1000 Free Virgin Atlantic Miles – Tesco Clubcard Auto Convert is back!

1000 Free Virgin Atlantic Miles – Tesco Clubcard Auto Converting Vouchers is back!

It’s back on again..1000 Free Virgin Atlantic Miles just for auto converting your next Tesco Clubcard vouchers.

This offer is run fairly regularly by Tesco Clubcard & Virgin Atlantic but did not happen in the last Quarter.

Great news, this Quarter its back on officially!

Today, we received an email from Tesco Clubcard stating the details below:

“We don’t need to tell you how fantastically easy it is to collect Flying Club miles with Tesco Clubcard. It’s a piece of cake – or a loaf of bread. Or a pint of milk. It’s a little treat or a big shop that can help take you to New York*, or one of our other tasty destinations”.

“When you sign up to automatically turn your Clubcard Points into Flying Club miles, collecting gets even easier. You can just sit back and watch your balance grow. And even better, when you sign up for auto conversion before 16 June 2019, you’ll receive a bonus 1,000 Flying Club miles to take you even further”.

Atlantic miles tesco conversion

Tesco Clubcard members can earn 1,000 Virgin Atlantic miles for signing up for Automatic Opt-In option. This is when you automatically convert your vouchers into miles this quarter.

Setting up Automatic Opt-In option in your Tesco Clubcard account is very easy to do.

Simply log-in to your Tesco Clubcard account, Navigate to the “Voucher Schemes” section in your “Account Management” section.

Select “Virgin Atlantic Flying Club miles” then proceed to enter your Virgin atlantic Flying Club membership number. 

Usually about 1-2 weeks before the next Tesco Clubcard Quarter end – 16/06/19, you will be automatically credited 1000 Free Virgin Atlantic miles into your Virgin account.

The trick with this auto conversion bonus is that anyone signing up to auto convert their points to Virgin Atlantic miles in their Clubcard account can simply cancel the auto convert option as soon as they see the 1000 Virgin miles credit to their account.

No member of the Tesco Clubcard scheme if selecting auto conversion has to keep auto convert on, you can cancel at anytime. 

If you do not want any of your Tesco Clubcard vouchers earnt this quarter to automatically convert into Virgin Atlantic miles, you will need to ensure you turn off auto conversion within your account.

You can do this easily by accessing your account management section exactly as how you set up auto convert and turning off the auto conversion by selecting “Vouchers“.

We strongly recommend that you do not convert all your Tesco Clubcard Vouchers into Virgin atlantic miles automatically. 

Why? – Tesco Clubcard do run regular bonuses on converting Tesco Clubcard Vouchers into Virgin atlantic miles so best to hold off converting all your vouchers as you may miss out on a bonus of 10%-20% extra miles.

The only condition is that you need to have collected atleast 150 Clubcard Points in this Quarter as this is the minimum amount of points required to convert to Tesco Clubcard Vouchers.

Free Miles / Points are becoming rare these days so you should take every opportunity no matter how small to take advantage of any Free bonus point offers.

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