Also in Business Class if your seated next to the window, you almost have your own pod of personal space and extremely private. Club World seats also enjoy a much larger personal area of space towards Premium Economy.

Additional Improved meal services and additional free Alcohol including Champagne 

In Business Class you do receive atleast Two 3 Course Premium Dining options per flight and a snack. All Club World dining is served up on Bone China Crockery using Branded Cutlery, drinks served in glassware & China cups.

Free Champagne, good quality Wines & Spirits & extra premium meals will result in an additional cost associated. 

Priority Departure off the Aircraft at your Destination

Priority departure off the Aircraft at your destination is a nice benefit but once again we cannot put a cost associated with this benefit.

No White Company Amenity Kits

The White Company Amenity kit does include items you generally receive in Premium Economy like an eye mask. A few extras like small mositurisers etc Included in the amenity kit would only incur a small additional cost associated.

British Airways Club World vs Premium Economy Cost Difference

As you can expect, there will always be a substantial difference in costs between Business Class & Premium Economy Cabin class. Below we have attached a copy of a Cost Comparison between the two different Cabin classes.

Premium Economy – £718.00 Per Person, One Way. 

Business Class – £1148.00 Per Person, One Way. 

Difference in Cost – £430.00 or 37% Cost increase to fly Business Class.

Its a personal decision if you feel paying an extra £430.00 per person, each way to upgrade to Club World now you have seen the differences between the two cabins.

As an honest opinion, since flying BA Business Class, we would not want to fly in Premium Economy if we had the choice ever again. 

We agree the cost differences can seem excessive at 37% extra but to us this increase is well worth it for the extra comfort, service, meals, drinks & Lounge access. 

Upgrade from Premium Economy to Business Class Cheaper

By utilising a simple Tip using a Credit card Sign up bonus, we can show you how to earn enough avios points to upgrade to Club World for under £100 in Taxes.

American Express offer all new applicants to their Free Gold Rewards Card a very lucrative 12,000 Avios Points when you spend £3000 In three months.

If you look at the example of the amount of avios required to upgrade from Premium Economy to Business Class long haul below, you will see on this route it only requires 20,000 avios points to upgrade.

BA upgrade 2019

The example above uses a higher category long haul route but upgrades can be bagged for 15,000 avios points, check out the chart below.

Avios redemption chart 2019

If you take out the American Express Gold Rewards Card via this sign up link below:

 Amex Gold Rewards Card Extra Bonus Sign Up 

You will receive an extra 2000 avios points, so 12,000 points instead of 10,000.

Spend the required £3000 in the first 3 Months and you will earn 15,000 avios points enough for that amazing upgrade to Club World.

Amex Gold referral bonus 2019

We hope you have found this article interesting and helpful. If you would like to ask any questions or leave a comment, please do so below.

British Airways BA Premium Economy 777 2019 Review

British Airways BA Premium Economy 777 2019 Review

Recently we flew on British Airways in Premium Economy and our Review here covers the Boeing 777 Gatwick to Mauritius, Non-Stop flight.

Our Full Review below covers in-depth the facilities onboard the BA World Traveller Plus Cabin Including the Seats, Dining, Service, Cost, Priority Boarding, Extra Luggage Allowance etc.

We also set out to cover in our review for you today, answers to questions regularly asked of us such as:

What does premium economy mean on British Airways?

What is the difference between economy and premium economy?

Are premium economy seats worth it & How much more expensive is BA premium economy?

Our BA World Traveller Plus Flight Review Introduction 

BA Premium Economy is just one of the featured cabins flown on the non-stop flight from London Gatwick (LGW) to Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (MRU) in Mauritius in the Indian ocean.

The Boeing 777 is one of most widely used aircraft by British airways across the world today. Chances are, if your flying on BA in World Traveller Plus, you will be Flying on the 777.

British airways fly three times a week from LGW to MRU from March to November, the days BA fly at this time of the year are Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays. The frequency increases to five times a week from November to March and they fly on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturday and Sundays.

Our flight duration on this route was approx 11 hours, 50 minutes and covers from London Gatwick to Mauritius Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Intl airport in Nautical Miles – 6,045.

BA Premium Economy 777 flight map
BA World Traveller Plus Boeing 777 flight map

The aircraft British Airways regularly fly on this route are the Boeing 777-200 which comprises of World Traveller (Economy) with 203 seats, World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) with 24 Reclining seats & Club World (Business) with 48 flat beds.

BA Premium Economy 777

BA World Traveller Plus – Our Opinion

This was our very first time we had flown in BA Premium Economy class.

We had paid our Travel Agent an extra £498 each to upgrade from World Traveller (Economy) to cover our outbound & inbound flights.

We had only ever flown World Traveller (Economy) in the past but in Economy you sort of know what to expect, you have no real high expectations, cheap & cheerful,  No Frills…

This upgraded cabin was high on our wish list and high in our expectations!

What does premium economy mean on British Airways?

British airways Premium Economy is the next Upgraded Cabin from Economy. You do not receive Lounge access however you do get Priority boarding, a slightly larger, reclinable seat with a footrest and a larger, flat screen IFE system.

Also, an improved dining experience, an extra meal & complimentary drinks & snacks.

What is the difference between economy and premium economy?

The difference between British airways Premium Economy & Economy Class are the improved wider Reclinable seats, the priority boarding, the extras such as improved meals, a larger baggage allowance consisting of 2 x 32kg per passenger, noise cancelling headphones, laptop power supplies and a more, Intimate cabin experience.

Are premium economy seats worth it?

Yes, you receive a wider, more luxurious seat with a larger pitch, footrest, headrest and a better recline including improved ergonomics. Movable armrests allow more movement & the improved recline / headrest allow enough comfort to be able to sleep. Seat Power sockets are also installed suitable for laptops and other electronic devices for your entertainment.

How much more expensive is premium economy?

Premium Economy can cost as much as 60% – 80% more than Economy. It will be cheaper to book the upgraded cabin at the time of booking rather than wait until being offered an upgrade at the airport check-in. Sale fares offer all customers upgraded cabins usually at lower costs.

BA Lounge Access

airways concorde room heathrow

Before our first ever BA Premium Economy flight, we assumed paying that much to Upgrade our cabin class, we would automatically receive some type of Lounge access.

No, unfortunately after a bit of research online, we quickly discovered that lounge access was not applicable to tickets issued in World Traveller Plus. However, when you research other airlines, we quickly discovered that Premium economy class does not generally ever come with Complimentary Lounge access.

This policy appears pretty standard across all airlines in this class of fare including similar offerings from Virgin Atlantic. What we discovered after our trip was that you only get lounge access if you fly BA First or Business Class or if you hold BA Silver / Gold Status or equivalent from another OneWorld carrier.

You can however purchase Lounge access without flying in First / Club World but this will not include access to any of the official BA Lounges.

Lounge access can be purchased online or usually at the door of most pay to enter airport lounges.

All you do is enter the airport you want Lounge access for and companies such as Lounge Buddy will display all available options & prices online. Typical Lounge access will cost approx £20-£25 each. This amount can be dramatically reduced if you fly regularly & want Lounge access by purchasing an annual pass from these lounge companies.

Premium Economy Priority Boarding


One good perk that we found with BA Premium Economy tickets was that all passengers receive Priority boarding.

You do however have to wait until all passengers in Club World / First Class have boarded first before your cabin class is called up and you can begin boarding the plane.

This a great benefit in our opinion, to board the plane before the main bulk of passengers flying in Economy. We boarded our plane with the smaller amount of passengers within our cabin only.

This gives you enough time to store your hand baggage away and be seated before the main bulk of passengers enter down the same aisle.

Priority Boarding – Our Experience 

We made our way with great excitement to fly for our very first time in World Traveller Plus to the selected boarding gate. When we arrived at our boarding gate we found ourselves in an area consisting of lots of seats and even more passengers waiting around to board.

We quickly found some spare seats and eagerly awaiting our boarding access. Club World passengers were called up first, this took about 10 x minutes in total for all the business class passengers to board first.

Then Premium Economy passengers were instructed to start boarding, this benefit does make it feel special being able to board before economy passengers.

It was a fairly organised boarding experience, with all Business class passengers already seated before we entered the plane. This boarding experience did start our journey off on a good setting and made us feel more relaxed and not feel hurried.

So far, not that much difference in our opinion than flying in World Traveller except for priority boarding before Economy passengers.

BA Business Class Club World 777

Entering the Boeing 777 you turn right from the Galley but I did manage to a quick peek at the Club World business class cabin located to the left at the front of the aircraft. Club World or Business Class looked completely different to Premium Economy, firstly each seat is designed to have its own space.

The BA Club World Seats located next to the Window & aisle seats have separation panels for Privacy. The Seats are larger and are almost like pods with fully flat beds. They are also in a Configuration of 2 / 2 / 2, in World Traveller Plus the configuration is 2 / 4 / 2 seating. This gives you an idea of the extra personal space you get in the Club World Cabin.

For our next trip, we managed to experience Club World using only Avios points & taxes.

Read our Review of our First Club World experience from London to the Maldives here – BA Club World Review Gatwick to Maldives

BA 777-200 British airways Club world seats
British Airways Club World seats

Entering the Premium Economy cabin and after seeing Business class, we felt a little disappointed to be honest.

In our opinion, the Premium Economy cabin looks exactly the same as Economy except there are only two seats on the outside of the aisles next to the windows instead of three seats in Economy.

One added bonus in this cabin was the mood lighting, this was turned on once the main cabin lights were turned off during our night-time flight. It gave the whole cabin a relaxed feeling and quite contemporary.

Reading the latest BA news, it appears that the Premium Economy Cabin & Service have received an over-haul with lots of money invested by BA to improve the customer experience. This includes a thorough deep clean on all aircraft, upgraded cabin interiors, improved seating and a better food and drink catering experience.

British airways Premium Economy seats

BA Premium Economy Seating Layout

Before our Pre-flight departure, we were automatically assigned seats at the front of the cabin facing the Galley wall. This made it feel like we had extra leg room but not 100% sure if we actually did.

On British Airways you have to pay for your preferred Seat Selection. The only class of cabin which gets automatic seat selection at the booking stage is First Class. Purchasing seat selection on Premium Economy varies from £16 – £30 each, and that’s each way.

Not being able to select your seat at the time of booking in our opinion is a poor standard. This basically means that potentially if you book flights together, you could be seated away from each other. In theory, i have been advised this usually does not happen but not 100% guaranteed.

What we did not know at the time of booking our upgrades via our Travel agent was that if we had opened a British Airways Executive account, we could have logged in 24 x hours before our flight and selected our preferred seats.

BA offer all blue status account holders the option before you fly to pre-select your preferred seats but only 24 x hours before departure for Free.

You can however pay to pre-select your preferred seats at the time of booking by paying a fee. 

The Seats – Premium Economy

British airways Premium Economy seats seating b777-200
British airways Premium Economy seats 777-200

The Seats are slightly wider than in Economy and you do get a bit more leg room with movable foot rests.

The WT+ seat is officially 18.5 inch wide with a larger seat pitch. Economy seats are 17.5 inches wide and so not a great deal of difference. The seats are Reclinable and do offer better comfort than Economy when trying to sleep.

You do get a Blanket & Cushion, Noise cancelling headphones, In-flight entertainment system & a very basic Amenity bag containing an eye mask, toothbrush, toothpaste, Flight socks and earplugs which looked remotely similar to those in Economy also.

The Cabin is smaller and feels slightly more intimate than Economy. BA Seats in this cabin have a modern Navy Blue & lighter Blue shades with Silver metal trims with adjustable headrests and moveable armrests.

The Seats we found were actually quite comfortable and helped us catch atleast a few hours sleep before arriving at our destination.

Food & Drink Dining Options

British airways premium economy dining


You do get as standard two meals and complimentary drinks on board.

We opted for the Chicken dish which came in the standard tin foil trays with a complimentary bread roll & butter. To be honest, it looked and tasted exactly the same as a similar Chicken dish we had eaten in Economy before.

A small chocolate dessert which was nice and a drink were offered with both meals served. The meal orders were taken quickly and the cabin crew served our selected meals shortly afterwards. We were offered Tea or Coffee twice during our flight time, Tea for me never tastes the same on a plane so I opted for white coffee instead.

No Nespresso or Latte’s served here but we were served perfectly drinkable filter coffee.

However, we did take up the offer of the complimentary sparkling wine, spirits and soft drinks offered throughout our flight duration. The sparkling wine was nice and came served up in British Airways branded glassware.

Cabin Crew Service

Ba cabin crew 777


By the time we were in the air, we did notice a lot of initial activity by the Cabin crew on board in our cabin.

Complimentary Drinks were served up quickly, then a long interval came when we did not see any Cabin crew except for one Stewardess making her way quickly down the aisle through to Club World. It looked like the staff on board were a little stretched.

Overall, the Cabin crew serving us were pleasant and professional.

In Flight Entertainment (IFE)

British airways offer all seats with the In-Flight Entertainment system by means of a touch screen or controlled entertainment console.

The IFE Flat screens are located in the rear of the seat in front of you or in our case, a swivel style movable screen attached to the side of our seat as we were at the front of the cabin.

The In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) contains lots of the latest films, documentaries, television, music, audio books and games to keep you occupied during your flight. We opted to watch a latest Cinema Blockbuster film and after we were kept occupied watching a series of comedy episodes and music documentaries.

The Noise Cancelling headphones worked well at blocking out the background aircraft noise and were very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Baggage allowance

BA World Traveller plus baggage allowance


All BA Premium Economy passengers receive as part of the upgraded fare an improved baggage allowance.

This includes for each passenger in world traveller plus the option to take on board with you two bags, one full-sized cabin bag and one additional bag such as a laptop holder etc.

The full-sized cabin bag cannot exceed 56cm in height by 45cm in width and not exceed 25cm in-depth. This larger of the two hand baggage items must be stored away in the overhead lockers.

Hand Baggage allowance

The smaller hand baggage item must not exceed 30cm in height by 40cm in width and not exceed 25cm in-depth. This hand baggage item must be stored under the seat in front of you.

BA hand baggage allowance






Checked Baggage allowance

All adults are allowed up to two checked luggage items each in this Cabin class. The allowance per bag is 23kg each bag, per person. This same allowance also applies to children aged between 2 -12 years old. This is one additional checked baggage per person more than you are allocated when flying in Economy Class.


Verdict / Recommendations

Is it worth the extra cost from Economy?

In our personal opinion, its a tough decision to make and depends on a few different factors.

If your cost conscious then probably No!

If you want a few extra benefits / comforts such as being able to recline a slightly wider, comfier seat so you can catch some sleep if your on an overnight flight then we would say Yes.

The cabin interiors are better, you get extra complimentary drinks and an extra meal and snacks and priority boarding.

To pay approximately £250 each and each way for a few extras like a slightly bigger reclining seat, slightly more leg room and priority boarding maybe worth the additional fees charged.

Reading the latest news from BA, it appears that they have plans to improve the Premium Economy experience with improved dining options, improved cabin interiors, bigger touch screen IFE and a bigger recline on the seats. These improvements are only being fitted to some aircraft first, then a further roll out of improvements across most of the fleet at a later date.

Even with the new improvements, we still sometimes struggle to think that the new World Traveller Plus experience will be worth the additional fees charged at present.

You can however find these upgraded seats in one of the regular BA World Sales at a greater saving, if you find these on your chosen route then we would recommend this Cabin at the reduced sale prices.

We would only fly in BA Premium Economy again if there were no availability in Club World and we would definitely pay for Lounge access this time to make the whole experience as best it could possibly get.

We would however strongly recommend purchasing Premium Economy seats in one of the regular BA Sale’s with the option to upgrade your seats to Club World using avios points. 

You can also fly on British Airways in Premium Economy / Club World or even First Class using a 2-4-1 Companion Voucher where you get One Passenger free when using avios points.

American express british airways credit card

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Have you ever flown in BA Premium Economy ? If so, whats your opinion – Good / Bad? We would Love to read your Comments below.

British Airways Economy Vs Premium Economy 2019 Review

British Airways Economy vs Premium Economy 2019 Review

If your about to choose your British airways flights, but are you now wondering about BA Economy vs Premium Economy as a comparison? Our article tackles that common question, We will look at in-depth topics such as, do we fly in Economy or upgrade to Premium Economy and is an upgrade worth the extra cost.

What does premium economy mean on British Airways?

British airways Premium Economy is the next Upgraded Cabin from Economy Class or others is known as World Traveller. In Premium Economy passengers booked in this class of cabin do not receive complimentary Lounge access but Premium economy passengers do receive as standard Priority boarding, a slightly larger, reclinable seat with a footrest and a larger, flat screen IFE system.Premium economy passengers will receive also an improved dining experience, an extra meal & complimentary drinks & snacks on board and dedicated cabin crew throughout their flights.

What is the difference between premium economy and economy on British Airways?

The significant differences between British airways Premium Economy & Economy Class are in Premium economy you receive the improved wider Reclinable seats, priority boarding, improved dining options. Included also at the time of booking Premium Economy tickets receive as standard a larger baggage allowance than economy which all luggage has to be paid for, consisting of 2 x 32kg per passenger, during the flight passengers receive to use on board noise cancelling headphones, seats include laptop power supplies and a more, Intimate cabin experience from a dedicated cabin crew.

The seats in Premium Economy are more wider, comfortable and recline further so enable passenger especially on night flights an improved chance of sleeping.

What is the difference in price between BA Economy and Premium economy?

When you search and find your flights on British airways, you will always be served the cheapest fares first. These cheapest fares will always be in Economy Class or known officially on BA as World Traveller.

For many people the price is the most important factor, you still get a seat, you receive meals and you arrive in your chosen destination for the cheapest price available, what more could you want?

However, if you’re flying Long Haul on British airways then you could be seated for anything between 6 x hours to 24 x hours on a plane. Economy class is not the most comfortable, you may also not want to be seated next to strangers, you may prefer to dine on better meals, not have to pay for drinks and may prefer a larger reclining seat.

More comfort and more legroom means a better chance of sleeping if you experience an over night flight. These factors are the big decisions to make when choosing your cabin class on BA.

What is the difference between Business Class and Premium economy on British Airways?

In BA Business Class you will receive a fully flat bed seat, In-Flight Entertainment, Priority Boarding before Premium Economy passengers. You will also receive complimentary Lounge Access at both outbound and inbound destinations. Three Course meal service atleast twice, free Champagne & Spirits throughout your flight, interim meal services and use of the Club Kitchen. White Company Amenity kits at also provided to all Business class long haul passengers.

Do you pay extra to upgrade from Economy Class to Premium Economy?

When we look at the price difference between the two cabin classes, you may be surprised to know that the difference can be lower than you think. Below we have displayed a true life comparison to show you an average price difference between the two cabins – Economy – Premium Economy.

BA economy flight price

Taking a look at the screenshot above, you can see that an outbound flight from London travelling to New York in Economy can cost as little as £274 per person each way – Great Fare Price.

But wait… The BA price displayed is priced within a category called “Economy Light” which is the very cheapest price possible. This fare price does not include luggage, this is fine if you only carry hand baggage and plan to stay for only a few days. Any longer and you will want to take luggage with you on your trip.

Now lets take a look at the price with luggage included below for the same flight called BA “Economy Standard”.

Airways economy light seat price

You can see above that you would need to pay an extra £40.00 to take luggage up to 23kg with you. So now you’re at a price of £314.00 per person including luggage, one way. Still a great price to get to New York one way.

Let’s now take a look at the true price difference on the same flight between Economy Light and Premium Economy. We can see a difference of £252.00 to upgrade to the higher class of cabin and a total cost of £566.00 to fly in Premium Economy instead of £314.00 per person.

The big question, is the upgrade worth the additional cost?

Economy vs Premium Economy Check-in

When you arrive at the airport, you will not notice any difference between the two fares at the check-in stage. British airways do not currently have a dedicated check in zone for Premium economy passengers, you still have to check-in and leave your luggage at the general economy check-in zones.

As mentioned before, however at this stage you are allowed to check in one piece of baggage up to the weight of 23kg for Free with an Economy light fare ticket.

In Premium Economy you are allowed 2 x 23kg of luggage each and carry on hand baggage onto the plane with you. You could then put a value of £40.00 for this subtracting this cost off the upgrade price as your getting an additional 23kg of luggage included.

Upgrade price difference with 2 x 23kg luggage = £212.00 per person.

Lounge access

Unfortunately, you do not get any Lounge access with the upgraded Premium economy cabin class. This is only applicable when you fly in BA Business Class or otherwise known as Club World or First Class. You can however purchase airport Lounge access via various companies on the web such as from Lounge Buddy.

Priority Boarding

When purchasing an upgraded ticket, you do receive priority boarding on your flight. Depending on the cabin classes on the plane your flying, First Class and Business class passengers board first, then Premium economy, then economy passengers Economy last. 

BA Economy vs Premium Economy Seats

Pictures courtesy of BA
BA economy seat

This is where BA Premium Economy starts to show you the real difference from Economy Class.

First of all you get a larger, reclining seat with bigger pitch and extra legroom, lumbar support, a head rest and a foot rest. The difference being approximately 7″ of extra legroom between the two seats.

You also receive a comfy pillow and blanket on your seat awaiting you on boarding the plane. The Premium economy seat is 18.5 inches in width and provide 38″ in pitch. The economy seats measuring 17.5″ wide and 31″ in pitch.

The seat layout is also different between the two cabins. In economy you get a seat layout consisting of 3 x 3 x 3 seats per row. This means that if you’re flying as a couple, you will potentially have a stranger sitting next to you. 

BA premium economy seats
BA premium economy seat outer window seats

If you look at the seating layout in Premium Economy, you will notice a different layout consisting of 2 x 3 x 2. That one less seat per row allows for the larger seat and extra legroom per row.

The biggest advantage in our opinion is if you choose the window pair seats, you do not have the potential of a stranger sitting next to you for your entire flight duration. You will also notice in the BA example seat plan below that the upgraded cabin is approximately two-thirds smaller. This reduces noise and traffic within the cabin.

When you purchase your fares online, at the checkout stage you will be offered the opportunity to select your preferred seat/s for a fee. Unfortunately,  instant seat selection is still chargeable unless your flying in First Class on BA.

You can choose your preferred seats for Free 24 x hours before departure within your British airways executive club account. 

Alternatively, you can choose for Free 7 x days before departure if you are a British Airways Executive Club Bronze member. If you become a Silver / Gold member then you can select your seats for Free at the time of booking.

To read more on how to select your seats on BA click to read here > BA SEAT SELECTION <

You also receive a complimentary BA amenity kit consisting of flight socks, eye mask, ear plugs toothbrush & toothpaste, pen etc. 

BA Seat Map

The Difference between the Two Cabins Interiors

BA premium economy cabins
BA premium economy cabins

In BA Economy, the Cabin still has a modern look and feel throughout. However, due to the seating layout it does look and feel a little cramped.

Premium Economy cabins have undergone a revamp recently giving the look and feel of a more intimate cabin. With the new interiors, you get a better seat with greater recline, a 60% larger flat entertainment screen with personal in-seat power supplies, perfect for powering your laptop or smartphones during your flight time. You also get your own touch screen In-Flight entertainment system with controls and noise-cancelling headphones to enjoy a movie, watch your favourite TV episodes, documentaries or listen to music / books.

Food and Drink Comparison

The main difference in food and Drink between Economy vs Premium Economy consists of in Economy you receive complimentary drinks, snacks and a four course meal. You also receive a snack between your main meal and arriving at your destination.

You also receive a complimentary before departing a choice of refreshments including either sparkling wine, orange juice or water and a small accompanying snack.

In Premium Economy you receive a better dining experience served on China crockery and you are presented by the cabin crew a dining menu including the drinks selection menu.The meals served are using the best, locally sourced ingredients and tailored to the season’s. You also receive an additional three course meal instead of one per flight in economy class.

You also receive a second hot snack or lighter meal per flight and more complimentary drinks from the menu. On most routes, you can pre-order your preferred choice of meal for your flight within your BA Executive Club account. 

Meals served in this Cabin are more aligned with the dining experience received in Club World Business Class. 

BA World Traveller plus meals
BA World Traveller Plus Breakfast

You also receive Tea or Coffee served with all meals and at regular intervals during your flight.

Cabin Crew Service

Due to amount of passengers seated in both cabins, you do feel like you receive a slightly better service from the in-board cabin crew in World Traveller Plus. There appeared to be on our flight two dedicated cabin crew members to the Premium Economy Cabin. 

This resulted in a more attentive service and quicker delivery of the in-Flight meals & drinks. 

Our Personal Verdict / Recommendations

In Economy or better known on BA as World Traveller, you pay the lowest fare possible for the journey. When you pay for the cheapest fares, you do not usually expect much more than the basic standards of seats, meals and experience in general.

When you pay extra to upgrade to Premium Economy you do expect a certain, improved levels of food, seating and extra luggage allowance & extras for the extra money paid.

The upgraded experience is a serious step up and sits between Economy and Business Class. 

If you’ve never flown in an upgraded cabin, Premium economy is a great, first step. Our recommendations would be to ensure for comfort and privacy, definitely opt for the outer pair seats next to the windows on either side of the cabin. 

If you can preselect your seats before you fly, preferably at the time of booking. This will ensure you receive your preferred selected seats for your personal comfort & privacy.

You do get a certain amount of improved benefits in the higher cabin, larger seats, better recline and much improved leg room, improved meals served on real crockery and more complimentary drinks just adds to the experience and priority boarding. 

Using the example price difference comparison of British Airways economy vs Premium Economy fares, you’re looking at paying an extra £424.00 each way for two people or £212.00 each to fly in the upgraded cabin.

If your considering upgrading from Economy to Premium Economy, what ever you do please do not wait until you arrive at the airport. Usually, in most cases, the upgrade cost displayed in your BA account or sent to you by email will in most circumstances will always be cheaper than the price provided to you when you check-in at the airport.

Some people will potentially think that’s not good value and will always opt for the very cheapest fares first.

In our opinion, we feel that all depends on how much you value those improved enhancements to your overall flight experience in the upgraded cabin. 

Price vs Comfort – This is biggest decision every passenger takes!

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We would love to hear your experiences or opinions on the above article, please leave a comment or question below and we will always reply as quickly as possible.

BA Premium Economy to Club World on Points – Save up to £2000 Each

Upgrade BA Premium Economy to Club World on Points – Save up to £2000 

Given the choice, would you choose the above Club World Cabin?

British Airways premium economy
BA premium economy

Or the Premium Economy Cabin above?…

Have you ever wanted to fly in the British Airways Club World cabin but just can’t afford it or cannot justify paying the high charges?

If yes, then in this Tips & Tricks article we plan to set out in the simplest terms how to achieve Club World seats on World Traveller Plus prices.


British Airways Club World Seats can cost anything between £700 – £1500 more than BA Premium Economy per person and thats each way. The differences between Club World and World Traveller Plus on British Airways are huge. 

BA Club World lie flat seat

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Tip 1:

To acheive the very best value for your money, we recommend you plan your trips well in advance. Most deal prices on BA Sales can sell out in under a day depending on how popular the destination is and the availability.

From experience, we start to research our destinations of choice almost a year in advance. Once you have drawn up a shortlist of destinations, research what time of the year would be best to visit and potential Hotels / Resorts in your budget. After doing your Homework, you can move on to use our other Tips to bag those dream Club World flights for as little amount of money possible.

Tip 2:

You will need to set up an account/s at the British Airways Executive Club Home Page, click here to sign up – BA Executive Club

British Airways only allow upgrades using Avios points as set out below. In short, BA only allows you to upgrade one class above your purchased fare ticket.

  • World Traveller – World Traveller Plus

  • World Traveller Plus – Club World

  • Club World – First Class

Tip 3:


To fly in Club World as set out above, you first need to purchase World Traveller Plus tickets. Using the British Airways Low Fare Finder tool you can search month by month for the cheapest fare for your chosen destination. To search the BA Low Fare Finder tool click here – BA LOW FARE FINDER

British Airways Low Fare Finder

To find even cheaper World Traveller Plus tickets, you need to keep an eye open for the regular BA Sales. In these BA Sales you can find fares as much as 50% cheaper than the Monthly Low Fare Finder. To be sent email notifications as soon as the BA Sales go live, sign up for our email Newsletter located on our Front Page.

Tip 4:

Before you book your World Traveller Plus tickets, you will need to make sure there is availability in Club World on your chosen dates. To find availability using Avios points in the Club World cabin you need to sign into your British Airways Executive Club, go to the section on the left hand side on the home page and look for “BOOK WITH AVIOS OR MONEY

Make sure you select in the “Payment Type” drop down box “Book with Avios”. Now click on “Flights” underneath then select your departure airport and your Destination, now enter your travel dates.

Next select Business/Club from the drop down menu under the section “Travel Class” followed by how many passengers are flying and to finalise your avios search click “Find Flights”.

You will now be served a screen displaying various cabin availability on your chosen dates. Your looking for anything displaying availability under “Business Class”.

Using the example below – London Heathrow to John F Kennedy airport shows availability Outbound using avios points on the chosen dates.

Now for the Inbound flights, JFK to LHR shows availability using avios points. 

Cash Fare Price difference between World Traveller Plus – Club World

Below I have added two screenshots of the cash fare prices for both BA Premium Economy and BA Club World tickets for Outbound and Inbound from London to JFK as a comparison.

British Airways premium economy vs business

British Airways world traveller plus vs club world

Looking at the two screenshots above you will see:

World Traveller Plus fare tickets cost from LHR – JFK Return – £698.00

Club World fare tickets cost for the same tickets – £2732.00

So, you would save £2034.00 by purchasing British Airways World Traveller Plus fare tickets and upgrading using Avios points to Club World.

How to work out how many Avios needed for the Upgrade:

There are two methods available to work out how many Avios points are required to Upgrade from BA World Traveller Plus to Club World.

Simply whilst logged into your British airways Executive Club account, search for World Traveller Plus availability using the use Avios option, when you find availability make a note of how many Avios points would be required to only use Avios points.

Then find availability in Business (Club World) using Avios points only. Once you have both Avios point amounts, simply deduct the amounts between the two different Cabin classes.

Below is the amount of Avios required for the same journey in Club World Return Per Person

Below displays the Avios required to travel in Premium Economy

You can see by viewing the two screenshots above that the difference between the amount of Avios points required between World Traveller Plus and Club World = 20,000 avios required.

Disregard the Fee charges at present, they would only correct if you used all Avios points to pay for the entire flight & not upgrading. 

The second way of checking the difference in avios points required to uograde flights would be check the chart below. You need to know what zone of the world you destination falls into when using the chart.

Avios upgrade zone chart
Avios upgrade zone chart

Fee charges on Avios Point Upgrades:

The only fee’s required when you Upgrade using avios points are calculated using the fuel surcharges payable between Club World and Premium Economy tickets. Using the example screenshots provided above you can see a difference from Premium Economy fee’s using avios for an upgrade being £348.82, now if you take a look at the same fee’s for the Club Work upgrade using avios at £448.82. 

So, the fee’s required along with 20,000 avios would be £100 per person.

You will also be asked to pay additional fee’s if taxes have gone up between the day you originally booked and the day you do the upgrade, so best to Upgrade using avios points the same day.

One thing to look out for in the award availability search by month facility, that “Peak” fares are actually cheaper in the amount of Avios and fee’s required than “Off Peak”.

Now you know how many Avios points are required to upgrade to Club World and the additional fee’s, book your cash World Traveller Plus tickets, as soon as your flight booking number shows up in your British airways account you need to locate the section “Manage My Booking” & select “Upgrade using Avios”.

The result as you can see using the Tips above to use Avios points to Upgrade from a World Traveller Plus cash ticket to Club World ticket is a saving of £1834.00 per person by using only 20,000 avios points. 

Tip 5: – How to collect / Buy Avios Points:

British Airways sell avios points to all account holders, click here for the BA Page –

Buy British Airways avios points
How to Buy British Airways avios points

British Airways currently will let you buy 20,000 avios points for £335.00, enough points to upgrade to Club World from BA Premium Economy.

Buying the Avios from BA for the example trip above brings the total saving down to £1499.00 Per Person.

We would generally NOT recommend buying avios points at this price unless it was an emergency and you needed to upgrade immediately. 

There are a lot cheaper ways to collect Avios, enough Avios points for one or two people to upgrade for Free so saving you up to £335.00 Per Person.

Tip 6: Collect Avios Points For Free

American Express Gold Card review

The American Express Gold Card is the Best Point earning card currently on the UK Market. 

  • No Annual Fee – in year One of Membership then £140 thereafter each year. But you can cancel at any time during your Membership. 
  • 20,000 Points when you Spend £2,000 within 3 months. 20,000 Amex Points transfer to British Airways at the same rate so 20,000 avios points.
  • You receive two free airport lounge passes each membership year with Amex Gold
  • You receive 1 Membership Rewards point per £1 spent on the card.
  • Receive 22,000 Membership Points by Contacting Me > CONTACT US

Read our Full Review on the Amex Gold Card Here > AMEX GOLD CARD REVIEW

If you take out the American Express Gold Card you coukd easily earn enough Avios Points to Upgrade from World Traveller Plus to Club World for Free.

If you Contact Us, you can earn enough for One Free Upgrade and 10% more Points than available to New Customers to Amex.

Tip 7: Buy Avios Points Cheaper than British Airways