British Airways BA Premium Economy 777 2019 Review

British Airways BA Premium Economy 777 2019 Review

Recently we flew on British Airways in Premium Economy and our Review here covers the Boeing 777 Gatwick to Mauritius, Non-Stop flight.

Our Full Review below covers in-depth the facilities onboard the BA World Traveller Plus Cabin Including the Seats, Dining, Service, Cost, Priority Boarding, Extra Luggage Allowance etc.

We also set out to cover in our review for you today, answers to questions regularly asked of us such as:

What does premium economy mean on British Airways?

What is the difference between economy and premium economy?

Are premium economy seats worth it & How much more expensive is BA premium economy?

Our BA World Traveller Plus Flight Review Introduction 

BA Premium Economy is just one of the featured cabins flown on the non-stop flight from London Gatwick (LGW) to Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam (MRU) in Mauritius in the Indian ocean.

The Boeing 777 is one of most widely used aircraft by British airways across the world today. Chances are, if your flying on BA in World Traveller Plus, you will be Flying on the 777.

British airways fly three times a week from LGW to MRU from March to November, the days BA fly at this time of the year are Mondays, Thursdays & Saturdays. The frequency increases to five times a week from November to March and they fly on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturday and Sundays.

Our flight duration on this route was approx 11 hours, 50 minutes and covers from London Gatwick to Mauritius Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Intl airport in Nautical Miles – 6,045.

BA Premium Economy 777 flight map
BA World Traveller Plus Boeing 777 flight map

The aircraft British Airways regularly fly on this route are the Boeing 777-200 which comprises of World Traveller (Economy) with 203 seats, World Traveller Plus (Premium Economy) with 24 Reclining seats & Club World (Business) with 48 flat beds.

BA Premium Economy 777

BA World Traveller Plus – Our Opinion

This was our very first time we had flown in BA Premium Economy class.

We had paid our Travel Agent an extra £498 each to upgrade from World Traveller (Economy) to cover our outbound & inbound flights.

We had only ever flown World Traveller (Economy) in the past but in Economy you sort of know what to expect, you have no real high expectations, cheap & cheerful,  No Frills…

This upgraded cabin was high on our wish list and high in our expectations!

What does premium economy mean on British Airways?

British airways Premium Economy is the next Upgraded Cabin from Economy. You do not receive Lounge access however you do get Priority boarding, a slightly larger, reclinable seat with a footrest and a larger, flat screen IFE system.

Also, an improved dining experience, an extra meal & complimentary drinks & snacks.

What is the difference between economy and premium economy?

The difference between British airways Premium Economy & Economy Class are the improved wider Reclinable seats, the priority boarding, the extras such as improved meals, a larger baggage allowance consisting of 2 x 32kg per passenger, noise cancelling headphones, laptop power supplies and a more, Intimate cabin experience.

Are premium economy seats worth it?

Yes, you receive a wider, more luxurious seat with a larger pitch, footrest, headrest and a better recline including improved ergonomics. Movable armrests allow more movement & the improved recline / headrest allow enough comfort to be able to sleep. Seat Power sockets are also installed suitable for laptops and other electronic devices for your entertainment.

How much more expensive is premium economy?

Premium Economy can cost as much as 60% – 80% more than Economy. It will be cheaper to book the upgraded cabin at the time of booking rather than wait until being offered an upgrade at the airport check-in. Sale fares offer all customers upgraded cabins usually at lower costs.

BA Lounge Access

airways concorde room heathrow

Before our first ever BA Premium Economy flight, we assumed paying that much to Upgrade our cabin class, we would automatically receive some type of Lounge access.

No, unfortunately after a bit of research online, we quickly discovered that lounge access was not applicable to tickets issued in World Traveller Plus. However, when you research other airlines, we quickly discovered that Premium economy class does not generally ever come with Complimentary Lounge access.

This policy appears pretty standard across all airlines in this class of fare including similar offerings from Virgin Atlantic. What we discovered after our trip was that you only get lounge access if you fly BA First or Business Class or if you hold BA Silver / Gold Status or equivalent from another OneWorld carrier.

You can however purchase Lounge access without flying in First / Club World but this will not include access to any of the official BA Lounges.

Lounge access can be purchased online or usually at the door of most pay to enter airport lounges.

All you do is enter the airport you want Lounge access for and companies such as Lounge Buddy will display all available options & prices online. Typical Lounge access will cost approx £20-£25 each. This amount can be dramatically reduced if you fly regularly & want Lounge access by purchasing an annual pass from these lounge companies.

Premium Economy Priority Boarding


One good perk that we found with BA Premium Economy tickets was that all passengers receive Priority boarding.

You do however have to wait until all passengers in Club World / First Class have boarded first before your cabin class is called up and you can begin boarding the plane.

This a great benefit in our opinion, to board the plane before the main bulk of passengers flying in Economy. We boarded our plane with the smaller amount of passengers within our cabin only.

This gives you enough time to store your hand baggage away and be seated before the main bulk of passengers enter down the same aisle.

Priority Boarding – Our Experience 

We made our way with great excitement to fly for our very first time in World Traveller Plus to the selected boarding gate. When we arrived at our boarding gate we found ourselves in an area consisting of lots of seats and even more passengers waiting around to board.

We quickly found some spare seats and eagerly awaiting our boarding access. Club World passengers were called up first, this took about 10 x minutes in total for all the business class passengers to board first.

Then Premium Economy passengers were instructed to start boarding, this benefit does make it feel special being able to board before economy passengers.

It was a fairly organised boarding experience, with all Business class passengers already seated before we entered the plane. This boarding experience did start our journey off on a good setting and made us feel more relaxed and not feel hurried.

So far, not that much difference in our opinion than flying in World Traveller except for priority boarding before Economy passengers.

BA Business Class Club World 777

Entering the Boeing 777 you turn right from the Galley but I did manage to a quick peek at the Club World business class cabin located to the left at the front of the aircraft. Club World or Business Class looked completely different to Premium Economy, firstly each seat is designed to have its own space.

The BA Club World Seats located next to the Window & aisle seats have separation panels for Privacy. The Seats are larger and are almost like pods with fully flat beds. They are also in a Configuration of 2 / 2 / 2, in World Traveller Plus the configuration is 2 / 4 / 2 seating. This gives you an idea of the extra personal space you get in the Club World Cabin.

For our next trip, we managed to experience Club World using only Avios points & taxes.

Read our Review of our First Club World experience from London to the Maldives here – BA Club World Review Gatwick to Maldives

BA 777-200 British airways Club world seats
British Airways Club World seats

Entering the Premium Economy cabin and after seeing Business class, we felt a little disappointed to be honest.

In our opinion, the Premium Economy cabin looks exactly the same as Economy except there are only two seats on the outside of the aisles next to the windows instead of three seats in Economy.

One added bonus in this cabin was the mood lighting, this was turned on once the main cabin lights were turned off during our night-time flight. It gave the whole cabin a relaxed feeling and quite contemporary.

Reading the latest BA news, it appears that the Premium Economy Cabin & Service have received an over-haul with lots of money invested by BA to improve the customer experience. This includes a thorough deep clean on all aircraft, upgraded cabin interiors, improved seating and a better food and drink catering experience.

British airways Premium Economy seats

BA Premium Economy Seating Layout

Before our Pre-flight departure, we were automatically assigned seats at the front of the cabin facing the Galley wall. This made it feel like we had extra leg room but not 100% sure if we actually did.

On British Airways you have to pay for your preferred Seat Selection. The only class of cabin which gets automatic seat selection at the booking stage is First Class. Purchasing seat selection on Premium Economy varies from £16 – £30 each, and that’s each way.

Not being able to select your seat at the time of booking in our opinion is a poor standard. This basically means that potentially if you book flights together, you could be seated away from each other. In theory, i have been advised this usually does not happen but not 100% guaranteed.

What we did not know at the time of booking our upgrades via our Travel agent was that if we had opened a British Airways Executive account, we could have logged in 24 x hours before our flight and selected our preferred seats.

BA offer all blue status account holders the option before you fly to pre-select your preferred seats but only 24 x hours before departure for Free.

You can however pay to pre-select your preferred seats at the time of booking by paying a fee. 

The Seats – Premium Economy

British airways Premium Economy seats seating b777-200
British airways Premium Economy seats 777-200

The Seats are slightly wider than in Economy and you do get a bit more leg room with movable foot rests.

The WT+ seat is officially 18.5 inch wide with a larger seat pitch. Economy seats are 17.5 inches wide and so not a great deal of difference. The seats are Reclinable and do offer better comfort than Economy when trying to sleep.

You do get a Blanket & Cushion, Noise cancelling headphones, In-flight entertainment system & a very basic Amenity bag containing an eye mask, toothbrush, toothpaste, Flight socks and earplugs which looked remotely similar to those in Economy also.

The Cabin is smaller and feels slightly more intimate than Economy. BA Seats in this cabin have a modern Navy Blue & lighter Blue shades with Silver metal trims with adjustable headrests and moveable armrests.

The Seats we found were actually quite comfortable and helped us catch atleast a few hours sleep before arriving at our destination.

Food & Drink Dining Options

British airways premium economy dining


You do get as standard two meals and complimentary drinks on board.

We opted for the Chicken dish which came in the standard tin foil trays with a complimentary bread roll & butter. To be honest, it looked and tasted exactly the same as a similar Chicken dish we had eaten in Economy before.

A small chocolate dessert which was nice and a drink were offered with both meals served. The meal orders were taken quickly and the cabin crew served our selected meals shortly afterwards. We were offered Tea or Coffee twice during our flight time, Tea for me never tastes the same on a plane so I opted for white coffee instead.

No Nespresso or Latte’s served here but we were served perfectly drinkable filter coffee.

However, we did take up the offer of the complimentary sparkling wine, spirits and soft drinks offered throughout our flight duration. The sparkling wine was nice and came served up in British Airways branded glassware.

Cabin Crew Service

Ba cabin crew 777


By the time we were in the air, we did notice a lot of initial activity by the Cabin crew on board in our cabin.

Complimentary Drinks were served up quickly, then a long interval came when we did not see any Cabin crew except for one Stewardess making her way quickly down the aisle through to Club World. It looked like the staff on board were a little stretched.

Overall, the Cabin crew serving us were pleasant and professional.

In Flight Entertainment (IFE)

British airways offer all seats with the In-Flight Entertainment system by means of a touch screen or controlled entertainment console.

The IFE Flat screens are located in the rear of the seat in front of you or in our case, a swivel style movable screen attached to the side of our seat as we were at the front of the cabin.

The In-Flight Entertainment (IFE) contains lots of the latest films, documentaries, television, music, audio books and games to keep you occupied during your flight. We opted to watch a latest Cinema Blockbuster film and after we were kept occupied watching a series of comedy episodes and music documentaries.

The Noise Cancelling headphones worked well at blocking out the background aircraft noise and were very comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Baggage allowance

BA World Traveller plus baggage allowance


All BA Premium Economy passengers receive as part of the upgraded fare an improved baggage allowance.

This includes for each passenger in world traveller plus the option to take on board with you two bags, one full-sized cabin bag and one additional bag such as a laptop holder etc.

The full-sized cabin bag cannot exceed 56cm in height by 45cm in width and not exceed 25cm in-depth. This larger of the two hand baggage items must be stored away in the overhead lockers.

Hand Baggage allowance

The smaller hand baggage item must not exceed 30cm in height by 40cm in width and not exceed 25cm in-depth. This hand baggage item must be stored under the seat in front of you.

BA hand baggage allowance






Checked Baggage allowance

All adults are allowed up to two checked luggage items each in this Cabin class. The allowance per bag is 23kg each bag, per person. This same allowance also applies to children aged between 2 -12 years old. This is one additional checked baggage per person more than you are allocated when flying in Economy Class.


Verdict / Recommendations

Is it worth the extra cost from Economy?

In our personal opinion, its a tough decision to make and depends on a few different factors.

If your cost conscious then probably No!

If you want a few extra benefits / comforts such as being able to recline a slightly wider, comfier seat so you can catch some sleep if your on an overnight flight then we would say Yes.

The cabin interiors are better, you get extra complimentary drinks and an extra meal and snacks and priority boarding.

To pay approximately £250 each and each way for a few extras like a slightly bigger reclining seat, slightly more leg room and priority boarding maybe worth the additional fees charged.

Reading the latest news from BA, it appears that they have plans to improve the Premium Economy experience with improved dining options, improved cabin interiors, bigger touch screen IFE and a bigger recline on the seats. These improvements are only being fitted to some aircraft first, then a further roll out of improvements across most of the fleet at a later date.

Even with the new improvements, we still sometimes struggle to think that the new World Traveller Plus experience will be worth the additional fees charged at present.

You can however find these upgraded seats in one of the regular BA World Sales at a greater saving, if you find these on your chosen route then we would recommend this Cabin at the reduced sale prices.

We would only fly in BA Premium Economy again if there were no availability in Club World and we would definitely pay for Lounge access this time to make the whole experience as best it could possibly get.

We would however strongly recommend purchasing Premium Economy seats in one of the regular BA Sale’s with the option to upgrade your seats to Club World using avios points. 

You can also fly on British Airways in Premium Economy / Club World or even First Class using a 2-4-1 Companion Voucher where you get One Passenger free when using avios points.

American express british airways credit card

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Have you ever flown in BA Premium Economy ? If so, whats your opinion – Good / Bad? We would Love to read your Comments below.

Hampton by Hilton Gatwick North 2019 Review

Hampton Hilton Gatwick North 2019 Review

Hampton by Hilton Gatwick North Hotel Review – Our article today covers in-depth the Hampton Hilton hotel located inside the Gatwick North Terminal. We look at the rooms, restaurant, breakfast, dinner, bar, reception, prices, bathrooms, location and comfort, business centre & fitness centre.

How to find the Hampton Hilton – Gatwick North Terminal 

For location, this hotel is an absolute winner if you flying in or out of Gatwick airport. The Hampton by Hilton Is one of the only two hotels actually located within the terminals at Gatwick airport. The hotel is just 2 x minutes walk to the North Terminal’s departure gates and only 5 x minutes away from the South Terminal via the free Monorail around the clock passenger service.

To find the hotel you need to enter through the main entrance at the Gatwick North Terminal. Then proceed towards either the escalators or use the lifts provided to the first floor concourse.

From exiting the lift on the 1st floor, turn right into the concourse where you see the baggage & ticket machines for airlines such as easyjet. From the top of the escalators you will need to travel forwards, then turn right past a WH Smith outlet. 

Turn right and you will see in the near distance at the end of the concourse the Hampton by Hilton hotel entrance. You then follow a covered walkway through to Reception.

Reception / Foyer 

We entered the Reception / Foyer area through the sliding entrance doors and were surprised by the modern interiors, the choice of lighting and the colourful furniture with wooden flooring.

Gatwick North Hilton chill out area

In comparison to the Hilton at the Gatwick South Terminal the Reception area is a lot smaller with two reception staff on duty at most times.

The general reception area gives a relaxed atmosphere providing plenty of “chill out” areas to sit down & relax.

Just before reception we noticed another area with plenty of leather tub chairs & sofas. We noticed customers using this area to get ready after checking out rather than clogging up the main thoroughfare with their luggage.

The reception staff were professional and pleasant and processed our keys quickly. They explained all the hotels amenities including the restaurant, breakfast area, bar and elevators. 


We entered the elevator to take us to the fifth floor where our allocated room was on this occasion. We selected our floor but nothing happened, the doors just stayed open? After a minute or two I frantically started pushing our floor number again, still nothing.. For security reasons we discovered that you have to swipe your key fob first to activate the lift.

This hotel is like the inside of the Tardis, it doesn’t feel large when you enter reception but it has many floors and a total of 192 rooms. We travelled through a few corridors until we located our room number. All corridors are carpeted to reduce noise disturbance and in general it gave us the impression of a very well maintained, clean & tidy hotel so far.

As we entered our Queen room we noticed how modern & clean the room felt towards our last stay at the Hilton Gatwick South, review found by clicking here Hilton Gatwick South.

Our room contained a large, Queen sized bed with crisp linen and very plump, soft feather filled pillows. Extra linen and blankets were also available stored away in the wardrobe.

A wall table which housed a flat screen TV, small kettle, a selection of Tea bags / Coffee sachets, sugars, milk cartons etc. Two cups & saucers were also provided and glassware but no under counter refrigerator or water. We do feel that all hotels should leave guests atleast a bottle of water in each & every room.

Two Side bed tables housing swivel style adjustable lighting and a telephone / clock radio.

All rooms at the Hampton by Hilton Gatwick have air conditioning, we found this facility to be quiet towards other hotels we have stayed at in the past.

Free Wi-Fi in all rooms comes in very handy when either catching up after a long flight or pre-departure. Reception provides you when you sign in the Wi-Fi password. We found the Wi-Fi signal strong & reliable in our room, we would imagine this would be welcomed if you were using the desk area for business reasons.

The room contains a small but adequate wardrobe, this area was large enough to hang up about 8 x items and store your luggage away. We also discovered an iron & ironing board and a safe within the room.

A desk area and a comfy leather tub chair would come in very handy if conducting some business before or after a flight. 

Even though the hotel is located within the North Terminal, we did not notice any aircraft noise or any disturbance from other hotel guests during our stay.


Just off the main room adjacent to the wardrobe area contained a large, spacious & modern bathroom. This contained a walk-in power shower, large wash hand basin, toilet and additional towels & toiletries. The bathroom looked to us as been recently refurbished with all facilities impeccable clean, we were very impressed.

The bathroom was well supplied with free toiletries such as shampoo, conditioner & shower gel all contained with a pump dispenser located within the shower cubicle. The wash handbasin also held hand wash & hand cream dispensers. The towels were all fluffy and looked new with extra stored away in a cabinet within the bathroom.

Bar / Restaurant area

The bar area looked very clean, modern with white & grey tops and downlighting. In general the bar area was well stocked with beer on tap, spirits, wines & soft drinks with reasonable prices for a hotel located at a London airport.

The staff were friendly & efficient offering service as soon as I approached the bar area. If you fancy a glass or bottle of wine or a cocktail to start off your onward journey, the bar menu was fairly extensive with plenty of choice. We did not notice any premium wines in the bar menu but this is to be expected unless your staying at a 5 Star Hotel on site.

The bar area contained lots of seating for customers including either smaller, intimate areas with two chairs & table settings to larger tables seating up to six people. The bar area floods with natural light from the floor to ceiling Windows and down lighting.We noticed a few couples eating within the bar area and a family.

Large flat screen LCD TV’s displayed a major sporting event during our visit and regional news. The entire area felt relaxed and not crowded. We decided to use this area to eat dinner also as we found the separate area cold with no atmosphere. The bar menu is available 24 x hours a day offering a selection of cooked foods to order.

Business Centre

Hampton Hilton Gatwick North Business areaThe Business Centre can be found from a doorway off the bar area located in the corner of the building.

This area was mostly separated from the main bar / restaurant by high walls to provide a quiet area to conduct business.

Facilities include Audio/Visual Equipment Rental, Complimentary Printing Service, Fax machine, Meeting Rooms, Photo Copying Service including the use of a Printer.



Breakfast Serving & Facilities

Hot breakfast is served everyday from 6am through to 10am. Out of these hours a cold breakfast serving is available everyday in the same area consisting of cereals, fruit, yogurt, breads, jams with coffee and tea.

Due to this hotel’s convenient location to both Gatwick terminals, the breakfast serving even before 6am became quite busy, fairly quickly with lots of people awaiting the hot breakfast to be set out. 

The breakfast area was well stocked during our visit. Due to an early morning flight we were there just before 6am before the hot items were brought out from the kitchen. You can either choose from a wide selection of muesli, granola, cereals, porridge oats, fresh fruit or fruit salad & yogurt.

A good selection of jams, butter, margarine and spreads were also available for toast. On a separate table was a smaller selection of cold meats and cheese.

Along the walls of the breakfast area contained facilities such as a catering size toaster, hot water, tea bags and coffee sachets. Also two, large instant coffee machines serving at the push of a button Cappuccino, Latte, Flat white & Black coffee. Other drinks on display included fruit juices such as Orange, Apple & Breakfast juice.

The hot breakfast servings included bacon, sausages, eggs either fried or scrambled options, tomatoes, mushrooms etc.

I found the hot breakfast serving to be ok, the bacon & eggs being well cooked by the kitchen team. However, I did notice that the Sausages to be of a lower standard than expected. Overall the cooked breakfast was Satisfactory / Good standard.

The breakfast seating area runs the length of the side perimeter of the building with views from the floor to ceiling glass panels of the terminal traffic below. 

Check out & Room Billing

After breakfast we vacated our room fairly quickly as we had only a few hours to spare in the British Airways Lounge before our flight departure, review found here BA Lounge Gatwick.

Reception were extremely fast at checking us out and processing any billing to our room from the dinner and drinks from the night before. When you check-in at reception you are required to provide a payment card for any billing. This enables all bar & restaurant bills to be added to your rooms account enabling a faster check out process. 

Room Pricing

We paid for our Queen room by using 15k avios points. A queen room at this hotel averages out at approximately £90.00 a night using one of the many online hotel comparison sites. Going direct to Hilton for our room averaged approximately £99.00 a night.

However, if you do not use Hilton to book your hotel stays direct you will not be allocated any Hilton Honor points. Hampton by Hilton provide breakfast free of charge to all customers so we factor the additional charges for breakfast into our research when booking hotel stays at Gatwick airport.

The Skint Travellers Verdict / Recommendations 

As soon as we entered the Hampton by Hilton Gatwick North hotel reception, we knew the hotel in general would be modern, clean and offer a good range of facilities.

The hotel is so conveniently located that you do not even need to leave the terminal to board your flight which in our opinion adds extra value.

We compared this to its sister hotel, the Hilton at Gatwick South and actually prefer this hotel between the two and its cheaper on average, per night. The room was better than the Hilton in our opinion, but the facilities were better at the Hilton such as the restaurants and breakfast area.

We would recommend to bag the best price for a room here would be to book as soon as possible using an online company offering hotel rooms as these companies generally can offer rooms cheaper than Hilton direct.

Also, once you have found your best online price for your room, try checking out a Cashback company like Topcashback or Quidco before you book just to see if you can earn some cashback from your purchase.

If you have any questions or would like to post your opinion on the Hampton by Hilton at Gatwick North Terminal, please leave a comment below.

Hilton Gatwick South Hotel 2019 Review

Hilton Gatwick South Hotel 2019 Review

The Hilton London Gatwick South is one of the most conveniently located hotels serving Gatwick airport. In this Review we cover the Rooms, Parking, Restaurant Facilities, Breakfasts, Bars, location, executive lounge and service.

The Hilton Gatwick South is a modern, 4 Star Hotel with a wide selection of Facilities on site including various Restaurants / Bars serving food & drinks all day / night. With 821 various rooms, Open 24 hours a day with Reception, Elevators, Lounges, Concierge & laundry services provided & a Fitness Centre, this is simply one of the best & Conveniently located Hotels at London Gatwick airport.

How to find the Hilton Gatwick South Hotel

Covered Walkway Tunnel to the Hilton Gatwick South entrance
Covered Walkway Tunnel to the Hilton Gatwick South

This Hotels location cannot be beaten for convenience as it only takes approx 5 x mins on foot from exiting the South Terminal to entering the Hilton foyer. It’s also only 10 x mins away from the North Terminal by using the free monorail service. The convenience and location to the South Terminal is unbeatable for an early morning flight or late night arrival. If you do not like a long walk after or before your flight then the Hilton Gatwick South hotel is for you.

To locate the Hotel you simply exit the Gatwick South Terminal and follow the signage stating “Hotels”. You follow the Pedestrian walkway across the road to the Covered walkway next to the Car Park. Turn right and follow the Covered walkway for a few minutes and turn left at the signage “Hilton Hotel”.

You will now enter a Walkway Tunnel and after a few mins walk you access the Hilton Gatwick South grand entrance.

Hilton London Gatwick Parking

The Hilton London Gatwick South Hotel does not have its own, private customers Car Park. However, just a few minutes walk from the Hotel foyer you can park your vehicle in the Gatwick South Terminals car park. You can locate the Car Park by foot from the Gatwick South arrivals terminal by exiting the terminal, crossing the main road and you will see the Multi levelled Car parking zones in front of you. Take the Stairwells or the Elevator to gain access to each floor & zone. The Hilton Gatwick South Hotel also offers Park & Fly options / Valet Parking during the booking process.

To locate the South Terminal Car Park by Car, Exit the M23 at Junction 9, follow the signs for Gatwick Airport. When you arrive at the first roundabout you need to turn left following signs towards the South Terminal.

Reception / Foyer

Hilton Gatwick South reception area
Reception area staffed 24 x hours a day

As you enter the Hilton london gatwick airport entrance you find to your left a Costa Coffee area, perfect for grabbing a quick coffee & snack. Continue forwards and we were surprised to enter a very large foyer area with the Reception desks to the left and a bar / seating area in the middle where you can relax and grab a drink or something to eat. This entire area is covered over by a transparent roof Canopy making it feel very light & spacious. The area had an instant feeling of vibrancy and a good, first impression.

The Reception area was staffed by three receptionists when we arrived and we found a staff member available immediately. The Hilton staff were professional and we could not fault their friendliness. I was advised that I had been allocated an upgrade to an Executive room on the third floor due to me being a Hilton Honors Diamond member.

The Reception area is open 24 x hours a day and are very efficient. We had to make a request for an early morning wake up call, our call was answered extremely quickly.

Restaurants / Bars

You can catch Lunch at Amy’s Bar from 12.30 on weekdays and is situated next to reception in the foyet area. Amy’s bar opens in the week at 10.00am everyday & 11.00am on the weekends. This bar serves a selection of light lunches / sharing platters & snacks. Amy’s bar also serves most alcoholic drinks including cocktails or Tea / Coffee & closes at 1.00am.

If you prefer a quick coffee or snack then Costa is open everyday from 6.00am to 6.00pm. Service is quick & efficient and good value.

Dine in the evening at Amy’s Restaurant from 6pm – 10.45pm everyday of the week including weekends. This restaurant serves a finer dining menu and a perfect setting for a Romantic dinner before or after your journey.

Amy’s Restaurant

If you prefer a more relaxed, chilled out atmosphere then Charlie Fry’s sports Bar is the place to visit. The bar hosts big sporting events on the large screen TV’s and serves faster food like Burger & fries and beers, spirits etc. Charlies bar is open everyday from 5.00pm – 11.00pm.

Breakfast area

The Garden restaurant is where breakfast is served everyday from 5.30am – 10.30am & 11.00am on the weekends. Being a Hilton Diamond Member we got breakfast for free during our Stay. You enter the Garden restaurant from the ground floor near the elevators. As you enter, you are asked for your room number and escorted to your table of choice. The Garden Restaurant has lots of natural Light flooding through the many Windows on one side and soft down lighting, much appreciated after a Long flight or early start.

Hilton Gatwick South garden restaurant breakfast area

The breakfast sitting had a wide range of hot & cold foods including self-serve areas containing cooked bacon, sausages, eggs etc. A large carousel toaster for fresh toast, ranges of fruit juices, yogurt, pastries, fresh fruits, cereals and muesli. A waiter asks for our order of Tea or Coffee at our table and promptly returned with our order. From our observations the Garden restaurant was well run and all staff polite, courteous and well dressed. The area was kept impeccably clean with a staff member observed sweeping up and cleaning tables and leaving fresh, clean tablecloths, napkins etc.

The only slight niggles we had would be that they didn’t appear to stock all UK national newspapers. I found the newspaper table but could only find an Irish publication?

With such an early breakfast serving starting at 5.30am, this worked well for us catching a 9.00am outbound flight.

Executive Lounge access

Hilton gatwick south executive lounge area

The executive lounge was located on the third floor and was only a short walk from our room. All Hilton honor Diamond members get complimentary access to all Hilton Hotel executive lounges. All guests staying in either Executive rooms or Suites also get complimentary access to all lounges.

Facilities in the Hilton Gatwick executive lounge included free Wi-Fi, private check-in desk staffed at all times, PC usage in a small business area, free newspapers and magazines, Televisions.

Complimentary continental breakfasts are available in the executive lounge areas, free drinks, tea or Coffee.

Complimentary canapés and drinks served daily between 6:30pm and 8:30pm.

We were not aware of any Room service offered or made aware of this service on arrival.


The Hotel is extremely large and we did on occasion find it difficult to locate our room. You take an elevator to your floor but with 821 rooms in total, the numbering and directions to locate your room can be a little overwhelming especially after a long flight.

Hilton Hotel gatwick south executive room

All walkway corridors are carpeted, this works well to reduce noise from luggage being dragged along outside your room & reduces disturbance. We seemed to walk down a number of long, various corridors until we located our room. We also noted whilst crossing a glass covered walkway what appeared to be a newer looking section of the hotel. On further research it appears the more up to date rooms are located in this section.

When we entered our Executive room, we instantly noticed the high temperature of the room. The heating / cooling system had been set to 23c which we found very uncomfortable. We reduced the temperature down but the cooling system appeared to do little to reduce the temp quick enough. We woke in the middle of night on a few occasions feeling hot & uncomfortable.

The room appeared adequate but a little dated. Located In the corner of our room was a large built-in desk area. A generous sized bathroom with Separate shower cubicle, wash hand basin and toilet. Toiletries were supplied like shower gels, shampoo / conditioners and toothpaste.

The king size bed was more than adequate with feather filled pillows, thick feather filled duvet and cotton bed sheets. An extra blanket was left at the end of the bed, as if we needed that…

A large flat screen TV, small kettle and a choice of free Tea’s & Coffee. Two small bottles of water were all supplied in our room. A large wardrobe with hangers to accommodate two people.

On reflection we think the room was outdated in decor and furniture. The desk was far too large for the room and the bathroom could benefit a refit to modernise. We expected more from Hilton and we think maybe they have not invested in updating all the rooms in the Hilton Gatwick South Hotel due to its captive audience being so conveniently located to the airport.


The Hilton london gatwick airport south accepts all major credit cards. When you arrive at reception you will be asked to provide a payment card to be swiped in case of any additional payments required on your bill like food, drinks or other payable services that the hotel offers. 

Verdict / Opinions

For convenience to the Gatwick South Terminal, this hotel is an outright winner. There are not many airport hotels that you can exit a terminal and in less than five minutes be signing in at reception.

We paid for our room using only Hilton honor points at 17k a night. Cash rates for a basic room can be as low as £79.00 per night.

The Facilities on site were great with a wide choice of places to eat and drink. The look and appearance as you enter the foyer of the Hotel is impressive and the breakfast we found a pleasant experience.

All the staff at the Hilton Gatwick South we encountered were professional, courteous and well presented at all times.

The only Negative we would say was our room. Especially as we were upgraded to an executive room, we expected a more modern room with an updated bathroom, decor and furniture in our opinion. It made us wonder what a basic room would have been like at the hotel?

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Have you ever stayed at Hilton Gatwick South Hotel?

How did you find your allocated room and facilities, we would live to hear your thoughts below.

BA British Airways Gatwick Lounge 2019 Review

BA British Airways Gatwick Lounge 2019 Review

Our review from our most recent visit to the BA Lounge Gatwick South. Also known as the British airways Gatwick Lounge / Club Europe or BA Galleries Lounge in the South Terminal. We review the opening / closing times, how to find, food and drink, seating, eligibility, opening & closing times, Reception check-in, Mezzanine area, Business area & Bathrooms.

Does Gatwick have a BA lounge?

Gatwick airport does have a BA British Airways lounge based in the South Terminal. All British Airways passengers flying in either First or Business Class gain complimentary access to the BA Gatwick lounge. Also passengers flying on any OneWorld alliance airline in the same classes have access to this lounge.

Is there a BA first class lounge at Gatwick?

There is one BA British Airways First Class lounge based in the South Terminal immediately next door to the BA Business Class Lounge located on the first floor.

Can I use the British Airways lounge?

Passengers not flying on any British Airways cabin class above will not be allowed entry to any lounge run by BA or other OneWorld alliance. Eligibility is also granted to these lounges if a passenger is flying on any OneWorld alliance aircraft in Business Class or hold either British airways Silver / Gold executive club status.

Can you pay to get into British Airways lounge?

The eligibility of entry to any of the British airways lounges consists of passengers required to be flying on British Airways in Business class / First Class either in Long Haul Club World or Short Haul Club Europe. Passengers cannot pay cash to access any BA Lounge.

How to find the BA Lounge Gatwick South

After checking our luggage through the BA dedicated Business / First Class check-in zone, our review found here – BA Club Europe Review.

We made our way to the fast track security area, as usual on a Monday morning the general security zone was busy with long queues. We found the segregated lane for fast track customers on the left hand side. After a few, short minutes found our way through security and making our way to the lounge, well that was nice and easy…

To locate the British airways Gatwick South Lounge, you travel from security by turning left, then make your way through the Duty Free shopping zone to where you find yourselves in the main, ground floor concourse. Turn left and take the escalator to the first floor.

Gatwick south escalator to BA Lounge
Escalators to the First Floor

Once you’re at the top of the escalator, turn immediately left and you will see an entrance next to the JD Sports shop. Large directional signage above the entrance states “Lounges” including British Airways, Clubrooms and the No.1 lounges. 

Gatwick south lounge entrance

Travel down the corridor, either take the stairs or elevator up one floor where you enter an area facing towards the British Airways Lounge Reception desk. On route you will also see the entrance doors to the No.1 lounge which can be accessed by purchasing a ticket either online or at the reception desk to access the No.1 lounge.

At the BA Gatwick Lounge Reception desk, to the left First Class passengers can enter the First Class Lounge. To the right, passengers enter the Business Club Galleries lounge.

BA Gatwick South Club Lounge Reception desk

When we approached the reception desk we were greeted by a very friendly BA staff member who checked our tickets and gave us some helpful advise on our flight times and distance to our boarding gate. 

We entered the Club Lounge through a set of large, floor to ceiling glass doors to our right hand side. 

BA Lounge Gatwick South Opening TImes

The BA Galleries Club Lounge is open everyday of the week, Opening / Closing times are below:

Mon – 05.15 to 20.30  Tue – 05.15 to 19.30  Wed – 05.15 to 19.30

Thurs – 05.15 to 20.30  Fri – 05.15 to 19.30  Sat – 05.00 to 20.30

Sun – 05.00 to 21.00

Eligibility to Access the BA Gatwick South Club Lounge

Can I pay to use the BA lounge at Gatwick?

Unfortunately No. The British airways Lounge at Gatwick is only accessible to passengers flying on a scheduled British Airways flight in either First Class, Business Class long haul Club World or Business Class within Europe otherwise known as Club Europe.

You can also gain access to the lounge if you are a Silver / Gold Member of the British airways executive club or equivalent Status from any of the BA alliance partners on a scheduled flight operated by British Airways or a oneworld  partner.

All passengers must be over the age of 18 years, or if under 18 years must be accompanied by a responsible adult. 

The BA Galleries Business Class South Lounge

Even though this is our second time in the last twelve months, every time we enter through those Glass doors we are simply taken back by the sheer size of this lounge. It really does have the “Wow” factor and our eyeline are always drawn to the far distance down the main entrance walkway where you can just make out the Panoramic Windows at the end of the lounge.

As you travel down the walkway to your left you view a section of comfy, leather armchairs separated by an impressive large, glass wall of wine. The colours within this section are contemporary with blacks, reds and greys on neutral backgrounds. The lighting is lower in this area and provides a relaxing feel with only side lamps and some ceiling recessed illumination.

In fact, this new BA Lounge has 469 seats in total and is over 40% bigger than the old BA Business Class Lounge it replaced when it was situated in the Gatwick North Terminal.

Gatwick lounge wall of wine

This first area is a very quiet, relaxing zone with many free newspapers & magazines to read and welcome if you need to catch up on some work, meetings or simply relaxing before in quiet before your flight.

To the right hand side of the walkway, they have recessed sections containing a bench style table and chairs. There are many of these sections so always one available if you fancy some privacy.

As you travel further on, you then enter into the main lounge area containing more tables and chairs.

Gatwick South business lounge chairs

Food & Drink Selection

The drink selection at this lounge is quite extensive with a well stocked self-serve area of various Wines & Spirits. There a few under counter refrigerators holding cans of lager, soft drinks and bottles of water, snacks etc.

Within the food & drinks area, there is also a large island which holds a large amount of bottled still & sparkling water, fresh orange juice, ice and a number of bottles of Champagne. 

We enjoyed many a great cup of hand roasted Union coffee with the bean to cup coffee machines and the odd cup of Twining tea.

BA Club Lounge Gatwick South Bar area

The food self-serve area is located at the end of the drinks section. With a selection of hot & cold food depending on the particular time of day, the food area is usually always well stocked from our experience.

Due to our arrival at the lounge in the morning, we observed a selection of pastries such as Croissants, pain au chocolate, pain au raisin etc. Also bread, rolls, cereals, yogurt, fresh fruits. Hot food including egg & bacon mini rolls at breakfast. 

Other selections are brought out by staff from the kitchens such as cold meats, salads, dressings etc.

Gatwick British Airways south lounge food area

The British Airways Garwick Lounge Facilities & Runway Views

The food & drink area sits in the middle of the BA lounge floor space with a mezzanine area above. The walkways travel in either direction around and through the food & drink zone. Turn left and you enter a perimeter seating area running the entire length of the lounge.

Floor to ceiling glass windows encase the perimeter wall providing some amazing views of the runways. From this angle you can sit in a comfy, leather armchair enjoying a glass of Champagne whilst admiring the view of taxiing planes.

Club Europe lounge gatwick

Upstairs Mezzanine area

Galleries Club mezzanine Upstairs on top of the ground floor food & drinks zone we discovered a mezzanine area. Following one of the two staircases up to this level it was like entering a calm oasis in a busy lounge area. 

The facilities upstairs include another refreshments area Including the same bean to cup instant Coffee machines using union roast coffee. Twining tea, fresh fruits, biscuits and hot water dispensers. The area is also well stocked with still and sparking large bottles of water.

The same style comfy leather armchairs, sofas and coffee tables. Scattered throughout was observed many round tables and chairs for two people. Flat screen TV’s displaying live news and flight information keep passengers updated.

We found this area had a calming influence on us, we were not sure if many people knew of this area as we were visiting on a Monday morning whilst the ground floor busy, hardly anybody was seen upstairs.

Upstairs mezzanine area club lounge gatwick

Business Work area

We found a business work area with various facilities to enable anyone to work in quiet. Facilities and equipment supplied included a printer, Computers and worktops.

Families Entertainment Kids Zone

Families can keep their children entertained within an area called the “Kidszone” in the Lounge.This area contains chairs, various children’s entertainment including a table football game and X-boxes with large display screens. 

Showers & Toilets

We only took a quick peek inside the shower area during our stay. It all looked clean, modern and functional. The shower area also supplied a hairdryer, hand and body wash, moisturiser, shampoo, shaver sockets and a toilet.

BA Galleries Gatwick bathroom

The toilet areas were large, with cubicles, urinals for men and long mirrors with marble worktops with wash hand basins. The areas looked and felt clean and well stocked including luxury Elemis hand wash and moisturiser hand creams.

Our Personal Verdict / Opinion on the BA Gatwick Lounge

This is one of our personal favourite lounges in the UK. As soon as we enter, we always get the feeling of space with modern decor, great facilities and extremely comfortable armchairs to sit back and relax in.

The entire space has many areas to escape from the main, ground floor busy zones. With quality Spirits, Wines, Champagne and hand roasted coffee on tap, you never have a glass or cup empty here.

Mornings are busy from our experience so be prepared. Late mornings through to the evening are always pleasurable and less crowded. We found a Sunday afternoon to be very quiet.

The food is good but could be slightly better in our opinion as the selections on display are fairly limited. The staff there always very polite and couldn’t do more for you from our experience.

Remember that this lounge is not accessible unless you’re flying BA Business or equivalent on any Oneworld partner and you cannot pay to access this lounge. You can however access the lounge if you’re a British airways executive Silver or above status member or equivalent oneworld partner.

I will never get bored with the Runway views in here, they are great and you almost get a 180 degree view of the runways through the lounge windows.

I can’t think of any better way to await our departure by sitting in a relaxing lounge in a comfy armchair with a glass of Champagne in hand watching planes arrive & take off. 

BA Club Lounge Runway views
BA Club Lounge Gatwick views

We would love to hear your experience of the British Airways Gatwick South Lounge or if you have any questions please leave a comment below.